Overlordy: Turn 5


What are those two cocky Cromwells up to? Where’s the British infantry? Why did the Stuart stop? Yesterday’s turn posed more questions than it answered. Surely the fleecy fog of uncertainty currently blanketing Caent can’t survive another sixty seconds of battlefield developments.

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here)


+5 seconds. The bakery-bound (?) Cromwells pause and reorientate. They’ve decided to machine gun the pillbox crew cowering in the woods near the blazing sanatorium.


+7 seconds. For a few moments a Churchill VII is visible on the beach. It appears to be stationary.

+15 seconds. Having completed his roll-up (?) dealt with the wasp up his sleeve (?) answered – with the help of a beer bottle – the call of nature (?) the Stuart driver resumes his duties. With a lurch the M3A3 continues northward down the lane.


+35 seconds. Wodtke, his breath held and his Kar98K as rock-steady as one of the gargoyles adorning his eyrie, fires. Instantly, the Stuart TC disappears from view and every gaping hatch on the Allied AFV slams shut.


+46 seconds. Still moving, the Stuart is briefly spotted by our PSW as it speeds towards the mill (a journey almost disrupted by the manoeuvring halftrack).


+53 seconds.  A yank on its starboard steering lever guides the British light tank into a secluded spot between the house and pine clump at m and n19. The advance strikes the German flag over the church VL and, for the first time, nudges the British score (45%) above our own (36%).


+60 seconds. Hallo Herr Hetzer! While it’s no Tiger or Panther, the squat, cunningly faceted tank destroyer that has just entered the map at i32 should be incredibly useful in the turns to come.

The situation at the end of turn 5:


Over at the mill the LMG team continues to bimble and test patience, and the HT, in its efforts to avoid the PSW, has got itself in a frightful pickle (that purple line is an AI-created reverse line!)


At the bakery only the Pak 38 is still moving, and there’s still no sign of enemy infantry in west wood.


Though the pioneers at the hotel are close enough to the Stuart to chew on its exhaust fumes and hear its turret motor whirring, no-one can actually see the armoured interloper at present.




  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 6 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 10 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Pak 38 AT gun (g21)
    *Sniper (m22)
    *PSW 234/1 armoured car (r24)
    *Sd.Kfz. 251 halftrack (q24)
    *Rifle platoon – 3 squads + 1 HQ (circa bakery, f21, see pics)
    *LMG team (r24)

    *Pioneer platoon – 2 squads + HQ (circa hotel, k21, see pics)
    *Flamethrower team (g22, hiding)
    *Mortar spotter (k21, upstairs, hiding)

    *Hetzer – 16HE 23AP 2S (i32)

    • emily riposte says:

      Pioneers to ambush somewhere in the vicinity of L20. if you can find a spot that the southern squad can target past the smoke, go for that, but if not, just the northern squad is fine. Everybody hide. (Yes, I know it looks like the stuart wants to head straight north, but we’ve seen how much the allied commander likes to stick to his plans.)

    • Crimson_Pig says:

      Sniper (Wodtke) to hide from the Stuart. Just to minimize the risk of being seen.

    • MajorFordson says:

      *If* the Pak can get to the corner of the bocage immediately in front of it, then set up ready to fire in an arc facing towards the Stuart could it please do that. It will then hopefully at least have a bit of a view to intercept anything else as it trundles upwards (north?) on the right (east?) of the map. (Wait, if this is overlord then surely north is south!)

      I fear there’s been way too much dallying, it really ought to be up near the farm where it has a broader field of view “south” but then again I look at firing arcs of support weapons as a CoH player…

      Whoever orders other weapons of importance and range (The Hetzer?) please remember line of sight and being ready to take the first shot is more important than manoeuvring…

      • MajorFordson says:

        Forgot to add, if that’s unlikely to work or the LOS is going to be way too fiddly, then please move the pak up to the road T intersection just above it, facing to the right. At least there it will have some better LOS rather than hugging bushes…

        • Landiss says:

          Doesn’t the Stuart have a direct LoS on there?

          • MajorFordson says:

            It seems to be rather busy (and also changing plans every 10 seconds) and I’m sure it’s not that aware given it’s buttoned up? In any case the Pak needs to stop trying to waddle around and set up in a vaguely useful direction ready to fire!

        • emily riposte says:

          I’m a bit at a loss for what you’re going for with these orders. The current orders for the pak will give it about as good a line of sight on armor entering the church area as your proposed move to the bocage, faster. Moving up to the T junction will take a few minutes, for little gain I can see.

          You say you want no more dallying, and your options for that are pretty much to continue the current move or to stop in place and get ready to fire as soon as the smoke clears.

          • MajorFordson says:

            Am I misunderstanding the line indicators? From the screenshot I thought it was set to continue pathing along the green then purple line…

          • emily riposte says:

            Oh, the purple line is ‘turn to face’. I think the current orders are actually just about exactly what you asked for.

        • g948ng says:

          I think your first call (G21 corner of the bocage) is just fine. Even if it can´t see any enemies from there…at the moment…
          Whoever is stationary while the other side is moving usually is getting the first shot. And at these ranges you usually don´t get a second. And wherever the Stuart is going from here, it will almost certainly be rolling into LOS of G21.

    • Copperbottom says:

      The HT to move behind the bocage just east of the building at r23, looking sw towards u18. Some eyes on that corner of the map, at least.

    • TheBlackVanguard says:

      The Hetzer will travel south down the road until it passes the first intersection on the road. It’ll hold on the road, watching down the western side of the hotel with its front armor facing southwards.

    • g948ng says:

      Orders for Lieutenant Nerbul´s (?) Rifle Platoon:

      Squad 1-3: No orders. Stay where you are.
      The Lieutenant shuffles a bit after the PaK to keep it in command range. He stays hidden and north of the hedge.

      (The screenshot shows a red line between HQ and PaK, so I am assuming the gun crew is eligible for the command bonus. If not, please don´t move the HQ.)

  2. latedave says:

    Hetzer to move along the road and hug the side of the building at j24 please. Not sure where that Stuart will be!

  3. heretic says:

    How long is that smoke near the hotel likely to go on for? Is it covering the Pak from the Stuart?

    I’m a little worried that the smoke will clear up while the Pak is still trying to get into position and the Stuart will light it up.

    Instant demotion for that HT driver… -_-

    • Tim Stone says:

      Difficult questions to answer, but I’d say your worst-case scenario is worth worrying about.

    • emily riposte says:

      I’m willing to bet on the gun being able to get into position without being spotted. Even if the smoke clears up, it looks like there’s a full square of heavy woods in the way, and the stuart is at least buttoned and possibly missing the tank commander.

      • g948ng says:

        If I interpret the screenshot right the gun crew profits from Lt. Nerbul´s reaction time bonus. I have hope.

        Also, even if unrelated, I feel the need to remark:
        Hetzers gonna hetz!

  4. Cederic says:

    Thank you Tim.

    I’m fascinated that the PSW armoured car is where half track’s been hiding. The half track looks like it wants to reverse towards the enemy tank. The LMG team have stopped for a picnic. I can’t see any survivors of this battle also surviving the subsequent court martial.

    The good news is that the PSW isn’t in a bad spot, the LMG team can progress relatively unimpeded and the HT crew will probably survive their idiocy. Probably.

    No orders from me yet, I’ll go and make celebratory coffee to welcome Herr Hetzer.

    • Landiss says:

      At that speed, LMG team is going to be killed by the paratroopers before it reaches the mill, even if they join the battle 10 turns from now. Seriously, what’s happening? The LMG team is as slow as the PaK.

      • Tim Stone says:

        I probably shouldn’t have routed them through the bocage. Now they are in the open they should pick up the pace. If unchallenged, expect them to reach the ground floor of the mill by the end of the next turn.

  5. Landiss says:

    I thought the sniper was in the church tower. Was it intentional that he is not or the tower is off limits in the game?

  6. dethtoll says:

    While I would love to play this it’s probably a bit too grognardy for me. But that being said, the other week I decided to catalog all the WW2 games released between 1998 and 2007 (which would be roughly the period that people thought there were “too many WW2 games,” which really means “too many WW2 FPSes”) and while there is a surprising number of WW2 games released in that period, the vast majority of them are either sims or strategy or both. The FPS genre, in comparison, is a wasteland.

    Arguably, the real problem is there were too many Medal of Honor games. Not all of them were good.

  7. JB says:

    I would like someone to give the MG team a swift kick up the fundament and get them where they’ve been ordered to go, that is all. (Preferably a metaphorical kick, and not a high-powered rifle type one from a Tommy rifle)

  8. Crimson_Pig says:

    Since I really don’t know how this game works, I’m just going to ask some questions. I dare not give any orders.

    Can the Stuart shoot our sniper from that position? If it can, will it? Should the sniper move away from the church?

    • Tim Stone says:

      The Stuart hasn’t noticed the sniper yet, but if it lingers in that spot it may eventually (He’s only 60m away). Wodtke could hide or crawl deeper into the room to minimise the risk.

  9. Copperbottom says:

    So that HT looks like it’s about to get messed up by the Stuart, but it doesn’t have much room to maneuver… Do you think there will be enough space to squeeze between the PSW and LMG team? Parking it on the East side of that building might be better than wandering into a firing arc, but given the pathing difficulties is it even feasible?

    • Tim Stone says:

      Now the PSW is out of the way, the HT shouldn’t have any trouble reaching positions close to the mill or the nearby house. I imagine it could reach r23 by the end of turn 6.

      • MajorFordson says:

        I really like the element of “Tim knows the game but can give only a good guestimate as to what the units can achieve” it really feels like adding a layer of the commander having to interpret what’s going on through an imperfectly-informed officer on the ground.

    • Crimson_Pig says:

      I have been thinking that maybe we should sacrifice the HT and use it as a decoy for that Stuart. The HT could even survive it, who knows. This maneuver would also help cover the Pak, in case the smoke clears.

  10. Louis Mayall says:

    I really wanna get in on this hot order action, but it seems like everything is doing what it should. I’ll be providing moral support from here!

  11. beleester says:

    Will our PSW’s gun be effective against the Stuart? If so, it should head back towards the church and take some shots.

    • emily riposte says:

      The 20 mm cannon on the psw *might* be effective against the stuart at close range from the side/rear. I’m thinking if it continues to move north, next turn we could have a good opportunity to engage the stuart from opposite flanks with the hetzer and the armored car simultaneously.

  12. Stugle says:

    Can snipers not hold victory points? Intuitively, it seems odd that a tank some distance away trumps a soldier camped out on the very spot, but c’est la vie.

    Still no sign of Tommy infantry. This is getting almost as nerve-wracking as the mob of tanks milling about near the beach – at least we know where those are.

  13. Harmodios says:

    Guten Morgen, ich hatte noch nicht die Zeit zu posten, als ich noch schlief. Ich glaube nicht, dass das die wahre Invasion ist. Das sollte in Calais kommen.

    Was? Du hast die Küste den verdammten Tommys überlassen? Wirf sie sofort ins Meer! Ich befehle dir, alle verfügbaren Truppen an den Strand zu bringen und diese schwachen Kräfte auszulöschen! Jeder, der einen Schritt zurück macht, wird erschossen.


    • khamul says:

      Ja, verstanden.

      Ich bin auf dem Weg nach Calais, um mich mit der wirklichen Invasion zu befassen.

      Bitte pass auf meinen Platz am Strand auf, bis ich zurück bin.

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