American Truck Simulator teases the sights, truckstops and random stretches of tarmac of Oregon

american trruck simulator oregon

17 years a games journalist. I was there for the reveal of Half-Life 2, the comeback(s) of Deus Ex, the splendour of Spelunky, the rise of Plunkbat and that horrifying time that grown men wept when they heard they could hold two guns at once in Halo 2. And yet here I am, very probably more excited than at any other point in my ridiculous career, because I’m looking at screenshots of truckstops in Oregon.

American Truck Simulator, bliss-out game to end all bliss-out games, is gearing up to welcome us to its next state, and its greenest one yet. I am so ready for Oregon.

On the one hand, I feel it’s high time for a significant step forward in both how ATS and its near-identically-blooded cousin Euro Truck Simulator look and the possibilities they offer. On the other hand, the simply of fact of the landmass Oregon will add to the existent California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico is irresistible.

ats oregon dlc

The thought of how long I’ll get to spend on a single journey, the extent to which the landscape will morph during it, the delightful and terrifying local radio stations I can switch to (if I put in the simple behind-the-scenes legwork) as I cross state lines… Oh, and the simultaneously thrilling and maudlin nowhere places I’ll get to lay my driver’s weary head/empty their swollen bladder.

That’s what developers SCS are showing off today, in a gallery of new landscape shots that suggest the devs’ understanding of what constitutes road movie Americana is continuing to refine itself. I don’t know any of these places, but I feel like I’ve been to everyone, in a dream or a film or a dream of a film.

“There are some quite notorious truck stops in development,” the devs claim, although I suspect that, tragically, this does not mean they’re adding midnight parking lot stabbings to the game. I can totally imagine that happening here, in what is very much my favourite of these shots: a sad patch of a gravel in the middle of nowhere. Such is the life of the pretend trucker.

ats oregon truck stop

As is the long-time ATS wont, these shots aren’t wholly representative of the in-game experience: in big rig practice, you can’t really go off road, some of these camera angles are, even if theoretically possible, entirely impractical, and the anti-aliasing isn’t really up to snuff. But, from past experience, they give a general sense of how Oregon should look. Of course, what I’m really holding out for is the ability to get out of my cab and take in the finer detail of these wonderful, romantically bleak places.

Adam (come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack) and I chatted to some SCSfolk about such possibilities, and more, at Rezzed last month – do give that a watch if you’re interested in the exciting-sounding future of ATS and ETS2.

There’s no release date for ATS: Oregon just yet, but I reckon it can’t be too far away now. My embarrassing plastic steering wheel is ready and waiting.


  1. DoctorDaddy says:

    Random stretches of tarmac, eh?
    As an Oregonian, that reads as if we’d be traversing along random airstrips and runways. ;)

    I’m guessing tarmac is what we in the NW states would call asphalt.

    ..though the image of an 18-wheeler trying to pass a 747 on the highway is a fun image to conjure.

    • Ushao says:

      Never heard it called tarmac anywhere in the states except an airfield. Always been asphalt and I’ve lived in quite a few states.

    • Mandrake42 says:

      I’m in Australia and the two terms are interchangeable here. I think the term tarmac might simply be more common in British Commonwealth areas as it was patented by a British inventor, but that’s just guesswork.

  2. picaroon says:

    The picture with the two bridges resembles the Peter Skene Ogden scenic viewpoint rest stop, where I took a picture of the worst sign I’ve ever seen:

    link to

    • Dogahn says:

      Saw that too. I love those signs though, they literally don’t leave anything to the imagination. I’m also a big believer in social responsibility, like putting a leash on your dog before releasing them into a state park.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    Washington state resident here. Having driven through Oregon various times on my way back to visit my family and friends in Utah, this has me really excited. Every stretch of highway through Oregon that I’ve been on has been absolutely gorgeous. Especially through the Blue Mountains.

  4. sagredo1632 says:

    Let’s hope “notorious truck stops” doesn’t include hookers, heroin and meth. Only so much simulation is good for the soul.

    • benzoate says:

      I always imagined a drug/pimp game built around getting said product out to appropriate truck stops would make a great mod for the Truck Simulator games.

  5. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Oregon Trailer.

  6. comic knight says:

    Can you get out of your truck in this game?

  7. scharmers says:

    Oh boy. Nursing a semi up the Blue Mountains out of Baker City. Fun.

    • lglethal says:

      I’m not entirely familiar with that Euphemism, but it sounds like fun… :P

      • poliovaccine says:

        Not a euphemism, but it’s funny that it struck you as one haha… they just mean carefully easing (that is, “nursing”) one of these big trucks (also called a semi) up the steep, windy roads of that area.

        I’m curious what you thought it was a euphemism *for*…? Haha

  8. Morph says:

    And how would one find these local radio stations in the uk? I’ve never been able to find out…

  9. ephesus64 says:

    I need a release date so I can set aside some hours in my calendar, and start saving up worthy podcasts. I’m with Alec and most everyone else here, I can’t wait.

    If this expansion ends up costing more than New Mexico, you’ll see why once you come. Oregon will definitely have been a lot of work to capture. If they get even parts of Highway 20 right it will be worth the cost of entry. Plus, I should be able to park fairly near where my house would be. Good luck, SCS.

  10. deak says:

    Looking forward to those truck stops and diners. If you’re a fan of the style, definitely check this Insta account:

    link to

  11. neotribe says:

    Those screenshots don’t scream Oregon to me for some reason. I think they need to tweak the sky and the rest of the color palette. Or there needs to be more scrub/vegetation…something. Even the desert one somehow looks more like the Mojave than eastern Oregon.

    I wonder if the coastal highway will be in. Or Crater Lake. Etc. Not really truck routes, but the Yosemite update shows SCS isn’t too concerned about that.

  12. quasiotter says:

    Really late to this conversation, but it’s so nice to see Oregonians/people familiar with our state in the comments section.

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