Podcast: Who’s your favourite robot?


Perhaps ~~you’re~~ the robot? Did you ever think of that, huh? No, it’s fine, you’re a human, a human who likes the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show. This week, we’re chatting about our favourite mechanoids, cyberfolk and rust-buckets. Alec likes the robo-ostrich from World of Warcraft, a bird capable of great speed (and good for showing off). Brendan is fond of the abandoned bots of Hackmud, and their tragicomic existence on a humanless earth. Meanwhile, John loves little BUD of Grow Home and his wobbly walking animations.

Speaking of large, bi-pedal machines, we’ve also been playing strategy mech-em-up Battletech. Well, Alec has. He’s been stomping around, slowly firing missiles. But is it any good?

And the #content doesn’t end there. John has been fighting the same witch for multiple centuries in The Swords of Ditto. And Brendan has been putting gamblers in charge of his kingdom’s finances in Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Foolish.

You can listen above, or go straight to Soundcloud where you can download it for later.

You can also get the RSS feed here or find it on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts. Human-centric tunes are by musical meatbag Jack de Quidt.

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The robot ostrich (or “mechanostrider”) from World of Warcraft

The hospital bot from Quadrilateral Cowboy

BUD is the wobbly robot from Grow Home

Brendan is thinking of TerRover. “Terrarium” doesn’t exist

The Planescape Torment robot’s full name is Nordom Whistleklik

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Dog from Half-Life 2

XCOM’s Sectopod

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  1. brucethemoose says:

    I love Stellaris’s caretaker AI bots. They always end up being my federation buddies because they’re ethos-neutral (even when I’m spiritualist), and I DO enjoy mandatory pampering.

    For adorableness, I have to hand it to Ratchet and Clank 3’s mini bots of doom. They have jetpacks, and rocket launchers, and nukes strapped to their back, and they’re so eager and cute! And it’s definitely PC since you can emulate it.

    Simultaneous award of best and worse is a tossup between HK-47 and Claptrap.

  2. Freud says:

    HK-47 in KotOR was pretty good. Why wouldn’t a murder robot have no time for bio-organisms?

  3. Slander says:

    No love for BT-7274?

  4. will47 says:

    Observation: Meatbags are compelled to ponder the obvious.

  5. KDR_11k says:

    Do androids count?

  6. SaintAn says:

    The robots I can build in Fallout 4’s Automitron DLC. The whole Horizon Zero Dawn game’s ecosystem of robots. I love robots and AI.

    • celticdr says:

      Ahhh, yes, my large hot-pink weapon-wielding skull-headed robot from FO4 Automation DLC: Sir Captain Killbot III – he is my favourite robot, such a loyal and hellfire raining companion!

      Totally agree with Alec & John, this is 2018 – there’s no need for small 3 second pauses in games anymore, it shouldn’t have anything to do with processing power and computational stuff (which was the 80’s reason for pauses in games) so really why are game devs adding in this faff? #getridofpauses

  7. Templar says:

    The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 Terminator

  8. svge says:

    Mario being difficult to control by design is a ludicrous statement.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    I feel it’s important to mention that RPS posts become uncommentable on after a certain amount of time, as part of the War on Spam. I assume. Hence, no commenting on Quinn’s excellent Fallout New Vegas review that has certainly stood the test of time, with everyone agreeing the game was rubbish.

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