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Organise your life by talking to your friend, organise a postal warehouse by filtering out illegal packages, and solve puzzles in a creepy library to stay alive. Save all of humanity from giant bugs by controlling a giant mech with your estranged sister, or fight monsters by firing projectiles at them in a story-driven Breakout-inspired game. All of this is waiting for you in this week’s free games.

Sort Your Life Out by Rosa Carbo-Mascarell & Georgia Iacovou

Sitting in your bed, a screen lighting up your face, texting a friend and making big decisions about your life. This sounds familiar to me – it probably does to you, too. Both of you have the time to vent and the time to consider different options. As you follow the story of this narrative-based game, you get to discover what bothers your friend and decide how best to reply.

Loads of things are on your mind throughout this conversation, from your friend’s recent trip to you gaining a new housemate. You both have jobs: yours is freelance, while they have one which is a 9 to 5. Sorting your life out will take more than a single conversation, however the act of talking it out really puts things into perspective.

Unpacking by Rodel77

Manually sort out boxes at a mail collection center There is far more to it than just reading addresses. In Unpacking, much like in Papers, Please, you are given a list of directions each day, forcing you to check over more and more aspects of each package. At first, you simply have to weigh out boxes to make sure they are light enough to make it through the system.

As it gets later in the month (and year) of you working there, the mail center updates itself – having better technology and more rules as to what can be mailed. Soon, you will need to be searching thoroughly to scan boxes, make sure the address is a valid country, reject items that are illegal, and more. Rejecting packages is simple enough, you just drag them to the red conveyor belt (verses the green conveyor belt if you’d like to mail them out). You can also control the speed that boxes come into the room you are in. Each day you have a quota to meet, and once it is met you can move onto a new day.

The Librarian by Octavi Navarro

The Librarian takes you on a captivating journey to explore a creepy library filled with puzzles after getting a note from a mysterious Owl Agent. Though it is the middle of the night, horrifying creatures roam this land. You will need to get past them to get to the library and figure out what is going wrong.

Once you get to the library, you find the area devastated – students and the previous librarian have been killed by something or someone. Once you’re in the library, you are trapped, so you will need to figure out a way out while trying to understand what has happened. There are a lot of puzzles in this point and click adventure and each needs solved to move forward. From pushing keys in the right order, to using a red lens to see what secrets hide outside of this reality. You will need to use everything you have to get yourself out of there alive.

The Librarian is a stunning adventure well worth embarking upon.

Mama Possum by Cassandra Khaw, Kevin Snow, George Kavallines, & Priscilla Snow

The world has been taken over by giant bugs, a Kaiju Apocalypse. After leaving town for a while, forcing your sister to stick it out with your family, you have returned. After taking on a few normal jobs, you and her both have somehow been enlisted to fight off giant bugs inside your own mech – Mama Possum. This narrative driven game takes you through your life – telling you about the decisions you have made thus far, while talking to other mech operators and fighting off giant bugs.

Inside your mech, you have a few different buttons with lights underneath them. Controlling the mech is as simple as pressing these buttons – however, you do this with a giant spike in your back. You need to be careful and work together with your sister, while staying attached to this spike. The story unfolds through the words that appear on the screen in front of you – sometimes you can click on some of those words to learn more. Other times, you need to click on the buttons of your mech – the ones that are lit, to deal with the outside world. You were just a truck driver but now you are working together with your bitter sister to save the world.

FACE OUT by Xkoster

You are taken on the journey of a faceless man, cursed to lose his face in exchange for keeping his life. After living for years, unable to speak and trapped behind a mask, you are now looking to lift the curse. This will force you on a journey through the land of the dead – a journey to find the person who forced you to live like life, and taking them on.

The various stops along the way each give you pieces of the story, explaining what is going on around you and what is happening on your adventure. Then, you get to take on a Breakout-styled level. Some of these levels are closer to traditional Breakout – different colored beings in shapes which you must destroy before moving on. Red bricks shoot daggers back at you, while yellow bricks explode. Your sword acts as the paddle, hitting back your ball, which can destroy daggers coming towards you. You can also slow down time and grab power-ups that help you along the way.

However, some of the levels aren’t so traditional. Instead, you have eyeballs to break down, fog to carve through and even your own face to break down. These heavily stylised levels, mixed with the story of FACE OUT, really create a unique game – unlike anything I’ve ever played before.

If you can’t wait till next week for more to play, check out our list of the best free games.

Disclosure: Jupiter Hadley is an apprentice games wizard at Armor Games, helping them to find released free games to sign. Cassandra Khaw is an RPS contributor who used to write the Bargain Bucket.


  1. Dominic Tarason says:

    Fun fact: Kevin Snow has been playing Battletech with a roughly improvised Mama Possum as his lead assault unit.

  2. rodeldev says:

    Thanks for feature my game “Unpacking”, the review is nice!

  3. April March says:

    FACE OUT looks very interesting, but I can’t seem to get it to load 😕

    • April March says:

      I got it to load and it truly is a great thing. I’d never have thought you could squeeze that much depth, both from narrative and gameplay, out of Breakout. I only wish it used the red knives you have to avoid about one tenth as often as it does – especially since there’s a nasty bug where your invencibility frames don’t start immediately after you die, so it’s very possible to be hit by two in a row.

      • MondSemmel says:

        Hey there, thanks to your endorsing comment I also tried the game, and similarly enjoyed it. It’s certainly the most innovative take on breakout I’ve ever seen. While I still don’t particularly like the genre, all commercial games in this genre should take heavy inspiration from it. It’s just that good.

        Also, there’s just something delightful about a game about both literally and figuratively losing face, then trying to recover both.

        • April March says:

          Glad to hear it! Especially because I very nearly didn’t write that second post out of laziness – but didn’t want the only post in here about that great game to be about how it wouldn’t run. I just spent nearly an hour to defeat the second boss, and I’m thinking how weird it is to be stuck in a boss at Breakout (though there are other Breakoutlikes that did do boss stuff).

  4. pookie191 says:

    Doesn’t “Organise your life by talking to your friend, organise a postal warehouse by filtering out illegal packages, and solve puzzles in a creepy library to stay alive. Save all of humanity from giant bugs by controlling a giant mech with your estranged sister, or fight monsters by firing projectiles at them in a story-driven Breakout-inspired game.” Sound like an amazing single game though..

  5. Jue Viole Grace says:

    But Mama Possum is 5 quid. Am I missing something?

    • Jupiter Hadley says:

      If you click the link, you can play the game straight on the page. There is a paid version and a free version. :)

    • Phasma Felis says:

      It’s a little confusing, but the title screen image is actually the game. Click to play.

  6. Phasma Felis says:

    Oh geez, I desperately need to read more stories about tough lady truckers piloting battlemechs across the Appalachians.