RPS Asks: you to please take our 2018 readership survey

Once a year we arrive at your door with a question: will you fill in the RPS Readership Survey, please? It’ll only take ten minutes of your time and it helps us out a bunch.

The survey asks you about your gaming habits: what you own, what you’re playing, what you plan on playing later in the year. It helps our advertising team make the adverts you see on RPS relevant to your interests, which in turn helps us insure we can continue to pay our writers. It’s also sometimes useful to us editorially to see whether you’re all suddenly planning on buying a VR headset this year.

It doesn’t take long to fill in, all of your answers are anonymous, and you can skip any question you don’t like the look of. The same survey is also shared across all Gamer Network sites, including Eurogamer, VG247 and GamesIndustry.biz. That means there will be questions that aren’t relevant to PC gaming, and if you’ve already filled in the survey via those sites there’s no need to do so again.

If you have a moment today, please head over the the survey and let us know what you care about. It really helps!


  1. Evan_ says:

    Sure, that’s exactly the kind of procrastination-material I needed at work. :)

  2. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Oh go on then. But only ‘cos you’re all gorgeous and I ♥ U.

  3. Avioto says:

    This survey is not super friendly to non-US/UK people. Prices not displayed in euros and asking if you buy stuff at stores that don’t exist here.

    Also, this survey is the first time I’ve heard of Shadow as a platform!

    • Tony M says:

      Thats because pricing is also not friendly to non-US/UK people. eg USD=Euro price.

      • Nelyeth says:

        This. I didn’t need to think about conversions, I just looked at the price in dollars and thought “eh, must be the same in euros anyways, because screw Europe”.

  4. Rhythm says:

    You’ve managed to miss Windows Mixed Reality as a VR platform.

  5. Tony M says:

    “How much have you spent on games in the last year?” – I think I can make an accurate guess.
    “How many games have you purchased in the last year” – Hmmm, better check my Steam Purchase History… Holy-mother-of-god! Time to change that answer on $ spent.

  6. Kefren says:

    I did it, but it’s weird that often none of the options given applied, and there was no way to add an explanation, or what was missed. Likewise no way to add comments on the survey or gaming. For example, my purchasing choices are more related to supporting DRM-free stuff than a particular genre, but there was no way of indicating key factors of that kind, or that I don’t buy games with Denuvo in.

    • MajorLag says:

      Truth is, people who make surveys rarely care. They can’t cover everything and they’re not going to read all the comments (if any). This one is clearly for marketing purposes and I imagine they’re more interested in what people who are easily parted from their money are interested in than people who make informed choices about the DRM used in the product.

  7. aircool says:

    You forgot Pornhub for Movie Streaming Services.

  8. Godwhacker says:

    Filled it in. Will RPS at least be sharing the results?

  9. colonelchimp says:

    Done, and interested to see the results.
    As someone whose dayjob is designing and analysing this kind of survey, there is some room for improvement – just to make it easier for readers to answer, and ensure that people are answering the questions you meant to ask (not what they think you meant).
    – As mentioned above, options like NowTV and Sky aren’t relevant in all markets.
    – More importantly, in the final couple of pages the question logic goes awry: “have you bought pre-owned games”-> “if so, how many games did you preorder in 2017” confused me.
    – And when you ask a question including board games, the next question about “games” needs to clarify whether you’re including board games or just videogames. …and so on.

  10. Mana_Garmr says:

    Almost every question about how often I do something resulted in me alternating between the two least frequent options.

    I feel like there should be more detailed options between “Once a month -> Rarely -> Never” on some of the questions. EG: there’s a pretty big behaviour/interests diffrerence between people who go to the cinema every 2 or 3 months and people who go maybe once a year, but all you get is “rarely”.

    I also found the question about which services you use fairly funny because of how much of it was, for me obviously, Don’t know what that is, don’t know what that is, I use that, don’t know what that is…”.

    Fairly sure I am not the target audience this survey is going to be used to market to.

    Edit: Oh, also, do you count as a purchaser of AAA games if all the games you purchased that qualify for that were 2+ years old? I feel like some of my answers are going to result in misleading conclusions.

    • Premium User Badge

      johannsebastianbach says:

      My favourite was the question about annual income offering the options “0 £” and “more than 10k £”. Yeah, because people with low income don’t exist in our society.

      • Robstafarian says:

        Thank you! I logged in to post essentially the same comment. Though I know the industry does not have any interest in people with as little income as I have, I would like to think that Horace’s crew are not among those would rather I did not exist.

  11. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’ve seen this survey link/banner on the site for a while now, but to the right where the ads usually are. Since I never click on any area designated for ads I haven’t done the survey. I only clicked on it from the link in the article, because that’s how I roll.

    Like in previous surveys, echoing other people’s comments, I doubt my answers will be very useful, but it’s better than not doing it I guess.

  12. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    Ah, it’s the annual opportunity to complain about how this survey profiles people whose lifestyle is completely and utterly different to my own. It seems being a PC gamer who doesn’t own any video cards or accessories or consoles and who spends next to no money on AAA games or DLC or movies or American/British subscription services means… yeah I’m completely invisible to advertisers. Oh well. It would be interesting to fill out a survey about the editorial instead of the ads.

  13. davi817 says:

    did the survey

  14. syllopsium says:

    Well, that’s pretty shit.

    ‘We clearly want to sell you lots of video, and hardware reviews’

    How about no? I come here for the journalism, there are better sites that do hardware reviews, and I loathe having to waste my time wading through video when I can search or scroll text instead.

    I’m definitely interested in indie, original games, and will actively fund things that look worthwhile. For instance, I’ve not even downloaded Serpent in the Staglands yet, but bought it as the world needs more small development teams.

    I do spend a non trivial amount of money on games, but it’s typically older or retro titles as I like GOG’s DRM free policy, and my backlog is huge. I can’t resist yet more bargains..

    Of course, if Portal 3 came out, I’d buy it on day one.

    Likewise I occasionally do buy hardware, but it’s researched to the point of boredom, and usually workstation kit or second hand. I’m much more interested in reliability and noise, than a few extra fps.

    • Sin Vega says:

      Where are you getting this from? It asked how often I buy new hardware and how often I watch videos. That was pretty much it. Are you expecting a survey about games not to ask about youtube or games machines?

      • syllopsium says:

        It’s not asking anything else though!

        ‘We’re only going to ask you about things we want to do anyway’

      • Raoul Duke says:

        Nothing asking what content we would like, what we think of the site, etc, but a whole lot of questions that just reek of ‘how can we commoditise your readership of our site more efficiently’.

  15. Sin Vega says:

    A few questions about fillums but none about telly. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a film, to be honest. Probably christmas. But I stream tv more or less every day.

  16. Rosveen says:

    The income question made me laugh. Why even bother when the survey is so clearly aimed at the UK/US (not just in this, but also in other questions)? I earn 42k after taxes, the equivalent of just over $11k, which is slightly above average in my country. But apparently I belong in your “no income” bracket…

  17. Raoul Duke says:

    The question about buying games was vague – how many AAA games have I bought this year? Probably a lot. How many NEW RELEASE AAA games have I bought this year? Zero because I don’t like giving people extra money for no reason.

  18. Vacuity729 says:

    My country of residence isn’t an option? I live in Taiwan (ROC), but it’s not present on your list of countries. I left it blank rather than say I live somewhere I don’t, but that seems pretty dumb.

  19. rednettle says:

    error with the survey. gender is not male/female. That’s sex.

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