Conan Exiles slashes out of early access

Fantasy sandbox survive ’em up Conan Exiles left early access and launched properly yesterday, and evidently it proved more popular than developers Funcom had anticipated. With the game peaking at almost 29,000 concurrent players yesterday and official servers filling up, Funcom hastily launched extra servers – and it sounds like more might still be needed. Turns out, people quite like the idea of building settlements, fighting monsters, crafting, enslaving NPCs, currying the favour of the gods to summon monstrous avatars, and crushing their enemies, seeing them driven before them, and hearing the lamentations of the players controlling the characters.

The updating bringing Conan Exiles to version 1.0 added a volcano ripe with obsidian and a home to a cult, waded into the new swamp biome to fight new monsters, and started worshipping the new religion in service of Derketo, the goddess of fertility and death. Yes, that is often fertility and death at the same time, wink wink.

See the launch patch notes for details on that and the rest.

Along with the usual sandbox multiplayer murderworld, Conan Exiles does support private servers for cooperative play (or private competitive, I suppose) as well as plain ol’ singleplayer.

We… haven’t really looked at Exiles since it entered early access in January 2017. I have no useful posts to point you towards. Gang, have you been roaming the desert in a loincloth – what’s it like? The desert, and the loincloth.

Conan Exiles is £34/€40/$40 on Steam.


  1. Nelyeth says:

    I’m surprised at the extremely positive reviews. When it first released in early access, I remember reviews being pretty poor. I might just give it another look, see if it’s actually worth a buy.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      I gather it’s changed a lot over the course of development. It kinda shows, as some of the big features feel like they were hacked in without ever being part of the original design doc (like the Breath of The Wild style free-climbing system), but from what little I’ve played of the release version, it seems pretty solid.

      Plus, helps that there’s PvE-only servers for players who don’t want to worry about being ganked or raided. The server owner can set how frequent and intense monster invasions are, too.

      • Nelyeth says:

        Nice! I’ll wait to hear Wot RPS Thinks of it. Hopefully, it’ll end up as yet another game I’ll have a blast with with a friend or two, I really need a new coop game.

      • Chaz says:

        There being official PvE servers has raised my interest. I’ve always had it in my wish list as I’ve read all the E Howard Conan stories and like the setting, the films were good fun too. Looks good in the trailers (don’t they always), but I’m not into PvP as I just can’t get that commited to one game to be bothered with it, so PvE sounds good, especially if I can get a friend roped in. Is it any good as a single player experience?

    • mac4 says:

      That seems to be the general trend in its Steam reviews, so ranging from pretty awful at first, to generally pretty positive now.

      These new AAA titles are way above my (or what I consider my reasonable) price range, but other than that I wouldn’t mind giving this a go. No problem, I’ll see it a few years down the line!

  2. SaintAn says:

    I like the game a lot because it has a lore heavy setting, and that’s the man thing I want from survival sandboxes (need a Warhammer Fantasy one now), but it needed another year or more of development before release.
    They even canceled a lot of content to make this early release. This early access crap so far has been bad for gaming since it allows games to be released in a poor state and celebrated for being in a poor state because it’s not as bad as it was months before. If this game were released for the first time today without ever doing EA there would be all kinds of hate towards it for being in this state.

    • mac4 says:

      Hmmm. A sharp if poignant observation, indeed.

    • tomimt says:

      Just out of curiosity, do you refer on technical or cut content when you say state, as if content then if this had been a regular non EA development,the likelihood of people knowing about content state would be a non issue. Tech issues are an all different matter.

      • Danarchist says:

        I can tell you the technical state is not awesome. I played for a couple hours last night and ran into at least five different bugs that resulted in a couple deaths. I would care a hell of allot less if most of them were not bugs I saw in the first month of EA that they have still not bothered to address.
        However I plan to continue playing today, and for the near future. It is definitely fun and addictive. And nothing beats chasing your annoyed friends around the map with your “special purpose” swinging about. Granted explaining that to your wife when she walks up behind you is awkward, still worth it

        • tomimt says:

          I gave it a spin just now, and I didn’t encounter any major bugs myself. In fact, it seems to work smoother than it has ever done to me at least. There’s some off glitch here and there, like those big turtle thins getting stuck in the water or the climbing causing a brief animation breakdown, but other than that, I’ve not seen anything that would be game breaking.

          Then again, my playstyle on the game has been pretty slow, just trying to tinker up my house and staying alive.

          • Palindrome says:

            All my workbenches, thralls and storage just disappeared when I logged in this morning (to a PvE server so it weren’t destroyed). As I had tier 2 workbenches that means that hours of work was completely wiped out.

            That is a huge game breaking bug.

  3. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    How long until someone creates an Eye of Argon roleplay server?

  4. satan says:

    Official PvE servers? I’ve just been enjoying myself solo, might have to check them out.

    • Chem says:

      How grindy is it alone without cheating? I’m curious but not able to commit enough time to really contribute to a clan/guild.

      • tomimt says:

        If you adjust your settings so, that you don’t need that much of stuff to make things and can kill things a bit easier, you might like it as a solo game. Buy your mileage may vary on what you think is the right balance.

      • satan says:

        Pretty tolerable so far, when you select single player it gives you some difficulty options which are just gathering rates, enemy damage etc, but they’re all just console settings that you can change any time.

        I went with the normal/baseline setup, I know I’ll have to grind a hell of a lot if I ever want to setup a complete base with everything in it, but I’m more about just getting the gear and levels so that I can safely explore the world for a hundred hours or so at this point.

  5. Roest says:

    Funcom and insufficient servers at game launch. Name another iconic duo.

  6. darkath says:

    Official PVE servers are set on x1 harvest rates and xp by default, so it might get quite grindy in solo at higher levels, and some of the content might be quite difficult to reach because of the difficulty (like dungeons boss etc.)

  7. je says:

    *nods in appreciation to the writer* Thats whats best in life!

  8. racccoon says:

    I was going to buy it but there are still so many bugs in it.

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