Video: 8 toasty tactics I wish I’d known before starting Frostpunk

A bitter end for a bitter man.

With just ten hours left on Frostpunk’s clock, the people of my city decided to steam me alive. I got those ingrates just ten hours away from the final daybreak, and they treated me like human dim sum. Some of them even clapped with prosthetic hands I had built for them during the harshest of winters. The last thought that popped into my boiled mind? I wish I had watched a YouTube video explaining eight ways to survive the cold in Frostpunk.

Looking around Castle Shotgun I see similar tales of woe. Alec is currently surviving in a tent built out of his own trousers. Brendan dug up a woman’s frozen, dead husband because the cemetery was getting in his way. Matt slipped into fascism like a hand sliding into a warm mitten. In the mitten-free world of Frostpunk, this is all too easy. Again, if only someone had given them a YouTube video explaining eight ways to survive the cold in Frostpunk.

That’s where the RPS Video Division steps in, with a collection of advice for the first time (or regularly failing) city boss. These are the techniques I wish I’d known on my first visit to that infernal crater. It covers the technology and laws that got me through the first weeks, to the heating solutions that best conserve coal. If you’ve not ventured out into the wider world, or played with automatons, I have some pointers for those, too.

Of course, the beauty of 11 bit studios’ chilly creation is that there is no one route to happiness. Each city is going to unfold in its own way, with different laws and tech changing the behaviour of both the citizens and its leader. I’m keen to hear what tips and tricks are working for your city. I’ve mainly been focusing on Order playthroughs, for example, so do share with me the secrets of the Faith. Maybe I’ll make it out with flesh next time.

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  1. EthanWest says:

    I like to think that Faster Gathering is scientists teaching the gathering children the “Human Chain” technique.

  2. Carra says:

    I fished the last scenario, survivors, yesterday in my first try. Part of the fun is trying something, failing and then succeeding.

    Some general tips:
    – Keep track of your food and coal production.
    – Scout ahead. You can even find some outposts that can give you tons of extra resources, especially coal was useful.
    – Not all techs are equal. Skip coal thumping and go for mining. You’ll want to get the upgraded resource factories asap. Concentrate on those and your generator upgrades. Better houses and scouts also help.
    – Don’t forget that you can produce coal from wood. If your wood is almost full, it’s time to start your coal kirns.

  3. Chem says:

    I found my best success by embracing the power of YES.

    Really keeps hope up then eliminates it entirely and lets you shotgun down any despair. It’s also much cheaper as chapels and shrines don’t require workers so you can focus on productions.

    ..then the machines came and I always had coal being produced without forcing 24 hour shifts

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Just wanted to say, as I think it’s the first by our new videomonger that I’ve seen, that I found this interesting and helpful. More of this sort of thing.

  5. Rainshine says:

    Question, as someone with Frostpunk on their interest list; people are talking about finishing it. Does it seem to lend itself to replaying/trying different things/ways of playing? In This War, I basically felt you could either try and play through as nice, or not, but once you finished there was no real draw to going back (Disclaimer: I died/lost every playthrough)

    • Hallr says:

      I think it has quite a good amount of replayability. It has three scenarios, and I spent 4-6 hours on each. On standard difficulty I managed to beat them on first try (except for a restart of the first scenario after an hour or so). But it has quite a few challenges, so I tried the first scenario again with the goal of getting some more archievment (don’t let anyone die, etc.) It was a fun challenge. Now I’ve started to try to complete the three scenarios on hard mode. So far beaten the first. Guess I will get a total of 30 hours before I am done with the game. That is more than I get from a lot of other games, but not unlimited. The developers say they are making new scenarios, so I will probably pick the game up again in the future. Great game, great value!

  6. Rorschach617 says:

    Hold on, did I read that game window correctly?

    Medical Automatons?

    And does the image of the kind of surgery possible with a steam powered AT-AT ever leave your screaming mind? :)

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