Dead Cells feasts upon ‘Baguette’ update


The splendid roguelikelike metroidvania Dead Cells–our favourite game of 2017, don’t you know–has taken a big step towards leaving early access with the launch of the update codenamed ‘Baguette’. It’s a biggun, overhauling how persistent weapon upgrades work, letting us reroll the modifiers on particular weapons to shoot for something nicer, replacing the UI, adding new Legendary weapons… lots of good stuff.

For starters, Dead Cells no longer has persistent upgrades for individual weapons. Rather than make specific weapons drop at higher quality tiers, we now upgrade the chance that any found weapon will be of a particular tier. For example, depending on how much you’ve invested in each tier, you might have a 70% chance for a drop to be a +, 50% it’ll be ++, and 10% of S.

“Turns out, the previous system of weapon upgrades was really kinda locking people into only one build and a few weapons…” developers Motion Twin explained in the announcement. “Since the variety and fun of the gameplay are mostly down to playing with different weapons, it made the runs feel a little too repetitive.”

Also in is a new NPC who charges gold to reroll a weapon’s affixes and to upgrade its quality. So if you find a type of weapon you want but its passive abilities aren’t useful to you or it’s too weak, you’ll be able to have this fella rework it – hoping you get lucky on rerolls. It makes gold useful again, which is great.

Other stuff, let’s see. Challenge rooms now aren’t about killing enemies but surviving fiendish traps. Bosses are now guaranteed to drop Legendary-tier weapons, which are a bit like colourless items in that they scale off your highest skill but have more bonuses and don’t have the drawback of taking extra damage. The UI has a new non-pixely font. Many things are polished, tweaked, fixed, and rebalanced.

See the patch notes for details. Baguette (or version 0.7.x, to be stuffy) has been playable on the game’s beta branch since March but as of Wednesday it’s actually, properly out on the main version of the game.

Dead Cells costs £17/€20/$20 on Steam Early Access and GOG. Developers Motion Twin say they now expect the full version of Dead Cells will be ready to launch “by August”, though obviously that could change. Mac and Linux versions are coming too, and a “big juicy” bit of free DLC after launch.


  1. vukos says:

    I would buy it if the dev would join us in 2018 and implement 21:9 ultrawide support.

    • mike69 says:

      Given that it’s a side-scroller this comes under game design not technology. I’m sure they could provide the resolution but to actually use it would require showing you more of the level than everyone else.

      • vukos says:

        I don’t really see the problem as this isn’t a competitive game or anything

      • Arown says:

        That’s what a developer of Ori and the Blind forest said, adding that it would add to much work to do it, and 2 weeks after there was a fixe made by someone else… And it worked perfectly fine without the extra worked supposedly needed…

        The game is lock on the camera, by that I mean that the camera doesn’t go beyond the world, so 21:9 or 16:9 would change nothing for the developer but it would be better for user of 21:9 screen.

    • trashmyego says:

      You should fuss less about the developer being in 2018 and more about getting yourself to join the rest of us in reality. You know, where ultrawide users are a minuscule minority of gamers.

  2. Zanchito says:

    Heh, interestingly, I was thinking just the same thing. In any case, this game is FANTASTIC, the most enjoyable movement in years. It’s hard, but you get better rather quick. Totally recommended.

  3. LTK says:

    Finally! I’ve been wanting to play this since they added it to the development branch, but that’s not available on GOG. I’m especially glad about the challenge room rework because I haven’t been able to complete a single one of those until this point.

  4. DrJ3RK says:

    This game is absolutely incredible. I sunk oh 40-50 hours into a much earlier version, and have just been waiting (and playing some other good ones like Sundered, Songbringer, etc.) for a more significant update. Looks like it’s time to play it again. There is probably more new content since I played than original content when I played. :)

    Also, no, I don’t think this game would play the same on 21:9, so, you know… buy it anyway!

  5. falcon2001 says:

    Haven’t looked yet, but if they haven’t overhauled their weird ‘the only working build is a glass-cannon-stack-the-same-stat-build’ system, then it’s still going to be deeply flawed.

    Parts of dead cells is amazing. Their stat system literally turned me from huge believer to salty jerk.

    • Kyle700 says:

      Well, they recently overhauled their stat system in the last patch…

      • falcon2001 says:

        I think that’s the Hand of the King update, right? If so, then that was the bad stat update that pushed scaling stat bonuses that reward single-stat builds without variance or health.

        • gunny1993 says:

          Well the current favourite build is survival build based on damage reduction, most people say don’t stack one stat because of diminishing returns

          • falcon2001 says:

            The current system has the opposite of diminishing returns though, it has increasing returns. Every stat point is a percentage based increase, so stacking stats is increasingly higher returns.

    • 111uminate says:

      @falcon2001 You should probably actually play the game, or even do some minor reading so you can realize you’re absolutely wrong. If you were to build one stat in the current iteration of the game, or even a loose hybrid you would be one-hit by the second boss and struggle on the first.

      The only thing that doesn’t diminish on stats is damage, which remains at a +15% increase; HP diminishes every time you take it in the respective stat, so to achieve viable amounts of health you NEED to diversify your stat choices. But, congratulations, you’ve achieved par for the course in RPS readers commenting on things they know nothing about.

      • onodera says:

        Well, I consider DocFirebird to be a good player and he feels that single stat builds (at least until 20 or so) are still the best option. He actually proves that by beating the Hand over and over again. The trick is in not getting hit, then your health doesn’t matter that much.

      • falcon2001 says:

        Nothing I said is inaccurate or incorrect; I suggest you spend a bare minimum of time reading yourself before being a jerk on the internet.

        The damage scaling IS super important, because enemy health scales up rapidly, you can’t keep up with the increased enemy health and the health tradeoff isn’t worth it with the current system. Reading around the forums makes it pretty clear that single-stat builds are favored and another commenter agrees; the games is now balanced around essentially either this dumb ‘alpha strike the enemy before you get hit’ or ‘hope you enjoy fights taking way too goddamn long because your health doesn’t scale up nearly as well as single-stat builds’.

  6. aliksy says:

    Did they ever add mercy invuln on hit, or is it still super easy to go from full to juggled to dead?

    • falcon2001 says:

      Yeah another thing I’m salty about. The forums just scream ‘git gud’ whenever you bring up something that’s in almost every single metroidvania.

    • Ribonizer says:

      Omg, I’ve had so many runs go from “Everything is okay” to “DED” within 15 seconds thanks to that.

  7. doodler says:

    Good game but the first levels desperately need more enemy variety. I hate that I have to play a 15 minute game before I see something different. I wish there was a little more variety to the levels and that the powers you get to open new areas didn’t just open small rooms with a couple items but actually gave you some variety to how you progress.

    Also some of the nerfs killed my playstyle and I’m a little salty about that because I haven’t adapted yet.

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