Rhythm puzzle revival Lumines Remastered slips to June

Lumines Remastered

While I’ve never been a true devotee to fast-paced puzzlers, Lumines has held a special place in my heart since 2005. Who’d have thought that all you needed to turn simple two-colour block matching into something horrifically compelling was syncing the action to the beat?

We’ve known that Lumines is coming back for an HD encore for a while now, but today we have a release date for Lumines Remastered. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to miss its planned May launch, and is now due out on June 26th.

While the finer details of Lumines Remastered are still a mystery, we do know that because this was originally a Tetsuya Mizuguchi-headed project (he of Rez fame), there’ll be a new focus on rumbling controllers. While this is obviously going to be a little easier to sync up with the Switch version of the game, the PC should presumably also allow you to cover your body with buzzing pieces of plastic that move to the beat, and there is no way in hell I can make that not sound like a fetish feature, so I won’t.

The Rez relation goes a little deeper with this remake, too. The remastering is being handled by Enhance Games, the team that recently polished up and VR’ified the classic rail-shooter to great effect, living up to their name. Personally, I’m most excited to find out the track list. While this is billed as a remaster, I’d be surprised if the exact same music was in this new edition, but I’m holding out hope that J-Pop anthem Heavenly Star makes a return, at the very least.

While we have a date locked down for Lumines Remastered, it doesn’t have a store page or a price-tag quite yet. For those who really can’t wait to get back into the groove, the original Lumines plus an expansion are available via Steam for £6/$10 or £10/$15, depending on which version you want.

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  1. Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

    I don’t think this version will include Heavenly Star, as, from the list of skins featured in the announcement trailer, they seem to remaster the very first original PSP title – Lumines: Puzzle Fusion (and Heavenly Star was only available in Lumines II and, as Wiki suggests, Lumines Live on Xbox 360 which I haven’t played)

    I do hope that they would be able to sell sub-$30 expansion packs to include the tracks from sequels / other versions (especially, the Vita version), but that’s unlikely to happen.

    P.S. kinda nit-picky, but the decision to add the game board’s reflection at the bottom to make the screen look more busy than it is (it’s a remaster, after all!), actually works to a detriment of the tile designs, as they were (especially the rounded ones) all about the illusion of volume (and they expanded on that idea in Vita title by making them full 3D rendered), and the reflection just makes them look undoubtedly flat.

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