Disgaea 5 Complete delayed days before launch

NIS’s strategy RPG Disgaea 5 Complete was due to launch on PC on Monday but oh me oh my that will not happen now. NIS have delayed the game to an unspecified point in summer, saying they’ve found a big problem that needs extra time to fix. Another big problem has been that the recent limited-release demo, er, reportedly let people play the full game if they were willing to futz with some files. Oh dear. So the demo has been pulled, the game is delayed, and NIS are offering refunds to people who pre-ordered.

“As beta testing has been ongoing, we have been fixing bugs and issues as they were discovered,” NIS America said in yesterday’s announcement. “While working on corrections last night, we came across a new issue that requires additional attention that will take more time to resolve.”

Apparently it’s big enough that they need to hold it back for… who knows how long?

It’s a big coincidence that this comes right after NIS reportedly accidentally let people play the full game, but it does seem to be just that – coincidence.

Disgaea’s 5 demo launched on Tuesday in some lousy promotion, requiring players to sign up with Alienware to get a Steam key. And, people claim to have discovered, futzing with save files in a hex editor could let folks play chapters that were not supposed to be in the demo at all. Some players say the full game was accessible, though reports around this around hazy and sometimes conflicting.

NIS say they have revoked all the demo keys, without giving a reason or acknowledging these cheeky reports.

“Once we have determined the game is ready for launch, we will open a new demo that will require the use of new keys,” they say. When will the game be ready for launch? Summer. At some point. Probably.


  1. Freud says:

    Didn’t NIS do a poor job on the port of Ys VIII as well?

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Yes, although it seems that porting Ys was significantly more of a technical struggle.

      While I never found the time to try the demo, my brother says that the port felt pretty good. He couldn’t see any blemishes in what he played, at least, so quality may not be the issue that forced the delay.

    • Pich says:

      NISA does a poor job period link to pastebin.com

    • ScubaMonster says:

      For what it’s worth, the brief time I spent with the Disgaea 5 demo, I noticed no problems or bugs playing it. Everything went smoothly.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Well at least those folks who signed up for the demo are now in Alienware’s database forever.

  3. SaintAn says:

    That sucks. That and D2 are the only two I haven’t played so I was really looking forward to getting it on PC. Might get it on Switch now instead. And I read that the belief they released the whole game in the demo was just a false alarm and only the first 3 chapters of the game were playable.

  4. juan_h says:

    I played Disgaea for the first time in 2008. I just started playing Disgaea 2 a couple of weeks ago. On the basis of that evidence I will most likely play Disgaea 5 sometime around 2048 and Disgaea 6 after my probable death from old age. (And I’ve just realized that although I didn’t intend that statement as a joke about the amount of grinding in the Disgaea series it could easily be mistaken for one.)

    On a more serious note, does the Disgaea series ever implement mid-mission saves? Disgaea on the Nintendo DS didn’t have them and Disgaea 2 for PC doesn’t either. The regular missions aren’t egregiously long, but trips into the Item World can easily take over an hour.

  5. ZephaniahGrey says:

    I was super excited when this popped up on Steam, and preordered immediately. I guess there are other games coming out next week, but I was really excited for this one.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Good news is I didn’t notice any performance problems in the demo, though I didn’t get to play through the demo in its entirety. Seemed to work just fine for me though so I don’t think the delay is performance related.

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