Fortnite’s Infinity War is a little more finite than expected

Fortnite Battle Royale

The good news: Earth is saved! The less good news: The Ribena Bully himself, Thanos, is headed home tomorrow after an all-too-brief appearance in mega-popular battle royale shooter Fortnite. We all knew that his appearance was going to be a temporary thing, but it does feel like he could have stuck around a little longer, even if Epic were having trouble balancing an alien god against a world full of fragile human fodder.

Thanos’ all-too-brief time in Fortnite’s world was full of ups and downs. Mostly of the statistical variety as Epic tried to find a way for a top-tier supervillain to feel viable yet still defeatable by a small number of ridiculously dressed (but otherwise mortal) folk with assault rifles. Their latest round of adjustments made Thanos’ attacks significantly more deadly, at the expense of his own physical endurance. Not what I would have gone for, given the inherent tankiness of supervillains, but I’m not running the show.

At least we’ve still got the recently-returned 50 v 50 mode to salve our wounds. While not quite as individually rewarding as leaping fifty feet in the air and punching buildings in half, it does play somewhat more to Fortnite’s strengths; improvised construction and team tactics.

While the presence of Grape Ape’s extraterrestrial cousin will be missed, the fact that Epic were able to so elegantly introduce a completely game-changing new character to the mix does open the door to similar future events. I can see similar things happening alongside notable future film releases, assuming the money-men want to keep doing deals, and so long as Fortnite remains the most popular game on the planet, that seems likely.

Looking at the films on the horizon, Deadpool would be a particularly clean fit, and likely easier to implement, mechanically speaking. Just give him a thousand wisecracks and regenerating health and the rest of it just falls into place. What other characters or crossovers do you think would be good fits for Fornite’s world of frenzied murder-carpentry? Who’s on your personal comic or movie wishlist?


  1. DodoSandvich says:

    This was actually pretty decent. Naturally it got boring/repetitive pretty quickly since Thanos had to be simple so you could learn to use him in 5 seconds. But it was interesting for a while, and that was all it really needed to be.

  2. Gentle Jerry says:

    Shame, that mode was probably the most fun I’ve had with Fortnite in a while. I never got to play Thanos but still it was a lot of fun. Perhaps they can rebrand this mode to have some sort of generic godlike enemy instead of Thanos? It was never really that related to him anyways considering it wasn’t the same voice actor and he uses none of the same lines or powers from the movie. Oh well

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