Paladins officially launches next week

Free-to-play class-based FPS Paladins will launch properly next week, developers Hi-Rez Studios (the Smite lot) announced today, on Tuesday the 8th of May. It’s been in open beta testing for almost twenty months, long enough that I’d forgotten it’s not actually out-out, and added heaps of heroes and things since then – as well as dabbling in battle royale. Development won’t end when it hits version 1.0, of course, but it will be done enough to remove that “early access” label.

Rich McCormick revisited Paladins in November to see what shape it was in after a year of open beta. And… couldn’t help but draw comparisons to some other class-based shooters:

“There’s the small ginger man with a Nordic name in an engineer’s jumpsuit who deposits turrets and defends them with a pocket blunderbuss. There#s a muscular German dude who can throw out a shield to block incoming fire, just like Overwatch’s Reinhardt. There’s even a direct D.Va-a-like: a smaller character riding a much larger mech who can jet forward on rocket boosters and absorb enemy fire with a front-facing shield.”

In the run-up to launch, all Champions are unlocked for everyone from today until May 7. Usually only a rotating lineup of a select few are free, with the game charging for permanent unlocks. Everyone who’s played the game during beta then logs in after launch, from May 8-31, will receive 200 Crystals, which is $5 of the game’s microtransaction currency.

Paladins is playable through Steam and Hi-Rez’s own client.


  1. BaronKreight says:

    I very much like it. It has a different vibe to it compared to Overwatch. Less glamorous, more down to earth with goofy humor, ridiculous skins and f2p model.

  2. mitrovarr says:

    Paladins gets a lot more chaff for copying Overwatch than it deserves. Some of the stuff that people like to cite comes from earlier hi-rez games and predates Overwatch entirely. Other times, both games clearly lifted ideas from the same place. Like the short guy that puts down a turret and defends it with a shotgun? Both games cribbed that from the TF2 engineer.

    Anyways, Paladins is fun and you should play it.

    • AngoraFish says:

      These constant pejorative comparisons with Overwatch are really tedious.

      Class-based shooters are hardly new sauce, Paladins was in development well before Overwatch was released, the characters are obvious stereotypes that (surprise!) a couple of different developers independently decided to use… and most importantly it seems, only one was developed by Blizzard.

      • swigg says:

        Overwatch is a blatant rip-off of Hi-rez’s game Global Agenda (along with TF2 and some ideas from MOBAs), but whenever anybody mentions Hi-Rez’s game Paladins in which they iterated on their own ideas, everybody accuses Hi-Rez of ripping off Blizzard.

        I already had a bitter hatred of Overwatch before I recently started playing Paladins (I hadn’t played Paladins because I thought it was going to be like Overwatch) due to how much Overwatch disappointed me as a game (in so many ways) combined with how popular it got and how I felt like everybody was ditching my favorite game TF2 for the hottest new mass-appeal game.

        Now that I’ve discovered how much I enjoy Paladins and I see ignorant people stating incorrectly that it’s a rip-off of Overwatch I have an even more bitter hatred of it than I did before.

  3. Helion139 says:

    >German dude with a shield
    Fernando is clearly spaniard not german

    • AngoraFish says:

      Which proves how little effort the reviewer actually put in, or alternatively, his gross lack of familiarity with popular culture.

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