Plunkbat servers crash in first 24 hours of 50 player deathmatch


Bluehole ran into a serious issue this week, as their servers crashed 24 hours into the return of their 50 player deathmatch mode. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds War was the temporary return of the team deathmatch from last month, which breaks from PUBG’s traditional ‘once you’re gone you’re gone’ structure and allows you to respawn. There are ten teams of five and everyone starts with top-tier loot. Or, would start with top-tier loot, if anyone was able to connect to the game. Desert Knights mode was supposed to run until the end of the weekend, but had to be yanked by Friday afternoon after a Thursday night launch.

The announcement was made via the Plunkbat Twitter account, which confirms emergency maintenance was completed but that the game mode is suspended while engineers work to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds had a better roll-out for the same limited deathmatch event last month, so they’ve shown they can handle the traffic before. Hopefully, this is just a one-off whoopsie.

As a reminder, Plunkbat Update 12 is currently the subject of a survey that Bluehole has opened up to all players. They want to make sure the new weapons rebalance choices are meeting with everyone’s satisfaction, and there’s a lottery to reward folks who share their two cents. I wrote up more on that right over here, if you want to take a gander.

Here’s some video of War Mode in action:


  1. Bostec says:

    I was there maaaan. I played a hour and then I couldn’t connect. I wondered why. Anyway it was kind of fun I guess. Not only do you get to use those rare crate weapons, but you got to practice with them too. A shame but thats PUBG I guess.

  2. Kolbex says:

    Bluehole do not in any way deserve the success they’ve gotten. They are absolutely TERRIBLE devs.

    • Kowie says:

      You’d think with all the money they have made the game would get more updates, even the Fortnite F2P devs seem more active.

      • Kolbex says:

        Or updates that don’t break shit, or that they’d be able to fix it so that sometimes the game just doesn’t load for one of your squadmates, or that they’d test their bullshit a little better, like in the first War mode event where you could click Ready for your whole squad, and if they weren’t loaded back into the lobby yet they’d just get left out of the new game, and really on and on and on…

  3. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    This is an absolute plunktasrophe!

    Had a new player finally plunked up the courage to plunk on, only to have wasted their plunking time trying to join a plunkmatch, they may have decided to plunk-off elsewhere or just get their old KerPlunk boardgame out of the cupboard for some real-life couch/table co-op.

  4. Not Someone Else says:

    Please. Stop calling it Plunkbat. You’re the only ones that do, and it feels like someone’s dad learned the word “fleek” and keeps using it at the office. It’s awkward, and it makes me embarrassed on your behalf.

  5. Deadly Habit says:

    Plunkbat is one of the things RPS can retain, unlike its writers who created it.

  6. ziffel says:

    For everyone like me who wants to puke every time I see “plunkbat”, you can get the Chrome extension ‘Word Replacer II’ from the Chrome store and have it change it to something an adult would say. Works a treat.

  7. tizomcat says:

    Can you please stop referring to the game as “Plunkbat”? Literally nobody but authors on this site call it that. I like reading articles about PUBG, but the only time i realize you are writing about PUBG is if it’s linked in steam. Stop making up dumb names that nobody uses, and just call it PUBG…

  8. Koozer says:

    The level of passion people have about the nomenclature of this game is absolutely fascinating. I don’t remember the same happening for CODBLOPS. Saying that I do get mildly irate at people who don’t use the correct plural form of LEGO. (Which is LEGO.)

    • Don Reba says:

      link to

      Lego (usually uncountable, plural Legos)

      1. Any of several small, coloured, plastic bricks made by the Lego Company that can be made to join together and be taken apart, used to construct toy buildings, vehicles, etc.

      Usage notes
      The plural form Legos is chiefly American. Other regions tend to use the uncountable form, or to speak of Lego bricks and Lego sets. For formal uses, the plural of Lego is Lego.

  9. Massenstein says:

    I really don’t get why anti-Plunkbatters are trying to make the name thing a culture war. It is a silly joke. This is RPS, who loves to make silly jokes. Are these same people over there crying when Star Trek articles have Star Wars header images? I don’t remember there being outrage about that, so what is it about Plunkbat that so much grinds their gears? I am honestly wondering. I don’t use the word to annoy anyone, I use it because it’s a cute name for a game I like to play.

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