Wield the Infinity Gauntlet’s power in Fortnite’s Avengers crossover event

As if Fortnite Battle Royale smashing a comet into the map and wiping out an area wasn’t fancy enough, it turns out that comet contained the Infinity Gauntlet from those there Marvel movies. A new solo event mode lets one player grab the Gauntlet and be transformed into Thanos himself (the chinny smurf from Avengers: Infinity War), wielding superpowers as other players try to take ’em down and have their go with the glove. It adds an interesting element of uneasy and fleeting alliances, as Thanos is too tough for any one player to kill alone but everyone ultimately wants the win themselves.

So, yes, the comet has brought an Infinity Gauntlet to the land of Fortnite. It just has, okay. It spawns somewhere on the map soon after a round starts, and whoever grabs it gets transformed into Thanos. He doesn’t use guns and can’t build, but he sure can fight.

The Gauntlet left-clicks for a mighty punch, holds right-click to blast a beam, and lets Thanos charge up a big jump that launches him into the sky, where he can hang out beamblasting or slam down with a big area-of-effect thump. He’s a beefy boy, starting with 300 shields (which regenerate with kills) and 700 (non-regenerating) health. Everyone else is pretty tough too, mind, as the mode only spawns Rare, Epic, and Legendary-quality weapons, and you get more building materials and ammo too.

When the Thanos player dies, the Gauntlet sits around for a while, waiting for someone else to snatch it. Slip it on and you’ll rocket into the sky then get to drop back down for your own rampage. I have seen some good fights with players using the Gauntlet as bait, picking off people as they charge for it – loot more valuable than any crate drop.

I have enjoyed seeing Thanos fight in urban areas, leaping up above the rooftops then smashing down through a building all the way to the ground, demolishing walls with a swipe of his fist. He really makes areas look like they’ve hosted a superpowered rumble.

As cross-brand marketing events go, it’s neat! Very fancy. I am half-surprised it’s taken so long for Epic to #leverage their #brand with promos, but I am glad they saved it for something neat rather than e.g. slapping in Dorito-shaped gliders and Mountain Dew shield potions.

The Infinity Gauntlet event mode won’t be around forever. If you fancy a go, Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play through Epic’s client.

See the version 4.1 patch notes for more on Infinity Gauntlet and other changes in the update. Final circles are now 25% more likely to be near the edges of the map, for starters.


  1. Culby says:

    Look, I know it would be rage inducing and unfair and all that, but why not snap your fingers and wipe out half the island?

  2. morganjah says:

    I am bouncing hard off of Fortnite. I can’t hit anything. Not as in I can’t get my cross-hair lined up. I do that fine. It’s just when I pull the trigger the bullets almost never hit, and when they do, they inflict almost no damage.
    Meanwhile, other players are one-shotting me at 100m with a pistol.
    It’s a strange game and there is no mechanism for figuring it out at this point if you haven’t been playing for months. There is no way to practice, no target range, nothing.
    It’s a shame, because it is light-hearted, a fun atmosphere and theme, it would be a perfect casual shooter to play with your kids.

    • Viral Frog says:

      The gunplay is arguably the worst aspect of Fortnite. There’s an unreasonable amount of RNG with where your bullets are actually going to go. The problem is that “learn to aim” isn’t exactly going to work when your bullets aren’t always going to end up where they should.

      Fortnite is just bad. The only reason so many people are playing is because it’s free and the matches are quick. Hell, I still play despite thinking it’s one of the worst games I’ve ever played, 100+ hours later. -_- (I have friends that stream, so Fortnite is a given for them. :/ I play with them a lot, so it’s Fortnite for me too.)

      Plunkbat is, and always will be, the better game. Despite all the janky BS, patches that break everything, etc. Beyond all the negative is a solid game with insanely satisfying firefights.

      The primary difference between Fortnite and Plunkbat (to me)? When you kill someone and/or win a round of Plunkbat, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s incredibly satisfying. In Fortnite it’s just a half-hearted “wooo” feeling. No sense of accomplishment. Just a quick pat on the back and that’s it.

      • morganjah says:

        I think the cartoony Fortnite appeals to kids. I just wish it wasn’t so frustrating lately. It wasn’t nearly this bad when I checked it out for them a couple of weeks ago.

  3. April March says:

    I thought that it was just an Avengers-inspired thing. When I got to the end of the article and realized it was an actual, official tie-in, I had to reach for the head-exploding gifs.

  4. morganjah says:

    All I can figure out about Fortnite is that half the people are using some kind of aimbot. I have never had a worse experience trying to learn how to play a game. It really is trash. You have a bunch of people with 20-1 kill ratios, and then everybody else is just getting one-shotted to death. Not even a firefight. Just a pistol at 100 meters kills you in one shot.

  5. Bullet-Not-Proof says:

    Sounds a bit like RamboMatch from Soldat

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