Star Trek: Bridge Crew warping to The Next Generation

An expansion for Star Trek: Bridge Crew will boldly go to The Next Generation, Ubisoft announced today, including Picard’s Enterprise NCC-1701-D rocketship and TNG baddies like the Romulans and Borg. It’ll add a new chair to the bridge and new mission types too. Do remember that the cooperative command ’em up has made VR optional, so you needn’t be gogged up to make it so. Yeah yeah, but when are Ubi making a bartending simulator set on Deep Space Nine?

So, TNG! The expansion will let spacemen fly the ship from the series (not the fancy Enterprise-E from later movies), which has an extra playable role on the bridge: Operations. They manage the crew and, Ubisoft say, “will need to plan ahead and assign the correct NPC teams to each location on the ship, as each position is crucial to the success of the varied missions and to the safety of the crew.” So an HR/producer/project manager role.

New mission types are coming to Ongoing Missions mode, with Patrol Mode sending people to roam freely with random encounters and objectives, and Resistance Mode giving a series of objectives leading up to a big rumble with the Borg.

The Next Generation will cost £11.99. Cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStations and PC will continue with the expansion, though it’ll be released later for us. PS4 will see it this month but we need to wait until July 21st.

If Bridge Crew’s voice control doesn’t let you order beverages, in varieties and at temperatures you specify, what’s even the point?


  1. Deano2099 says:

    That’s a photo from Star Wars

  2. Rick Dangerous says:

    When is the expansion out for VR?

    • Neurotic says:

      I think it’s all the same thing, but your system should detect when you have the specs plugged in and make it all 3D automatically. Or it’s an option or something. I forget, tbh. I bought it on PC when they made the 3D optional, but only managed about an hour or two with it.

  3. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Jeez Louise that video had me in stitches. I’m also amazed I couldn’t spot a single Utah teapot in it…

    • SomeDuderr says:

      You should look up “JAndrew Edits” videos on the Yutubs. He’s not the only guy that (made) edited TNG videos, but he’s the best by far.

  4. SaintAn says:

    But can I meet my boy Barkley in VR?

    • Neurotic says:

      Reg has been warned not to meet with SaintAn about getting more dodgy holo adventures. The man has a problem!

  5. Ieolus says:

    The voice control link is broken.

  6. Vandelay says:

    I found the original game (in VR) to be a fantastic proof of concept and a real thrill as a Star Trek fan. Sitting in the Captain’s chair and hitting the red alert button just got me all giddy inside.

    The novelty very quickly wore off though, as the game itself was pretty uninteresting. Each station was effectively just a few buttons to press occasionally. Helm probably being the most involved, but also the one that ends up being the most fiddly. Missions didn’t have great variety to them, often boiling down to just going somewhere, fly around a bit, scan some things, engage in combat, warp somewhere else, repeat each step a few times until the mission ends. There were never any choices to make and/or any interesting interactions you could perform that mixed things up a bit.

    I should probably add that I never played it in co-op, but still I can’t imagine that adding much more than the natural benefit that co-op games often rely on of things being better with friends.

    This does sound like they have thought of some interesting pieces to add here and I am a real sucker for the Enterprise-D bridge, it being the ship and crew I grew up watching (Enterprise-E has nothing on the TV series ship; much colder and never given much chance to shine in the films). I can’t imagine they are going to add anything substantially different from what was on offer in the base game though, which is a pity.

  7. Traipse says:

    Can anyone comment on how Bridge Crew compares to the third-party (and much older) Artemis Bridge Simulator? I’m curious.

  8. napoleonic says:

    Yeah yeah, but when are Ubi making a bartending simulator set on Deep Space Nine?

    I’d rather have a bartending simulator on the TNG Enterprise if it let me make chit-chat with Whoopi Goldberg.

  9. Bishop149 says:

    Please, the DS9 game begging to be made is clearly an interactive fiction centred upon Garak, Dr Bashir and O’Brien solving problems and working through their issues using the power of bromance love triangles.

  10. EthZee says:

    There had better be a DLC mission that’s the episode where the barrel falls on Worf and breaks his spine

  11. jawbone78 says:

    Thank god. When I first heard of the game all I wanted was to be on the bridge of Enterprise D. What kind of sick deviant would want the TOS bridge over TNG?