Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds new map now named Sanhok, back in testing this week

The wee new map coming to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, previously known as Codename: Savage, still needs a few months of work but it’s done enough to get a wider testing audience and finally receive a name. Sanhok is the name, developers PUBG Corp have announced, a portmanteau of the Thai word for fun and the Filipino word for chicken. Sanhok is a place inspired by islands around southeast Asia, see. Sanhok will launch another period of beta testing this week and this time it won’t require players to sign up for a key, letting everyone who owns the game have a play.

“First, the Thai word for ‘fun:’ สนุก (pronounced like ‘sah-nook’),” PUBG Corp explained in yesterday’s announcement. “Second, the Filipino (Tagalog) word for ‘chicken:’ manok (pronounced like ‘mah-nok’). Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage’s new name: Sanhok (pronounced ‘sah-nok’).”

So… let’s say it translates to Bantercock.

The full launch of Sanhok “is now only a couple of months away”, PUBG Corp say. Still a fair way to go, then. But folks who want to check it out sooner–and maybe help shape it with feedback–will be able to have a go when Sanhok returns to testing from Friday at 3am (that’s Thursday at 7pm Pacific) until noon on Monday the 14th (4am Pacific).

Going by that ↑ screenshot, they’ve continued to pull the 4x4km map into maplike shape. That temple was still in the greybox stage in previous tests, just a load of shapes to block it out and see how it plays, but now it’s a big ol’ temple-y thing.

While earlier Sanhok tests required signing up for the Closed Experimental Server, needing a key, from now on that will be public. The Experimental Server client should pop up in the Steam library of everyone who owns the game.

Do see their two blog posts with nice photos from the research expedition to Thailand.


  1. Stellar Duck says:

    Sigh! Can we please stop calling it Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?

    The game is clearly Plunkbat! I don’t get why this site insists on using such a juvenile name! Nobody likes this form of “humour” RPS!

    • rusty says:

      Agreed. It’s like listening to an 8 year old making the same joke over and over again. “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!” “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!” “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!”

    • stonedpatryk says:

      A sexual act of defecating on your partner and then ejaculating on top of that
      I gave my girlfriend a plunkbat last night. You plunk on her back, and then ice it with your bat.”

  2. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    The title of this map is also a tribute to noted Plunkbat pioneer Sir William Bantercock III, who was the first Plunkbatter to hold his Plunkbat with his left hand and still score 99 runs in an innings.

  3. Shacklestein says:

    Gotta give the Plunkbat team props for consistency here. Using the same sort of reasoning for the name of the new map as was used for the shortened version of the (overlong and cumbersome) name of the game.

  4. Lawlcopt0r says:

    Fun fact: Back then, the winner actually got a chicken dinner. Typically some kind of curry.