Get rewarded for the Plunkbat weapon balance survey


The folks of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have made one of the most significant adjustments to how the game is played, via the Weapons Balance Update (Patch 12), which re-balanced everything from damage to scope reticle to movement speeds while certain weapons are equipped. It’s such an intricate and deep re-alignment of the entire game that Plunkbat players are encouraged to take part in a new survey in order to make sure PUBG Corporation haven’t, you know, completely ruined the game. In exchange, there is a lottery system for survey participant rewards.

Also, if you’re still not on board with Plunkbat, please read about Plunkbat’s creator agreeing with you. You’re wrong, though, and so is he.

Here’s a visual breakdown of the changes that have been added via this update, although you can read a painstakingly precise detailing here, which includes not only a lot of mathwords but other game additions, like a new gun and a new vehicle.


The Weapon Update Survey runs now through the morning of May 14th. You can only submit one entry, but that entry gets your name in the hat for the Participation Award. Plunkbat will be giving two early bird keys at random to 1,000 players globally, and will announce the results of the survey and a list of winners on Tuesday, May 22nd.

You can find the survey by clicking the link right here and you can play Plunkbat by finding it on Steam or every other platform known to man. Yes, the survey is a SurveyMonkey page for some reason? Don’t be thrown by that; I’m sure it works just fine.


  1. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    They seem to have neglected to list Plunkbats, Plunkballs and Plunkplanks in that list…although I’m sure Plunkpans (incorrectly labelled ‘Frying pans’) were hobbled long ago.

  2. Canyounotcallitthat says:

    Can you please stop calling pubg plunkbat. It’s cringe worthy and embarassing.

    • Thants says:

      Hey, if you’re interested in a gaming website that doesn’t refer to games by silly pet-names I think you’d really like “going away and never coming back”.

    • NailBombed says:

      Please refrain from calling Plunkbat the ghastily po-faced PUBG. People with a sense of humour seem to get this – you ‘true fans’ don’t seem to get the funny side.

      Also PUBG could be construed as Pee-You-Big, Poo-BeeGee and so forth.

    • BoGy says:

      the correct name is PUBG, and it’s spoken as: Pubgee.
      Now, sadly enough RoPapSho thinks that the whole world says plunkbat… the first time i saw it i really had to tinker whta plunkbat was and then i saw it’s a totally malformed and misused abbreviation of pubg.
      luckily enough ropapsho is the ONLY site that uses plunkbat as the name for pubg; even the gamedesigners use ‘pubg’ instead of plunkbat, but rps is totally ignorant for that and think they know better so keep on using the plunkbat name cuz they think it’s funny…

      they way ropapsho abbreviates the pubg name into plunkbat is not conform any other thing anybody in the game industry has done
      We didn’t call Unreal Tournament UnTou, no it was UT; we didn’t call Battlefield BaFie, it’s just BF, or CoComRed (for C&C:RA1 and/or 2) so why they are using first2+first3+first3 for player unknown’s battlegrounds; i dunno.. I guess at a good night one of the writers came home very drunk and thought; what’s this game .. oh i need to write it down for tomorrow;
      plryer unkknoonw battaleghrouhdnds ..; and started deleting everything that didn’t make sense so he ended up with Pl Unk Bat..
      the next day people laughed at the name, but for some reason it stuck and ropapsho decided to keep on using it in honor of that great night of drunkmanship…
      some time ago a vote was taken and even the visitors of this site wanted to keep on using plunkbat instead of pubg; i guess those are all the users that visit only this site

      • Cederic says:

        Based on your examples shouldn’t you be calling Plunkbat PB, and using RPS to abbreviate Rock Paper Shotgun?

        Also, why would you try and dictate how someone pronounces pewb-ger, especially when you get it wrong yourself?

      • cpt_freakout says:

        One word for you: PLUNKBAT

      • Shadow says:

        Blast, you’re right. Let’s go with Pubgee, which is an entirely well-formed and well-used abbreviation of PUBG. Yep, nothing remotely arbitrary about it. Certainly nothing like Plunkbat. Let’s go with Pubgee and get over this, which is something the Plunkbatters are totally not doing, unlike the rest of us, who are completely over who calls the game what!

        • Pogs says:

          You know two thousand years from now, many wars will have been fought over this naming disagreement and scholars will still argue over the origins of the division.

    • Premium User Badge

      Leucine says:

      Yes, they should really be calling it “Ramses Niblick III Kerplunkbat Kerplunkbat Whoops Where’s My Thribble”.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I’m pretty sure they’d not keep the joke running if there wasn’t people getting all over-dramatic about it every time.

  3. napoleonic says:

    Sadface at Alice not writing this article, so we miss out on a tooltip :(

  4. NuclearSword says:

    Can you please keep calling that bland PUBG Plunkbat forever? You see, I have a sense of humor and it is the only entertaining about this dumb game ;)

    I was getting worried RPS might have stopped saying it after having not seen it in awhile

  5. sion12 says:

    I was confused as hell as to what is “Plunkbat” reading this article. took me longer than i like to realise its refering to pubg…i dont get the name

  6. Synesthesia says:

    Wish they made the VSS viable. Maybe a little less bullet drop? A perk in damage? It’s such a fun little weapon.

    • neilsayers says:

      I agree. Nice little gun. Don’t really understand it… It begs to be shot from afar, but then it’s basically just a glorified paintball gun. I do enjoy lobbing little pellets of red paint at people and watching the dance around confused though!

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