Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Solo Season kicks off today

Looking cool. Just don't tell her about the pistol nerf

There’s a new Star Wars film on the horizon, so that means it’s time for fully-armed and cross-promotional battlestations. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (now freed from microtransaction hell) is well-positioned to capitalise on this, and is rolling out its first wave of Han Solo themed content today. This includes a new close-combat map set in Jabba’s Palace, some Return of The Jedi-themed alternate skins and a 2v2 Heroes vs Villains arena combat mode.

Credit where credit’s due; it’d be missing a beat if the ‘Solo’ season for the game was exclusively focused on multiplayer content. Fortunately for people who only take orders from just one person, DICE added Starfighter battles to the single-player/co-op arcade mode.

The Jabba’s Palace map looks a little claustrophobic for my tastes (I much prefer my Battlefront 2 fights messy, open and punctuated with vehicular violence), but it is an impressive showcase of DICE’s mapping talents, and looks impressively accurate to the film, right down to the chill-out room under the throne-room for rowdy house-guests to unwind in.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

With the new playmode – Hero Showdown – being exclusively focused on hero characters, it’s no surprise that a large chunk of the update patch notes revolve around hero balance tweaks. Lightsaber characters as a whole have seen some alterations, including closing off some exploits that made jumping attacks more useful than they should be. Leia’s overcharged pistol alt-fire was also heavily nerfed, reducing both its damage and halving its blast radius.

As for the Starfighter Arcade mode, sadly it’s not quite as elegantly implemented as the current hand-crafted Arcade stages, but you can now use the Custom Arcade playmode to play on space combat maps with a variety of hero-class ships. A good way to practice flying, at the very least, and getting a feel for when you’re meant to use missiles, countermeasures and all those fancy space-toys. It’s no X-Wing, but perhaps it’s a passable enough substitute for Rogue Squadron for the time being.

Presumably the latter half of the Solo ‘season’ will be rolling out after the release of the film, so as not to spoil any of its locations. I’m hoping for a map set aboard the twisty, turny rollercoaster-like armoured train featured in the Solo trailer, but I’ll happily settle for anywhere that gives me a chance to shoot at Alden Ehrenreich. I’m still unconvinced that he somehow managed to grow up to be Harrison Ford.

This is the correct version of the trailer, right?


  1. MaxMcG says:

    Honestly, EA and this game in particular are so thoroughly disgraced at this point, my suspicious mind is wondering why this is even being reported at RPS.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Because Alice O’Connor is secretly Beyoncé, and RPS is an Illuminati front of international vegan banking.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      You’re right, we shouldn’t report on any EA games. And definitely not acknowledge when companies make major changes to un-bork games that were previously borked by bad decisions. That might give them ideas, like ‘actually doing the right thing is good’.

      • Sandepande says:


        Though EA has been doing a bunch of questionable-seeming management decisions for years, and thus not allowed to look good…

        • aircool says:

          Unfortunately, the Loot Box fiasco covered up the fact that the game isn’t really fun to play. It’s quite horribly imbalanced with heroes and special units dominating the game, which sort of snowballs into a very strong team giving a very weak team an utter pasting.

          The original Battlefront reboot is actually a better game, and even Walker Assault (the only real objective based mode for large teams) is better than BF2’s Galactic Assault.

          • Sandepande says:

            Never played any of them, but maybe they’ll get it right again in BF3.

          • UNCgolf says:

            I’m in the opposite boat — I thought the first Battlefront was horribly unfun but absolutely love Battlefront 2.

            I do not like multiplayer online shooters (or even shooters in general, really) but I rented Battlefront 2 out of Star Wars love and ended up buying it because it’s just so much fun. The Starfighter Assault mode is nearly perfect (and I wish they would add more maps) but I actually love the ground combat as well.

            The fact that I typically don’t like multiplayer shooters and avoid them could be part of why I like it, though? Maybe it’s designed in a way that makes it more fun for people like me and less fun for people who are heavily into multiplayer shooters?

      • Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

        >>And definitely not acknowledge when companies make major changes to un-bork games that were previously borked by bad decisions

        Except they don’t as they only unborked one game under the sheer pressure angry mob, mass media and IP owners, and the looting of the boxes for real money is still live and kicking in their other titles. They even made a statement about loot boxes not going away from FIFA and will keep pushing the idea that it’s not gambling so it’s okay to have them.
        Maybe you should report about that as well?

    • UNCgolf says:

      Because it’s a really fun game?

  2. ColonelFailure says:

    Because it’s news about a game that, as much as many would like to think otherwise, has plenty of players and quite a lot of interest?

  3. MaxMcG says:

    ..which is exactly what an EA infiltrator would say.

    Exhibit A: Nowhere are the words “star trek” even mentioned.


  4. mitrovarr says:

    “Solo season”? So the game’s down to just one player left, huh?

  5. sosolidshoe says:

    Woah, careful now fellow later commenters, you might cut yourself on all the edges around here.

    The game is fun enough with the new progression system and lootbox garbo gone away – the remaining cosmetic stuff is significantly more generous than Overwatch and if the internet is to be believed Overwatch lootboxes are fine “because it’s just cosmetic”, so BF2’s must be even better.

    This half of the Solo update though: meh. I don’t care about alt outfits for heroes, I don’t care about starfighter stuff, and I don’t like the hero or TDM modes that you can play the new map on. Call me when there’s a Galactic Assault/Strike map on Mimban where the Imperials get the cool new version of non-Stromtrooper Imperial Army gear.

    • mitrovarr says:

      Did it improve with patches and updates aside from the pay-to-win being removed? The videos I saw of it really didn’t paint it as being a good game, it looked extremely buggy.

  6. Phrastus says:

    Let’s see if the second half of this update has any solo (Solo) storyline missions. I wouldn’t mind playing the game for its single player bits, but it’d be nice to know that the campaign isn’t completely forgotten before slapping some cash down.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      I’m pretty sure the campaign is all wrapped up and done – the protagonist got a pretty well defined ending. It was never really going to be the main focus of the game, and they still had to pad it out a bit with a bunch of ‘defend X area for Y amount of time’ segments.

  7. Baines says:

    In related news, the reveals in recent official news stories appear to confirm a previous leak that claimed that EA has abandoned Battlefront 2.

    • mitrovarr says:

      Guess it won’t be headlining the July Humble Monthly, then.

      (I kid, but after Destiny 2 this month, it wouldn’t be that surprising.)

  8. Ham Solo says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They couldn’t keep milking the cash cow so they decided to abandon it.

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