What are we all playing this weekend?

Gang, it’s almost here, the big E, the event we’ve waited for all year: Eurovision. More than the Olympics, the World Cup, or the World Snooker Championship, it’s Eurovision that I look to for a vision of nations united by passion, enthusiasm, honest-to-goodness earnest fun, and glitter cannons. I try to go in fresh and experience every song for the first time on the night, so I have no informed predictions, but it’s rare that Sweden don’t deliver the goods. And I would like to see Sweden host again after 2016’s delightful show. Anyway. Video games, yeah?

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alec: The slow tensions of BattleTech and Frostpunk have kept me too busy to investigate Slay The Spire’s new character, but the itch to do so is now undeniable. However, a quick dash around Two Point Hospital’s capering wards has me feeling the urge to go keep a dungeon once again. Bullfrog comfort food always appeals.
Alice: I know I said I’d likely not return to Grand Theft Auto Online after a mysterious mishap while wandering around diorama mods got my account wiped and temp-banned (I think that’s what caused it?) buuut all that money Rockstar are giving away would be enough to get me mostly back on my feet so hey, look, look who has no self-respect, it’s me. I have to start levelling up all over again, which means I’ll use GTA as something to do with my fingers while listening to podcasts and the radio, cycling around and watching people’s crimes. The TrackMania-y Hotring races are great too.

Lobbing apples around Sanhok is a right lark too.

Brendan: I’m going to get myself beat up in Tekken 7, then take a look at this Laser League and see if I can also get badly thrashed in that. If I’m still unhappy, I’ll play God of War on a borrowed PlayStation and see how many wounds I can suffer there. If this still isn’t enough, I’ll download Mortal Combat X and embrace sweet death at the hands of some professional Sub-zero.
Graham: This weekend I’m going to be sticking my head back into Game Maker, as I have been the past few weekends. It’s been a while since I was properly invested in trying to build something in it, but I’ve bashed my head against its scripting language enough times to have absorbed it. It’s fun! In a tedious way.
John: John has been fired.
Katharine: I’ll be back on the Frostpunk this weekend, no doubt waiting for my inevitable demise at the hands of my discontented workforce. Wish me luck.
Matt: It’s another board game packed weekend for me, along with as much God of War as I can squeeze in. The storm of 10/10 reviews that imply perfection still doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s deffo at least a 9.

The God of PS4 exclusives can do one, though.

Matthew: I’m going to go into town and buy some banana bread. I’m not sure I even like it, but I’ve been playing SpyParty, which uses it as the codeword when the spy character makes contact with a double agent. And now the idea of it is stuck in my bread. HEAD. I meant head. I’ll then chow on said banana bread while playing more SpyParty. I’m also diving into the original Pillars of Eternity, which I missed first time round. John’s thoughts on its seafaring sequel make the series sound brilliant, and just the thing to distract me from bread-based mania.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Hoot says:

    Pillars of Eternity 2 and RUINER (thanks, Steam sale, again).

    After the first 5 hours or so I hit a patch in PoE 2 that made me think the sequel was a significantly worse game than the first. Thankfully it was just the pacing of that particular section. Couple hours later I was back to thinking it was mint :)

    • aziztcf says:

      RUINER was pretty fun. Love the cyberpunk look. I was kinda bummed that it ended so soon. Was fun seeing how much you improve, at first I couldn’t get through the first wave of the arena mode but now I can almost do two!

  2. Lars Westergren says:

    I finished Psychonauts: The Rhombus of Ruin yesterday, it was really good.

    Going on a boat trip in a few hours, so not much more gaming for me this weekend. But Pillars of Eternity 2 is fantastic, what I’ve seen of it so far. There are few annoying bugs, but there will be a patch on Tuesday fixing some of them (PoE 1 choices, the missed mouse click events). It’s a bit too easy for me, but there will be a Veteran/Path of the Damned balance patch in the future.

  3. int says:

    Who did John eat, that you had to fire him?

  4. Solgarmr says:

    Pillars of eternity 2, it a joy

  5. SaintAn says:

    Fable 2. I forgot it was one of the greatest games ever made until I started replaying it. So so good. It’s its 10 year anniversary this year, so I really hope it gets a PC port with mod support, or at least something new.

    And with TW Warhammer 2’s DLC coming soon I’m getting back into it. If the Queen and the Crone leak is real and it’s including Shadow Walkers then there’s a possibility that I may finally get to play Alith Anar. Hope Malus is one of the Dark Elf LL included in this pack too. If Alith and Malus were added I’d finally have my favorite characters in the game and I’d be happy with Warhammer 2.

    Also trying to get an old friend to come back and try FFXIV again. He hasn’t played since the launch of 2.0, though we played together in 1.0, so I’m going to try to guide him and get him back into the game. He loves Naruto so the first thing is showing him Ninja.

  6. Someoldguy says:

    I’m spending most of the weekend prepping a 5e D&D campaign butwhen the brain is fried and the light is too poor to paint it’ll be Battletech again. I’m a bit peeved that my one and only game freeze was in a mission where I encountered my first Awesome and knocked it over repeatedly to get the 3 salvage. Retried the mission and of course the opposition has changed. Bah!

    • pookie191 says:

      Oh man a game freeze on that.. I got lucky.. First time I met an Atlas I salvaged it :)

      Fear my monster with a gauss rifle!

  7. pistachio says:

    Been playing golden oldies that I missed for a few months now because I refuse to pay the current price of 1440p / 60fps capable gfx cards. Wonder how many people stopped buying new titles like me. It sure made gaming cheap.

    Legend of Grimrock 2, Divinity Original Sin 1 and Little Nightmares should keep me busy for a few weeks at least.

    • Ben King says:

      I haven’t played the other two but Little Nightmares was a joy. A grim joy, but still. It didn’t do much novel or exciting gameplay wise but I still really had a good time in it. The complete set of DLC is excellent as well if you get along with the rest of the game.

      • Retne says:

        And I’ve played Grimrock 2 which was fun, and likewise need to update my PC but was waiting for prices to come back down to sensible levels. GPUs getting there… RAM next I hope

    • napoleonic says:

      I’ve had very little work recently, so haven’t bought any games in nearly a year. It’s been great for working my way through my backlog, and now the games on my wishlist are all a fraction of the price. I recommend intermittent poverty to everyone!

  8. elsparko says:

    Well after I finished my re-play of Gothic 1 I thought I would continue the vibe with Gothic 2 but somehow this game seems to be all too fresh in my memory. I know it is a great game but I can still remember too much for it to feel fresh again. The Russian and Polish Gothic communities have some extensive Mods available – there is the problem of the language barrier though.

    So instead I bought Watch-UNDERSCORE-Dogs 2 in a Steam sale. Of course it is somewhat “stupid” while taking itself too serious, so sadly no real alternative to Saints Row but I like the stories they came up with and the art style. I get it that Dedsec is a spin on real world Anonymous and they also had one mission where they organized a rally against their version of Scientology so… Yeah stupid, yeah the radio stations are nowhere near what GTA delivers, but it is still some nice honest fun. Oh and while it is UBI there are no radio towers to climb.

    With all the hype about PoE 2 going on (actually there is no real hype I know…) I’m trying to decide whether to tackle PoE 1 or rather Divinity OS 2 or maybe even the original Planescape next. I started Planescape back in the time but had to abandon my playthrough and now I bounce off of it usually because I can’t get myself to read walls of text anymore.

    • Hoot says:

      Planescape: Torment has the most complex, multi-layered and satisfying story of pretty much any PC game ever made, with one fairly big caveat…you generally have to be a reader to enjoy it.

      I don’t mean this in a condescending way at all. I just mean that there’s a difference between being able to read and being a reader. A lot of people play games to just play games and any reading they have to do is either instructional or subtitles, but PST’s strength is in the writing and if you don’t enjoy reading then it’s so easy to bounce off it.

      • Evan_ says:

        I feel my assurance of utmost approval was missing from under this comment.

      • elsparko says:

        That’s the thing that seems to bother me. I was a reader once but now after years of slaving away in the corporate life I just can’t be bothered anymore. Somehow the feeling of having to do everything I do as fast as possible is hard to get rid of.

        • hijuisuis says:

          This is pretty insightful, I think I experience this too. Working at maximum really does become a habit.

        • Evan_ says:

          Read enough, and it will become the most efficient way to ingest information. I hate when I’m -told- things I could just read under a fraction of the required time.

  9. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Oh man, that reminded me that I wanted to make some chocolate chip banana nut bread! Already have the bananas, the chocolate, and the nuts. And some unrelated bread.

    Games-wise, since it’s a long weekend, there’s already been Elite Dangerous VR, a return to Thumper (level 6 finally managed!), Devil Daggers, GUS-music Chocolate Doom, and Lawbreakers; and there will be More Elite Dangerous, some Beat Sabre, a Beacon, a Mario RPG (LotSS), and a couple VR freebies (Pearl, Lifeliqe Museum, and ISS tour) I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while now.

    Music so far has been assorted Richard Strauss with a sprinkling of Beefoven, but my face during this morning’s shower sounded a bit Russian, so the rest of the weekend will probably skew more in that direction.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Well. Wasn’t expecting that.

      Every once in a rare while a game, film, or piece of music (or a combination thereof) will hit me in the feels/thinks so hard I won’t want to be “entertained” for a good few hours after (or for the remainder of the evening). A back-to-back double viewing of VR short film Pearl has just done that, and it even compelled me to wash fresh salty water from my facebrick’s foam surround.

      I expect the film’s impact will depend strongly on the viewer, but I’ll go ahead and highly recommend checking it out, though maybe in Vive/Rift/Youtube VR first, if at all possible. It was allegedly Oscar nominated in its non-VR form, but it’s the sort of thing I can see being more impactful when it vaguely feels like you’re a part of it.

      Cheers to Vandelay, wherever they may be (oh hey, right down there!), for recommending it here a couple months back.

  10. celticdr says:

    BattleTech again dammit! I just got the Argo and now I’m planning on taking Arano missions till I’ve got at least 10 mil in the kitty.

    Also since Alec mentioned the Pokemon version of his own save game I’ve also been hooked on “collecting them all”. I’ve got all the light ones apart from the elusive Urbanmech and a few medium mechs, thanks Alec for making an already addictive game even more addictive… you magnificent bastard!

  11. Xerophyte says:

    Pillars 2. It’s probably the best damn game made in the genre to date. I know a lot of people bounced of the first one. The sequel is a huge improvement in a number of ways, which I will list:

    1. Pillars 2 has much more of a sense of humor. There were funny moments in the first game, but on the whole it took itself very seriously. This is a lot more balanced and your party actually makes jokes. Possibly they do nothing but make jokes if you bring Maia, Eder and Serafen.

    2. It’s very pretty. The asset quality is a huge step up, the mix of pre-rendered and realtime is seamless and the entire sortof-Polynesian setting is very well realized and much more interesting than the Dyrwood.

    3. The world building and plotting is a lot more organic. Pillars 1 was very exposition heavy and tended to rely on Important NPCs Ordering You To Go Places. Pillars 2 does a much better job of integrating its setting and mythology with the plot of the game and giving the player agency and a clear goal. Of course, I played through Pillars 1 so I can’t quite speak to how the presentation works if you’re coming in blind.

    4. The backer content is a lot less intrusive. No special snowflake everywhere with questionably integrated personal backstory dumps. There are still some 10 backer NPCs with portraits and names clearly traced from real people but it’s not nearly as bad.

    5. The mechanics are more streamlined and much more clearly explained. It’s still pretty complex, especially with multiclassing, but it’s a meaty RPG with a lot of opportunity for customization and is pretty well balanced.

    All this said, if you bounced off of Pillars 1 because you fundamentally hate Infinity Engine-style real time with pause as a combat system or because you don’t want quite so much text in your video games then this isn’t going to change your mind.

    • Rainshine says:

      I mostly didn’t like how game-y the fights I had in PoE were. I remember most of the boss battles seemed to consist of running away to a corridor after the game auto-placed your group into the middle of a formation of enemies, and then picking them off one by one. And I was a bit miserable when I got to the last boss and found that I was drastically underlevelled for it and there was nothing I could do. Do the fights feel more tactical?

      • Xerophyte says:

        I feel there’s less of the game-y tactics and cutscene-to-ambush bits than the first game (or the Baldur’s Gates) but the combat is still pretty chaotic by nature of the real time system. I have been ambushed from cutscene a couple of times but it’s generally been in situations where a polite conversation went sour and that outcome made sense, nothing like the keep in the first act of Pillars 1.

        Challenge depends. You can turn on level scaling which makes it all quite consistent. If you don’t do that then it’s of course a lot more uneven but they’ve added clear difficulty indicators for each individual quest in your log and character in the world so you don’t get in over your head and get mauled. The early game especially is a lot smoother, you can’t miss any companions and you can’t easily wander into a dungeon with a two person party or similar.

        I’m not finished yet but my characters are level 16 out of 20. I think I’m at about 70% of the game done. I think it’s a hell of a game if you have any interest in the genre.

  12. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Streets of Rogue and the new Bluetooth mode for my Steam controller! I’m amazed at how they keep adding new features. This was added in advance of the upcoming steam streaming to android and ios devices.

    I also recently finished Dex as part of my attempt to play more of the 1500+ games I own and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • aziztcf says:

      Has Streets of Rogue been updated much in the last few months? I liked the alpha build I played back in Feb or so but figured I’d wait until more content.

      • Shinard says:

        A little? They finally added big quests for some characters, so you have to infect everybody as the zombie or invest money in curing your drug addiction as the banker. So that’s neat. There’s a few new NPCs, and Idk how far back you played but they have Uptown now? There’s still a lot coming, but it feels pretty fleshed our so far.

  13. Plok says:

    I’m back on the Warframe and also I’m finally going to play Doki Doki Literature Club. Apparently it’s “really disturbing” and made my friends “miserable and anxious”. I’m just rather hurt because those are usually the words they reserve for describing me.

  14. Shinard says:

    Crusader Kings II – good to have a bit of grand strategy to relax with. Took me a while to get back into it and understand all the systems, but now I’ve got a working knowledge it’s so much fun. I thoroughly enjoy sitting back and watching my plans slowly come to fruition – patience is key, but it’s always worth the wait.

    That aside, it’s EUROVISION! Bloody love me some Eurovision – even watch the semis. Having a bunch of friends over to watch the final, so looking forward to that! There’s a lot of really excellent songs this year, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    • napoleonic says:

      There were lots of really excellent songs, and yet the worst song in the contest won. It’s times like this when I have least faith in democracy.

  15. dskzero says:

    I have a few things to play but Warmind for Destiny 2 has just too much crap to grind for and it’s tearing at my OCD.

    I am looking for new games, but being honest Id rather finish The Tesla Effect.

  16. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Star Traders: Frontiers after Sin’s rather excellent write up on it. It fills the Space Rangers 2 hole in my gaming that hasn’t been filled since….Space Rangers 2! It’s really rather good, and getting better all the time. Case in point – Sin’s one negative about enforced permadeath seems to have been patched out already, half the difficulty settings don’t include it.

    • Kefren says:

      I wish it was still possible to buy the first Space Rangers somewhere. I played it all summer and loved it. Space Rangers 2 onwards was okay, but I never enjoyed them as much (even when I disabled the RTS section). It just seemed less charming, and I preferred the original baddies over the dominators.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        I never played he first one, but yeah the Dominators never clicked with me. I just avoided them whenever possible, which gets harder and harder as the game progresses

  17. anHorse says:

    Played nothing but Star Traders: Frontiers ever since Sin Vega’s article on it and I don’t think that’s going to change soon.

    • Premium User Badge

      Iamblichos says:

      Yes, this exact thing. Star Traders is that addictive, infuriating ‘almost too hard’ that makes you feel like you can beat it if you just one more thing… until it’s 3 in the morning and you curse. A lot.

  18. juan_h says:

    Still playing Disgaea 2. It is the grind game that does not end. I’m almost done with the main story. Just a few more missions to go before I unlock New Game Plus and those sweet, sweet alternate story lines and bonus bosses. Er, if I don’t get distracted by running through random levels in the Item World. Again.

  19. caff says:

    Deadly Premonition.

    It’s doing my head in/enthralling me in equal measures. As a PC port, it’s utterly dreadful. It crashes randomly, and I got stuck on one severe bug at one point where I had to spend FOUR HOURS troubleshooting and then having to download someone else’s save game, just so that I could continue the game.

    Most people would give up, but I’m fascinated by the characters, the story, the weirdness of it all. Alice is right about it, but be prepared for pain and suffering if playing on PC.

  20. DeepFried says:

    I’m playing: do that one uni assignment that’s due next week.


    • Hoot says:

      Not that you’re asking or give a shit, but take it from me, get that shit done as soon as possible, mate. Bend your will toward it.

      I say this as a graduate who scraped a 1st after having possibly the most miserable 4 months of my life in which my lifelong procrastination habit fought daily with my ambition to do well, and now that it’s all over, I realise it didn’t need to be that way.

      Just trying to spare you some pain, marra :)

    • caff says:

      When studying at Uni, I procrastinated a lot. But looking back, the reason I did this was because 85% of the course was boring and totally non-relevant to what I wanted to do in work/life.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t study and try your best to pass. But I am saying you should put your efforts into things you enjoy.

      • fish99 says:

        If you’re going to be spending 3 years at uni anyway, I’d say it’s always worth putting in the effort to come away with a degree, even if what you learn isn’t going to be used in a future career. I feel like the point of uni is to prove you have ability and can apply yourself rather than to come away with relevant skills.

  21. Horg says:

    Pillars of Eternity to make a Druid so I can import into Deadfire. I really like the look of the new class specialisations in Deadfire, now there’s a dedicated subclass for shapeshifters with some interesting multiclass options. By the time i’ve finished Pillars 1, the Deadfire post launch bug hunt and Veteran / PotD balance patch should be done.

  22. syllopsium says:

    I’ll be busy with non game stuff most of the weekend, but I’ve got my ‘up to 2011’ retro box up and running, so I might play some Legend of Grimrock, or one of the Wadjet Eye adventures

  23. FairyNuff says:

    Paladins and Dead cells now they’ve properly moved to the baguette update.

  24. Vandelay says:

    I’ve been sucked into Star Trek Online the past couple of weeks. It is far from a great game, but it comfortingly scratches that Trek itch, whilst also drip feeding you just enough rewards to keep you interested in new things.

    Ship combat is actually really good, whilst ground combat is pretty much your standard MMO style. It at least rewards you with flank bonus, so you are encouraged to move around. Not sure if it is just my class (scientist), but I don’t have a huge number of abilities to use, besides healing ones and an enemy debuff. Hopefully some more leveling will give me more options. I’ve got loads for ship combat though.

    I’m currently level 25 and I’m likely to go on until I’ve at least exhausted the story missions (believe that is around level 50). There really is a huge amount of content. I’ve not even touched the Klingon side and only a few levels on the TOS era campaign.

    Besides that though, I’ve been a bit lost on things to play. Tempted to finally pick up a PS4 exclusive I’ve missed out on at some point. It’s between, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Yakuza 0 or the new God of War. I should prob just carry on working through the backlog though.

    • pookie191 says:

      With STO you will easily finish the story missions and be level 60 without any issue what so ever. Not to mention the new campaign coming soon with the Dominion :)

      Captain Ezri Prin of the USS Tereshkova signing off.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Hey, sorry this is a little off-topic, but I wanted to convey to you my thanks for recommending that Pearl VR short a couple months back – here, juuuuust in case you don’t go looking through everyone else’s comment threads multiple times a weekend. ;)

      Pearl was really great, but I can’t think of anything truly similar to recommend in return. I will recommended Journey, though, since you have a Playstation, and since I enjoyed that one in some similar ways.

      • Vandelay says:

        :) No need to recommend anything (although I have already played and very much enjoyed Journey).

        Don’t recall if I recommended it at the time as well, but I would suggest checking out Dear Angelica, if you haven’t. Truly beautiful and really sells the power of VR.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          You did! (I had it listed along with Pearl.) I’ll give this last one some space to breath, but I’m very much looking forward to Dear Angelica now.

    • Jonfon says:

      I too have been noodling my way through STO. I’m technically ‘end game’ I guess but really enjoying it even if it’s clearly a 7/10 game at best. Some of the stories are really enjoyable, especially ones that take ‘aliens of the week’ from old Trek and run with them and expand them. The amount of original voice actors they’ve been getting really improves things too.

      • Vandelay says:

        So many times a familiar species or place has popped up and I’ve immediately had to go on Memory Alpha to jog my memory. Total fan service and the stories the game tells do suffer a bit from it, but I can’t deny that it is a lot of fun for it.

  25. Thankmar says:

    Swedens entry is godawful this year. Looking forward to watch ESC with the kids, then its gonna be some Sorcery!, Half-Life and probably FTL.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso has got the looks and the moves in decent amounts, but the song isn’t that good and I feel like he just won the Swedish trials (4 semifinals, a runner’s up heat and a final), because he’s famous. I’d much rather we’d have sent the Danish entry with its viking theme.

      Alice, thanks for the kind words, I also thought Sweden did a good job last time we hosted the Eurovision and in time we shall dethrone Ireland as the country with the most wins.

      On-topic, this weekend I’m playing: Screen not working and googling “black screen with non blinking underscore” makes me think there’s some connection problem between the brain and the eyes of the computer (or whatever, I’m no expert). The fans work and the PC sounds the same as on startup, but there is no light blinking next to the start button, indicating that the computer isn’t actually doing any work. It worked fine the other day and the next day the above happened, despite me not doing anything.

      • Thankmar says:

        Funny you mention your screen problem, because my rather lofi game selection is the result oft my graphics card or my Pcie-slot not working, so I have to rely on CPU graphics. For me it started also with a black screen. If you did not try already, connect the monitor to the mainboard display output to test that.

        Regarding ESC: I have no clue about music genres and the people behind that and the like, I just think about if I want to hear a song in the radio or not. So thanks for clearing up the finer details, Im gonna look up Mr. Ingrosso this evening. “Our” entry, the german one, is pretty boring, I think. I like the songs with more zest, like Israel this year. Last year I was all for “Requiem”, but well.

  26. Evan_ says:

    Got For Honor for the price I always wanted to pay for it, and having a blast. Combat is complex and fluid and visceral. Couldn’t get myself to start any other game in a week. Feels strange.

  27. pookie191 says:

    Battletech and then Frostpunk again

  28. Vacuity729 says:

    Hearts of Iron IV. I’m considering using the Road to ’56 mod as the expanded tech and focus trees seem like fun, but I’m unsure if it’ll just push the game even further down the wild, alt-history fan fiction road.
    My last game: Italy, Austria and Hungary formed a fascist alliance about three weeks before Germany attempted to enact the Anschluss. Austria refused the demands, and there was a bloody stalemate of a war for the following year and a third, until Romania was persuaded to join Germany.
    Meanwhile, myself (UK), and the other allies were twiddling our thumbs, building bigger and more hi-tech armies while the fascist nations bled out most of their manpower and large chunks of materiel in the Austrian Alps. Entertaining in its own way, but also vaguely unsatisfying when the balloon eventually went up and we steamrolled our way across to Poland.

  29. bacon seeker says:

    Trying to blow through PoE (which I previously got bored of and didn’t finish) on Easy prior to trying PoE2. I normally try to do games on normal, but I can’t be bothered with all the buffing and dubuffing and micromanaging six characters in real time with pause combat. Also Battletech, which I’m enjoying even more after installing a mod that removes the scaling of difficulty to your main story progress, and instead increases difficulty variation and gates hard missions to your reputation.

  30. MajorLag says:

    Finally getting around to playing Snake Pass. Controls are a bit awkward at first, but otherwise so far so good.

  31. Zorgulon says:

    Started a new Civ VI game – I’ve heard a lot of good experiences people have had since the last patch, and I’m having fun stomping around with some war elephants as Chandragupta Maurya.

    I’ll also play some Overwatch for the first time since the end of the Retribution event. I’m looking forward to playing the new Venetian map, and will be preparing to fight the new Hanzo with a mix of relief (that Scatter Arrow has gone) and trepidation (his new, faster arrows and rapid-fire ability seem quite powerful).

    If I find some time I’ve been meaning to pop back in to my Sims 4 family too.

  32. sunahe says:

    This weekend I’m going to play catch up with the modern AAA shooters. Both of Metro 2033 checkboxes have been ticked, so now it comes to Wolfenstein: The New Order. Tried it a few years back, and had to stop midgame because of wierd graphics glitches. Hopefully on the new rig it won’t happen.

  33. josemesa says:

    I’ve been eyeing this game Dragon Cliff on Steam, came here to see what the gang at RPS thought of it but didn’t find anything. Anybody out there have any comments? Steam reviews seem to be pretty positive.

    Otherwise it’s more Star Traders Frontiers. Or CK2, it somehow got its hooks into me again. *sobs*

  34. Carra says:

    Destiny 2. Picked it up from the latest Humble Bundle so might as well play it :)

  35. Cyrus says:

    After finishing Wasteland 2 the other week I’m playing The Witcher 3 after a six months hiatus, starting with the expansions this time.
    Still is truly a great game hands down.

    Maybe go back later to Warhammer TW, first time playing that after the historical ones. Thought it was hard for me, and gave up on my campaign after ten h.

  36. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    Heading back to Stardew Valley in the Autumn, for a nice relaxing time. Or so I thought until I went to Skull Caverns! Also returning to Templar Battleforce on the tablet for some old school turn-based fun.

  37. geldonyetich says:

    Conan Exiles, fresh out of beta last week, and apparently doing quite well. It’s the best Rust. It’s the best ARK. Crom hears no disagreement.

    • Ben King says:

      going on 200 hrs of spectating my GF playing Skyrim, I’m getting a bit tired of Belethor and I’m pushing for her to try this one out- I really suspect the lush fantasy setting and freedom will appeal to her, but i’m not sure how either of us will engage with the combat and crafting/fort building, I keep waiting for reviews but have a hard time sorting Early Access from Final Release reviews.

  38. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    I’m thinking it’s time to replay Prey, before the expansion Arkane has been hinting at is out. Last time I stayed away from most Typhon powers, so this run I’ll be using them a lot more.

  39. kiank37 says:

    I need to prepare for week 2 of AP testing here in America. I must study Biology, BC Calculus, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics. BUT, I must also play the games! I finally got to Faith’s region in Far Cry 5 and she is freaking terrifying so I am quite scared of what’s to come. This is coming from the guy who had to play The Last of Us: Remastered in easy mode because he was too scared to deal with infected on any other mode. Maybe I’ll get to some Call of Duty: Infinity War campaign having just finished the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign. I do love seeing Kit Harrington as a villain. On the PC I’ll be playing a little Sandhok on Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds but I don’t want to stay up that late so I may only play for a little. On the Switch I’ll play some Stardew Valley as my main stress relief. I need more stress reliefs these days.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I wish you the best with those exams! I took a somewhat different selection back in the day (we do have BC calc in common), but it was well worth the effort. If nothing else, they should allow you more freedom of choice later in your studies, or if you’re like a friend of mine, even finish school early.

      Games are still good stress relief to have around, though, yeah. ;)

  40. kud13 says:

    My quest to replay the (un-remastered) StarCraft campaigns continues. Yesterday night I spent a good 3 hours, but I finally beat Protoss 7 the proper way- i.e, without the cheesy immediate Zeratul + DT rush ( I still used Zeratul to demolish all enemy buildings, but this was after a prolonged war of attrition with many failed attacks and Reaver drops)

    Aside from that, I meant to get into the Metro games (I even installed the first and tweaked the settings!)n but then my week got too serious to deal with post-apoc drama. So instead I’ve been blasting colorful RGB robots in “Hard Reset”. It gets proper tough at boss fights, but good snooty fun.

    Given that Vampyr is out in a few weeks, and I’m actually contemplating on getting it close to release, I’ve also been giving some serious thought to revisiting “Alpha Protocol” , which is a game it most reminds me of at the moment.

    • Vandelay says:

      I was immediately drawn by Vampyr when I first heard about it, but previews for it have been a bit underwhelmed.

      After Life is Strange, I’m interested in anything DONTNOD do next and the vampire genre is a surprisingly barren one for gaming, so I’m still holding out hope that it will turn out good. Plus, it looks like it take quite a bit of inspiration from Bloodborne, which is one of my favourite games. Looks like one to wait to hear final impressions on though.

      • Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

        Yeah, why aren’t there more vampire games? Seems like a genre that’d be perfect for games.
        I’ve seen some underwhelming previews for Vampyr too, but I’m hoping it will be good. It’s set in the same time period as my all-time favorite piece of vampire fiction, the novel “Baltimore, or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire”, so it’s got my attention for that alone. And I really like some of the concepts they’ve shown so far, like the consequences of how the player interacts with NPCs and stuff like that. Here’s hoping it’s a good game!

        • malkav11 says:

          Were you aware that there have been a number of spinoff Baltimore comics w/ Mignola doing all the art? I hope so, they’re at least as good as the novel in my opinion.

          • Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

            Yep, I’m a big fan of all of Mignola’s comics, and I love the Baltimore ones. The whole team did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the novel and expanding the story. Have you read the Joe Golem novel and comics by the same writers, or the novella “Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism”? All of those are well worth a read.

  41. Justin says:

    I picked up Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider during a November sale and finally took the time to do a grand Dishonored series play through. Played the original (for the 2nd time), Knife and Brigmore, and Dishonored 2 (all for the first time). Working my way through Death of the Outsider now. I think there was some fuss about 2 when it was released, but all the technical issues seem to be patched out by now. I thought it was a big step up from one, especially in terms of level design. Not enjoying Death of the Outsider quite as much as I find Lurk’s power set to be a bit clunkier.

    Also been playing Destiny 2’s Warmind. A friend got me a code at launch that included all the extras and expansions, so there’s no sting of wondering whether my money was ill spent. Makes me less inclined to be annoyed as it’s all been free.

    • Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

      I’ve never actually played the whole Dishonored series in a row. I tried to replay them all before Death of the Outsider was released, but I didn’t finish in time, and I was really eager to start the new game. I should replay them all in a row one of these days.
      I think Dishonored 2 is better in some ways, but I really liked the story of the first game (particularly the DLC) and didn’t like Dishonored 2’s story as much, so the first one is my favorite. But all of them are among the best games ever made, I think.

    • fish99 says:

      For me the memorable levels in the Dishonored series are all in the first game and its DLCs. I also found Dunwall with its plague and whale-trade a darker and more intriguing place than Karnaca.

      I think the sequel suffered a little due to the engine change, which seemed to result in smaller levels, plus the AI patrol routes seemed more limited and predictable.

      That sounds like a lot of criticism but it’s relative to the excellent first game, and I still very much enjoyed Dishonored 2. Death of the Outsider was great too, played stealthily (as I always play Dishonored games).

  42. Grim Rainbow says:

    Dabbling in Guild Wars 2. Its okkaayy. Bit of Civ 4. Maybe buy Eye of the Beholder trilogy from GOGs. Played the first two, never the third. Never completed the second.

    • EgoMaster says:

      Skip the third. I played through them in January. First one is good, second one is a classic, third one is borderline unplayable. Westwood, who did the first two wasn’t involved in the third game. They did Lands of Lore instead. I haven’t played through that trilogy yet, but they say it’s the spiritual successor.

  43. Rainshine says:

    Black Flag, I’m up to about 79%, and getting frustrated with finally going through the story by the “You let an NPC that the icon didn’t show up for get too far away, let us reset you and respawn all the enemies you had killed”.
    And Stellaris. After trying to be peaceable people turning into robots alone in the corner of the galaxy game after game, and having Fallen Empires bombard my systems for destroying my souls, I made Xenophobic Authoritarian molluscs who are trash at planets but good in space and need slaves to work on the farms. So far I’ve subjugated three other civilizations, taking over the northern 1/5 or so of the galaxy, except a one-system wonder, and am evaluating threat levels of other spacefarers to determine who to murder next.

  44. buttermancan says:

    I am struggling to play anything other than Street Fighter Alpha 2 via MAME. It’s so fun to play and the sprite work is incredible. Great soundtrack too!!!

  45. Sarfrin says:

    I’m playing Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, which I got in the Humble sale for 39p thanks to a tip off in the forums. A lot of fun for a very low price.

    • EgoMaster says:

      I was pleasantly surprised when played it years ago. Short, fun little game with good graphics thanks to Unreal engine.

  46. OmNomNom says:

    Pillars of Eternity 2, which is so much better than the RPS review would have you believe. My GOTY so far.

    • csbear says:

      I enjoyed PoE a lot even for the reasons, such as pacing and wordiness, which others found boring.

      As for PoE2, I’m pretty sure it will elicit the same response when I start it up tonight… can’t wait.

      I’m also playing Dad of War and surprisingly, I’m really enjoying it! I can’t put it down. And as Matt said, so far it is a ‘9’ if you’re going to give it a score, probably not the 10s the media outlets have been pushing. In terms of recent console games, I believe Breath of the Wild and Persona 5 were 10s for me.

    • Hoot says:

      I think PoE 2 is great but perhaps not as great as the first game in terms of story. Even though I’m enjoying it I understand where John was coming from in his RPS pre-review thing.

      I also think that in 6 months and upon a second play-through (with DLC and patches done and done) that it will be every bit as goof as PoE 1.

  47. Det. Bullock says:

    Bastion or, if it finally finished installing, Batman Arkham Knight.

  48. EgoMaster says:

    I’ll be playing downgrading, bug-fixing, heavily modifying with real life vehicles, HD textures, HD car tuning parts, HD GFXs and shaping car tuning mechanics to my own liking in San Andreas. I have already done GTA III (and GTA IV before Rockstar illegally removed songs). San Andreas is the most difficult one to mod because there are over 200 vehicles and car tuning. Still, I’ve come a long way. I found real life counterparts for most vehicles and where I couldn’t (or wouldn’t, because there are about 5 Chevy Impalas and two Honda CRXs) I found look-a-likes. I also considered tuning capabilities of the cars I installed (sadly, most of them aren’t tunable except for NoS) and changed the behavior of Tuning Shops. Now every car manufactured before 1980 goes to Loco Low. Every sports car goes to Wheel Arch Angels. Everything else goes to Transfender. I’m also writing the car handling file. I want it to be realistic, but not to the extend that game becomes unwinnable. I’m also pretty sure that whoever did the handling for in game cars has never driven in his/her life.

    After San Andreas, only Vice City remains. If I can complete modding, I will start my GTA marathon in December, hoping to finish the first two during the winter and playing GTA3, VC and SA after winter (meaning after I come back to this house from big city where I connect my laptop to a 32″ TV) next year.

  49. fish99 says:

    Been playing the first and third Serious Sam VR games courtesy of the Croteam VR sale on Steam. They’re as good as ever and definitely some of the best VR shooters.

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