The Foxer


Warm-up Foxer (Where am I?)

I’m looking at an extremely handsome Swedish-made diesel locomotive. I’m in a landlocked country that has a horizontal tricolour for a flag. If I flew around the globe at this latitude I’d pass over one European capital. I’m half a mile from the shore of a lake and roughly the same distance from the bust of a Nobel Prize winner. In the spring of 1945 there was fierce fighting in this area. The post boxes in this part of the world are red. About three miles south of here is a medieval abbey.

Feature Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme (some past themes: roses, Harry Potter, gold, postage stamps, and The 39 Steps) Identifying this theme is a vital part of the defoxing process. Today’s puzzle contains twenty-two words.


*       *       *


Last week’s warm-up foxer: I was Verity (defoxed by phlebas)

Last week’s word chain

1. MASI – The military truck in this pic (phlebas)
2. SIRWAL – A garment worn by some Battle of Mentana participants (AFKAMC)
3. WAL – This museum has one in its collection (Rorschach617)
4. WALKER – A postwar AFV bore his name (Gothnak)
5. ERASMUS – A Brussels Metro terminus (Joriath)
6. MUSASHI – Her remains rest here (Joriath)
7. SHILLELAGH – A missile and melee weapon (AFKAMC)
8. GHANA – One of the world’s largest cocoa producers (Gothnak)
9. ANAKONDA – This aircraft (Gothnak, Rorschach617)
10. DAYTONA – Dodge, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo all produced one (Gothnak)
11. NAVAJO – Spoken by a few specialised Allied soldiers during WW2 (Stugle)
12. JOYCE – There’s a statue of him close to this spot (Joriath)
13. CENTRIFUGE – A piece of lab equipment (phlebas)
14. GELA – Close Combat: The Bloody First will feature this battle (phlebas, Gothnak)
15. LAVROV – This man (Stugle)
16. OVERWATCH – A game mentioned in over 200 RPS articles (Gothnak)
17. TCHAIKOVSKY – Performances of one of his most famous tunes often involve weaponry (Stugle, Gothnak)
18. SKYLON – It once stood just about here (Gothnak, AbyssUK)
19. LONDON – He appeared on a US postage stamp in the mid-Eighties (Gothnak)
20. DONETSK – The capital of a dubious 21st Century proto-state (phlebas)
21. SKELETON – A word that can go before suit, watch, or key (phlebas)
22. TONKIN – An Oriental gulf that made the news in the mid Sixties (Stugle)
23. INPUT – A ZX Spectrum keyword (phlebas, Gothnak)
24. UTAH – The US state where this picture was taken (Stugle)


  1. Gothnak says:

    Roman has missed the numbers & letters off the hex image!

  2. Gothnak says:

    E11 (Probably): EMOTION

  3. AFKAMC says:

    ARTHURIAN, right across the middle.

  4. Stugle says:

    A1 can make TRESTLE

    • Gusdownnup says:

      And following this, A7 MOUNTAIN, B8 POOL, B5 BIRD, D4 TENNIS suggest a table theme. (In that case, we could have M3 CRUMBER.)

  5. Little_Crow says:

    (E)MOTION at what would be E11

  6. Shiloh says:

    ARTHURIAN right across the middle. CRUMB at the bottom. EMOTION down the right hand side. BROOK(E) or BROOM bottom left.

  7. Little_Crow says:


  8. Gusdownnup says:

    Warm-up: we’re here. (Link to Google Maps.)

    • Stugle says:

      Dammit! I mean, good job!

      For once I thought I had a chance… Was just looking for locomotives in Balatonfured when I decided to refresh the page. Oh well, at least I got it down to the correct city this time. :)

    • Rorschach617 says:

      I managed to get it narrowed down to the same city too.

      Though you’d think that there would be more interest in the space-time vortex-thing going on behind Roman’s viewpoint than in the trains. I guess trainspotters will be trainspotters :)

      • Stugle says:

        “Why yes, it appears people are phasing in and out of our universe, but it’s hardly on a par with…

        *Quick Google search to hide the fact I don’t know anything about trains*

        …the 66779 Evening Star passing through Doncaster two hours early! Now THAT was historic!”

        Source: link to

  9. Gusdownnup says:

    Wild guess for theme: well, there’s a MORRT at H10…

  10. Stugle says:

    H3 upwards can start GAWAIN (or is it spelled GAWAINE?).

  11. Gothnak says:

    I’m trying to work out if the whole Arthurian thing is one of the foxer tricks, as it is far too obvious in the middle.

    Any ideas on the V at K9?

    I’ve got:

    LOVE, VOLE, EEVEE (Pokemon) & BEVEL so far.

  12. Little_Crow says:


  13. Gothnak says:

    H3) GARETH is also a Knight and overlaps GAWAIN and ARTHURIAN. :p

  14. AbyssUK says:

    M3 : Camelot M2: Broke

  15. AFKAMC says:

    OK, giving up on the King Arthur stuff…

    starting from F, on the left: SIAMESE

  16. Gothnak says:

    I think another key letter is the R at M4. If it is Camelot then that R has to be used with the W or U which is very tricky. If not, then it has to be used with the C at M3.

    I’ve come up with CARUM at M3 so far which is the plant that makes Caraway seeds which isn’t that helpful.

    Obviously it could just be Crumb.

  17. Gothnak says:


  18. phlebas says:

    J4 (or 5) PEMBROKE

  19. Gothnak says:

    Periodic table?

    D6: TABLE

  20. Gusdownnup says:

    Right, I think I’ve got this one licked. I’ll post the full list tonight, to give other people a bit more time, but I’ll suggest that they can start with I9, MORRISON SHELTER. (Thanks to Gothnak for pointing me at that one.)

    • Gusdownnup says:

      Okay, my breakdown is below. I’ve given attributions where possible. The theme is “Tables”.

      A1 TRESTLE (Stugle)
      B5 BIRD
      B8 POOL
      C4 WARE
      D4 TENNIS
      E9 LEAGUE
      F1 SWING
      F12 MOTION (Gothnak, Little_Crow, Shiloh)
      G1 MITRE
      G2 SANMA
      H6 TURN
      H10 MANNERS
      I4 LEG
      I9 MORRISON SHELTER (Gothnak)
      J4 PLOTTING (Phlebas)
      J5 PEMBROKE (Phlebas)
      J9 LOO
      K5 SAW
      K6 MENDELEEV (Gothnak)
      M3 CRUMBER (Shiloh, Little_Crow)

      • Tim Stone says:

        Good work. Roman likes all of your answers except for SWING, MITRE & SANMA.

        • Gusdownnup says:

          Aha. I think I’ve got the last couple that Roman had in mind, but I’ll leave it open in case anyone else fancies a go.

          I thought “three-player mah-jong variant” might be a bit of a stretch.

          • Stugle says:

            That’s some stellar work right here. I thought we just had to fear your quick wit for the warm-up Foxers. ;)

          • AbyssUK says:

            Well done, to finish up. then
            G1 : MISSING MAN
            F2 : WATER

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