Hand-pencilled horror tittle Mundaun to release fall 2018


Mundaun is a new horror indie set in the Alps that, as you can tell from the terrifying header image, has a very specific look. This hand-pencilled spookfest encourages players to explore large open levels where you must interact with the inhabitants of the mountain (who speak their own bizarre language) and free them from the dangerous creatures that plague the land. As someone who really wished that the 2009 Wii game Cursed Mountain could have spawned a sequel, this seems like the next best thing — or, really, a much better thing. This pencil shaded walking sim is something I wish was haunting my day right now.

Your protagonist returns home after learning about his grandfather’s mysterious death in a fire, and he will discover something eternal and diabolical. His odyssey up Mundaun mountain will take him from steep meadows across stony fields and to the snow-covered peak. Based on Swiss mythology, the game hopes to mix puzzles and monsters and beauty into a wholly original gaming experience, that includes vehicles, inventory management, and god I keep looking at that header image.. it is really unnerving, right?

Here’s more. Gosh this is pretty.




The game is set to release this fall. That isn’t a mountain climbing pun, it’s just the release window. I didn’t come up with that.

Check out the trailer below:

Mundaun Trailer March 2018 from Michel Ziegler on Vimeo.

You can follow along with the game’s development at the official site. There’s also a short video here of some of the pencil drawings being used in development, hung up around a room that must be just… Super Comfortable to work in.

mundaun_haengung_trimmed from Michel Ziegler on Vimeo.


  1. LogicalDash says:

    It just does not get much more staring eyes tag than this one

  2. frankwalkerx89 says:

    The release date is winter not fall!
    i just checked the Game’s website.

  3. JohnnyG says:

    What is “fall”? Someone told me once that is the American for the English word Autumn. Is that correct?

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Yeah, that’s right, short for ‘the fall of the leaves’. Both terms were used in Britain at the time of the Mayflower, but ‘Fall’ became the standard in the US, whilst we Brits favoured ‘Autumn’, for some reason. Either or both circumstances may have stemmed from a desire for distinct national identities following the revolutionary war, but who knows?

  4. Cederic says:

    This falls into the category of ‘Types of game I really really wish I didn’t loathe and detest, because that artwork is just compelling’

    I know I’ll never play through it if I buy it, even though the visuals make me really want to :(

  5. Hieronymusgoa says:

    I presume you would have liked a sequel to Cursed Mountain which was good, right ;) ? Because I know I liked the whole hand-mudra-ghost-fighting stuff but neither was fighting precise nor that compelling as a game in total. Lots of good ideas though, that’s for sure.

  6. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    I remember being so so jealous of Cursed Mountain’s exclusivity, then very very excited about its turning up on PC, and then horribly disappointed when I played it. I don’t even remember exactly why, but I know it was one of the rare games I dropped out of sheer boredom.

    This looks lovely, though.

  7. poliovaccine says:

    Well this looks sweet.

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