Humble Monthly’s early unlock game is Destiny 2


Hey fellow Space Wizards. Are you one of those folks still yet to acquire Destiny 2? Well, Humble Bundle has you covered. If you’re a part of Humble’s monthly subscription service, which is $12/£9 recurring, you get 7-9 games every month, plus a big promotional thing every once in a while. This month, being a member unlocks the Big Space Game and unlocks it right now. Destiny 2 is still selling at full retail price of $60/£Whatever in most places. Even as an avid non-Destiny dude, this is the kind of thing I have a hard time passing up.

Oh. I just signed up for it. Well, so much for restraint.

Humble Bundle isn’t the kind of thing I need to bumble through. You all know what it is and why it’s cool and how you can get books and games and other cool stuff through the service. I also know that Destiny isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but I’m kinda excited to give it a couple hours of my time based on this entry price point, and the pressure of my die-hard Destiny friends.

You can join me in engaging in interplanetary warfare by going to Humble Bundle and signing up for the subscription. As someone with a forthcoming Boss Fight Books book, there’s a better than non-zero chance that this will get you my blood, sweat, and tears at some point for less than market rate. And, you know, a hundred other cool games between now and then.

Destiny 2’s next expansion is out in three days. Now might be the right time to get in on all that. Check out the Warmind trailer below:


  1. kalirion says:

    Well, they can’t all be winners.

    • mmandthetat says:

      AAA games with an iffy reception are their bread and butter at this point. I’m into it. Sometimes the collective disappointment is just a result of disgruntled franchise fans and the game on its own merit is better than it got credit for. Other times it’s Dead Rising 4.

    • mitrovarr says:

      As conflicted a game as Destiny 2 is, I’m surprised people are more hostile to it as they are to the, let’s face it, outright bad games that headlined the last two months. I mean, did you even see the metacritic score for Mafia III?

      • mike69 says:

        I havent bought a humble bundle since they got bought out – the game selection hasn’t been as good, even if the games have been as ‘prominant’. I think this is the best option in a while, personally. I mean wasn’t last month KSP? Who tf doesn’t own KSP at this point?

        • Orix says:

          I didn’t, and was very happy to receive it!

          Humble monthly is great for those late to the party.

        • LexW1 says:

          I didn’t. I had like the demo a lot but never bought the full game. Possibly I was too traumatized by accidentally inserting one of my kerbals into a permanent solar orbit (actually possibly a solar lagrange point).

          • Shacklestein says:

            KSP doesn’t do Lagrange points.

          • modzero says:

            There are sun-synchronous orbits, though, so I guess that’s what they meant? Also, there’s the principia mod, which is the coolest mod I’m too afraid to touch. It mentions a bunch of things I’ve learned but then completely forgot about.

        • agentghost says:

          I didn’t own it and was super happy with its bundling.

      • dskzero says:

        It’s trendy.

        People want it to fail.

        The game is doing fine. This is just marketing for the new DLC and the september expansion.

  2. dontnormally says:

    I spose Bungie’s getting a mite desperate?

    Man I wish they’d go back to making Myth games.

  3. Spuzzell says:

    Good move for Bungie, plump up the player numbers just before the paid for DLC starts to drop.

    I wouldn’t have bought Destiny 2 even on huge huge sale, but I’m happy enough with this as part of my Monthly.

  4. geldonyetich says:

    Destiny 2’s alright if you haven’t played Destiny 1. A quality Bungie FPS married to an invisible lobby MMO.

    If you have played Destiny 1, it basically feels like you were railroaded into buying the same game and Bungie learned literally nothing about what its playerbase wanted. What’s changed is for the worse, and what’s the same is what people were hoping the sequel would change.

    I didn’t buy Destiny 1, this is me channeling the frustration of somebody I met who did and tried to explain to me how crushingly disappointed they were by Destiny 2. However, I did buy Destiny 2 before it showed up for free in a Humble Bundle package I had already subscribed to, so I guess I can be disappointed for other reasons.

    • Brightside says:

      As someone who purchased and played Destiny 1 for many months and sunk hundreds of hours into the game, I can agree 100%. I was pumped for D2 and was dissapointed to see no real improvement. Only played for a few hours on PS4 and then stopped. I’ll add it to my collection and may play it at some point for a bit.

  5. fish99 says:

    I found the game fun enough to be worth playing through the story and side-quests. It was lacking a bit of magic versus the first game (post TTK) though, and some of the story is pretty dumb, but the actual combat is solid. Bear in mind that I’m not someone who was interested in the end-game or PVP.

  6. GeneJacket says:

    Destiny 2 is currently $10 at Best Buy on all platforms.

  7. Godwhacker says:

    Decided to pick it up- after a few hours this afternoon I don’t think I’ll be going back. It’s terrible. Half the characters are doing a shit imitation of Firefly; the other half just spout exposition. The shooting feels tepid and enemies only come in three varieties- suicidal, annoying, and armoured.

    It’s a series of corridors with some impressive skyboxes. Maybe the PVP is good but I’ve not tried it.

    In conclusion: don’t bother.

    • fish99 says:

      The game isn’t corridor based, that’s just the linear intro. Also they’re not going to throw all the enemies types at you straight away.

      • Godwhacker says:

        The missions are in sp. I played up until half-way through Titan. Sometimes you get an ‘arena’, but there’s only one entrance, andbonly one exit. And I would contend that the ‘open world’ but looks pretty damn corridor-like: link to

        • fish99 says:

          The open world is very big open areas linked by pretty wide travel bits (which are really just pretty load zones). The story missions (which you can do co-op btw) tend to feature more linear corridor sections when you’re indoors, but also have plenty of large open areas too. Describing the game as just corridors is doing it a disservice in my opinion.

          Also, to me, the combat is really fun.

    • Hoot says:

      The guy acting the robot dude actually IS Nathan Fillion, i.e. Mal Reynolds.

      I’m sure you knew this already, but if you didn’t that explains the Firefly craic.

  8. SaintAn says:

    The monthly has been pretty bad since IGN bought them. Glad I unsubbed and started using that subscription to return to FFXI. The Twitch one was decent the first few months, though it’s pretty wack this month too.

    • Titler says:

      I’ve noticed this too; I’ve been pausing my monthly ever since, but cancelled it outright a few days ago. I’m not saying KSP is a bad game, and surely a treat for those who hadn’t played it yet… but as mentioned above, there can’t be many people left who hadn’t picked it up by *now*. It’s been around, and enormously discounted, for years.

      I wasn’t aware of Destiny 2 coming when I cancelled it, but it wouldn’t change my mind even if I’d known it was the new lead game; like so much of the ghastly software industry these days, it’s just a vector for demanding micro-transaction charges… and the whole point to me of the Humble Monthly was to get complete experiences and support charity, not act as marketing for companies to sell online services.

      I admit that’s a fine line to try and draw, but even so… seeing one of the most infamous nickle and diming products turn up was personally very off putting.

    • Stargazer86 says:

      I mean, I’ve been disappointed with every offering for about a year or so. The one and only time I purchased a subscription was when I managed to snag Total War: Warhammer for $12.50 which was an absolutely excellent deal at the time. It was the cheapest price I’d seen that title at. Ever since then, though, there’s been no game displayed that’s caught my interest even in the slightest. And I’m not paying 12 bucks to gamble on the mystery games.

    • Nolenthar says:

      I was worried when I heard that IGN bought humble bundle but so far so good. Humble Bundle monthly has always been for me a way to discover games I wouldn’t have bought by themselves. I discovered gems this way and I have not noticed any change in direction recently. If anything the offer has higher value now with big AAA titles on top of great Indies.

      • SaintAn says:

        Thanks for your input PR person. Most people just want Humble Monthly to give them good games for cheap, that’s the whole point of it. They want a good deal. They’re not gambling their $12 a month in the hopes that they’ll get a $4 indie game they never heard of that they like and will play for an hour.

        • Nolenthar says:

          Well, indulge yourself, biased person, but if you can find a rationale behind “it got worse with IGN”, please feel free to share it with me.
          Granted, April bundle was fairly bad, but IGN acquired Humble Bundle in October, and they still gave us :

          * February Bundle : Life is Strange, Civ VI, Tacoma
          * January : Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, The Long Dark, Dawn of War 3
          * April : Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Outlast 2, God Eater

          As usual, it’s hit and miss. Some months are great, some are good, some are excellent, like they used to be. And yes it’s a personal taste as you may already have the games on offer, or you may not like the genre, but I believe it’s rather unfair to consider the value has diminished, irrelevant of what we may think of IGN, which is not a lot of good

    • mitrovarr says:

      Yeah, there were some pretty bad bundles in the earlier days before IGN. Like the one with H1Z1, or the one with all of the MMO stuff.

      Some of them are always going to be worse than others. Personally, I read all the stuff people said about Destiny 2… and I paid early. Because even after reading all the complaints, I still thought it sounded like something I wanted to try.

  9. Don Reba says:

    Got it for free with my videocard. Played it for a while, but ultimately saw no point in continuing. I have a backlog of much better games.

  10. Teddy_K says:

    I keep looking at this game and almost bought it when it dropped to 25 bucks a few months ago. Apparently that coincided with players finding out the XP was being nerfed. I almost pulled the trigger on it in this HBM…but I always end up on and it seems the players of the game really…really hate it.

    So I guess I’ll have to pass. Usually I don’t pass up anything this cheap, but this game seems to have burned long time players and seems a bit desperate for players to jump in and potentially buy the DLC that’s coming out for it.

    • UncleLou says:

      “but I always end up on and it seems the players of the game really…really hate it.”

      The playerbase also hated Destiny 1 with a furious passion while playint it for hundreds of hours. Now they hate D2 because they aren’t quite as addicted to it as they were to D1.

      In other words, the Destiny playerbase is a tad weird.

      It’s a very solid shooter, but it also is a bit too obviosuly designed to please the shareholders primarily, rather than the players.

      • popej says:

        As with many things that people are passionate about, the biggest critics tend to be the ones that love and play it the most.

        I played quite a bit of Destiny, but all the while I couldn’t help but wish I was doing so with a mouse and keyboard. I’ve just got destiny 2 from Humble and I’m enjoying it a lot. The shooting isn’t “tepid” as one commenter said above. It’s as solid as it’s always been in Bungies shooters.

        I’d recommend it for $12 personally.

  11. mkotechno says:

    Destiny is a bad chinese clone of Warframe but with $200M in marketing, and you know it.

    • Orix says:

      I sunk a lot of hours into warframe. Had stop myself eventually because there were so many other games I wanted to play, and WF can get repetitive.

  12. nitric22 says:

    I passed on last month’s Bundle because the 3 featured games didn’t strike me at all. Now with only Destiny 2 featured I have a suspicion that a few of the mystery games will probably be fairly high end quality titles, and so I’ll keep this month for that reason. I’ve learned to treat my bundle like a bit of a demo bag, with 1 or 2 titles that I really enjoy. If the DLC gets rave reviews in the coming week then I’ll consider that an incentive as well.

    • mike69 says:

      I wish you the best of luck but I suspect the opposite – that they’re using this one game to hinge the bundle on because they think it’s big and juicy.

  13. Laini says:

    I’m surprised at just how negative the reaction to this has been.
    I got it with my videocard and had fun playing through the story and doing some side stuff. I could go back and try one of the other classes but I think I’m done, I don’t quite know how people are able to play the game for hundreds of hours, there’s so little to do outside of that bar the same random mission types over and over. I dunno maybe the strikes and raids or whatever are a lot more interesting but I never tried any of that.

    Either way I think most people who like FPS games will easily get $12 worth of fun out of it, and that’s before adding whatever else is in the bundle.

  14. mike69 says:


    Hey, ‘Brock’ (seriously?), if you’re going to flippantly dismiss a currency could you make it the unimportant one please? It takes literally 2 seconds to perform the journalism required to not be a total Brock.

    • Hoot says:

      Don’t worry, mate. The mighty Queen Head will always be stronger in the global marketplace than his monopoly money currency :)

      *DISCLAIMER* This comment is purposely flippant to reflect the flippancy of the dismissal of a world currency. Also, no offense, but I generally skip Brock’s articles because he is by far the poorest writer at RPS.

    • woodsey says:

      You know, you can make a complaint about something without being so rude.

    • nitric22 says:

      Yen. Sixty Five Hundred Yen.

    • dsch says:

      Did you really just make fun of his name? Classy.

  15. iainl says:

    Part of me wants Destiny 2 because I really enjoyed my time playing through all the solo content on PS4 when I bought the Taken King bundle. Part of me is aware of how broken Destiny multiplayer has always been for anyone who hasn’t bought all the expansions.

    Most of me is aware that getting near my PC before my son’s finished his exam revision isn’t happening, so this is academic.

  16. Stevostin says:

    Actually I didn’t know Humble Bundle was that too. I thought it was a pay what you want for charity model (which of course immediately lost my interest, because, you know, charity)

    Bought Destiny 2 at -50%, was still way too much. It’s more or less Hellgate:London, done better. A FPS with a gorgeous yet terribly unpalatable world, no items except (boring) loot, no environmental storytelling, no attempt at ambiance NPC, I mean it’s really little compared to Borderlands. Which also has way better loot and way better skilltrees and way better classes, and even way better gunfights. It’s the only FPS I never completed. Bored to death in the middle. It’s pretty, sure.
    $12 is still too much IMO. $5 ?

    • Chromatose says:

      It’s a real shame, because the original Destiny had some absolutely exemplary environmental storytelling. Old Russia and The Moon were freaking masterclasses on the form. Destiny was a flawed game for sure, but I still fond it incredible how Bungie managed to walk back almost every single positive from the original game and double down on what everybody disliked.

  17. Dekion says:


  18. Hoot says:

    Sad day when I look at a recently released, “triple A” (read that in the voice of Jim Sterling, please) title on sale for a tiny price via a great storefront and I still see no incentive to buy it.

    I’m waiting to join Humble Monthly on a magic month where the headline games are ones that a) I don’t already have and b) ones that I will actually enjoy.

    Having said that depending on what the other games are this month, this could be the month. Still won’t play Destiny though.

  19. solamon77 says:

    I feel like I’m being given the first hit for free with this one. I’ve seen drug pushers with less obvious agendas. I would prefer they not include games that only demand you spend more and more once you start playing it.

  20. Cederic says:

    The monthly bundle needs to support either my existing platform of choice (i.e. Steam) or be DRM free. They’ve removed any promises on either front, which means I could end up paying for a bunch of games that require uplay or EAs malware or something.

    So I’ve unsubscribed.

    • Nolenthar says:

      Comments like this never gets old. 99% of the humble bundle games are steam, hence making your venting utterly ridiculous.
      On top of that, being completely bound to one storefront is one thing, but giving the wrong reasons is another. Neither Origin nor Uplay are intrinsically worse or better than Steam. Only GoG, by being fully DRM free, can claim to be better than the others. But steam, Uplay or origin, all the same. Unless you’re the kind who hates Microsoft just because but is happy to love Google or Apple. You know the type

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        Comments like yours definitely *do* get old.

        • Nolenthar says:

          Sorry, but as a PC Player I feel offended whenever someone complains of having to use another program to play a game. I care about gaming, not about the program I use to play the game.
          If PC players can’t see the idiocy in such comments then I find this extremely sad. Or maybe that shows just how spoiled we are. “Oh there is this game I want to play but I need to install x to play it! This is so complicated I won’t manage it”

          • mac4 says:

            But, man, The Beatles have sold out! No, man, The Rolling Stones have!

  21. tristanmike says:

    I think a lot of people (myself included) are upset not because it’s Destiny 2, but because it requires Battle.Net or Blizzard.Net or whatever it’s called. It’s not Steam.

    The Monthly was supposed to be Steam curated games and at some point (recently) they “updated” the FAQ to say that there would be “Occasional exceptions”. As far as I know, they didn’t notify yearly subscribers of the change (I didn’t see anything myself) and I’m not sure they posted it anywhere else. They don’t mention it on their main page for the Monthly either (though, they may have removed the word “Steam” from there). So, unless you’re keeping regular tabs on Humble, this is a big WTF for a lot of people (I can only assume, it was for me, I had to go digging to find the info).

    When I signed up, it was under the agreement that the games would be Steam games, now they’ve changed the rules and haven’t really let us in. Should I expect that all the games will require the .Net thing this month ? Will the rest of the games be Steam ? Will some be uPlay ? I mean, can we at least have some ground rules since it’s a blind bundle ?

    I’m aware that I can pause it, a lot of people are not. Furthermore, this means that I have no games this month if I do pause. If I had known it was going this way, I would never have bothered to subscribe to the yearly and just gone month to month (which is what I will now be doing…that reminds me, I have to cancel my renew).

    And it seems they have completely removed their Steam discussion boards, so you can’t go there for info.

    • Nolenthar says:

      Do you use some kind of computer who can’t install programs ? It runs steam and it’s all it does ? A steam console maybe ?
      You guys need to get a damn console if all you whine about is not to be bound to one storefront.
      You’re basically fighting to get a monopoly running, how smart.

      • tristanmike says:

        Wow, you really didn’t read my reply, did you ? I couldn’t care less about which platforms they offer games for (I mean, I care, but that’s not the issue I have). What I do care about is that they silently changed the rules about what the Monthly was, without really notifying anyone of the change. Would it have been too much trouble to send out a general email to subscribers the month before letting people know that the monthly was changing and that they were adding Non-Steam games to the Monthly subscription ? Or just put in on the Monthly page: “Now with Non-Steam games” or whatever. Furthermore, they haven’t really let anyone in on the new rules. Will all games be from a single platform for the month or will they be divided up amongst several different platforms?

        I gave them a years worth of money upfront based on certain criteria, and they go and change it in the middle of the “contract” and that’s okay with you ? When Microsoft changed the rules for Gold (for instance), when they no longer required you to have a Gold subscription to access network features like Netflix, they offered everyone a pro-rated refund on money left, because they understood (at least maybe their lawyers did) that some people may have purchased Gold just for Netflix (like me). So I took my refund and bought some games.

        Where you say I’m fighting to get a monopoly going, I would argue, here you are, fighting to let companies just run roughshod over people. If we want to point fingers at each other, we can play that game all day long.

      • Cederic says:

        I choose who gets my business. EA and Ubisoft do not get my business unless they play by my rules. Blizzard do not get my business.

        That’s not creating a monopoly. Millions of people use GOG, Ubisoft, Blizzard and EA storefronts. Hundreds of people use the MS one that comes with Windows 10.

        The Humble Monthly subscription is a gamble. You don’t know what you’re going to get. I could be at least sure that the games I got were ones available on platforms and services I used, irrespective of whether they were available elsewhere.

        I no longer have that certainty. I’m no longer a subscriber. It’s fine, there are a hundred games in my backlog, another 35 in my Steam wishlist and dozens of new ones released every day. I can afford to be picky.

  22. Raoul Duke says:

    “Are you one of those folks still yet to acquire Destiny 2? Well, Humble Bundle has you covered.”

    I don’t really understand the implication that if I don’t have it, I must still want it. I don’t have it because I don’t want it.

  23. Carra says:

    I assume they expect to make money by selling those 3 expansion packs.

    Well, I still bought it. Now I have to find a way to free up 40 gb of memory on my 200 gb sd…

  24. Greg says:

    It’s another money grab. A desperate attempt by Activision to dump the base game into people’s lap just in time for their new loot box and DLC. Sorry Bungie, no one trusts you anymore.

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