Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a big ‘ol optimisation overhaul and squashes many rats bugs


I haven’t slain nearly enough rats. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has been rotting away in my Steam library recently, but the weeks I spent rat-whacking with some chums a couple of months back were the most fun I’ve had in co-op in yonks. If you want some objective proof of that, look no further than our recently updated list of the best co-op games.

The update fun doesn’t stop there: Vermintide 2 received its biggest patch yet yesterday, including “literally hundreds of changes to the game’s levels” and “major optimizations to the game engine”. Fatshark wrote that last quote in bold, so you know they mean business.

Let’s get the awkward news out the way first: the download size is 20gb. There’s more going on than just the optimisation overhaul, but the changes needed for “a noticeable increase in performance on all systems” make up the brunt of the download. Still, that should be good news for everyone except me, who got a new PC partly because the game did indeed turn into a bit of a slideshow whenever a horde showed up. I was looking forward to savouring the difference my new CPU would make, but I guess now I’ll just have to savour the knowledge that everyone else gets to have a funner time for free. Hurray for you guys.

Fatshark expanded on the details about those level changes, which are more about dealing with bugs than level design. They’ve been made “in order to fix positions where players could get stuck, moving around patrol spawn points to make sure we reduce the chance of them spawning in your face, and improving points where enemies could target you through structures.”

There are also plenty of changes to items, skills, friendly bot behaviour and not so friendly monster AI. Despite the number of tweaks, I was disappointed to find that none of the patch notes are that funny. Closest I’ve got is misreading a line as ‘Increased the initial sulk time of Lifeleeches’. Turns out they now ‘skulk’ for longer, which isn’t anywhere near as pleasing a mental image.

You can find the full patch notes here.


  1. Fluffy_Fleshwall says:

    It’s also triggered an uproar in the community by introducing new bugs, none of the Quality of Life fixes people have been screaming for, and nerfing enough that “Vermintide 2 is a melee focused game” is uttered only as a joke.

    • DarkFenix says:

      The devs don’t seem to have the slightest idea of how to balance a game. Their only recourse is nerf, nerf, and nerf again. That’s a very bad idea in a purely coop game, hell it’s the reason I stopped playing; I had my preferred playstyle, then they nerfed it into the ground because it didn’t fit with what they wanted.

      • Asurmen says:

        Sorry, that’s blatantly false. It’s easier to nerf one thing than buff everything up to the same level. Not only is there more things to compare variables to, but there’s also scaling from the difficulty settings.

        If you buff everything, you make a difficulty setting easier, meaning you might need to change the difficulty itself, leading to no practical difference in how a character feels when it plays. Much easier to nerf.

        • DarkFenix says:

          Nothing you’ve said is in fact contradictory to what I said, so I’m not sure how you arrive at “blatantly false”. The devs have balanced almost exclusively through nerfs, and who says buffs can only make things easier? Did you know you can buff enemies too?

          Nerfing the players makes it feel like something has been taken away, especially when it’s a large nerf (and there have been some very large nerfs) which immediately send a build or playstyle from top tier to borderline useless.

          You’re right in that nerfs are the easy (read: lazy) way to balance. That doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it though. Large, kneejerk nerfs are one of the fastest ways to simultaneously make a mess of rebalancing a game and piss off the player base. If nerfs must be made, small adjustments in the right direction are the right way to do it, then a period of observation to see if it’s enough.

          • Asurmen says:

            Yes, what I said did contradict you. Your claim of nerf is bad to do in a co op game is false. Nerf is always easier to do regardless of the game. Also I pointed out you can buff difficulty and enemies, but if you do, you won’t actually see any change.

            Yeah, easy doesn’t mean lazy. The method that changes fewer things is going to be more balanced,regardless of the size.

  2. njury says:

    Can I see my HP, crit chance, damage and attack speed, just to name a few, as actual numbers besides “power level”? If not I’m still not in.

    • haldolium says:


    • Cross says:

      They deliberately obscure the numbers behind the scenes, to make it a game less about number crunching and min-maxing, and more about feel and style.

    • MrEvilGuy says:

      You have always been able to see damage by attacking the practice dummies in the lobby area. As for DPS, just record it and do the calculations yourself. For hp, test vs. lvl 1 base character (assign arbitrary 100hp) and compare how many rat hits it takes to get him/her down vs. your character. I don’t see what your problem is.

  3. SaintAn says:

    The community still awful and bot team mate AI still really bad? I love the first game, but the community was the worst, they abused the boot system to grief, and if you lost a match or were booted you didn’t get anything except wasted time, stress, and frustration. That’s why I haven’t bought the sequel yet.

    • Asurmen says:

      Not had any problems with the community.

      • Boozebeard says:

        Same, never experienced any of this, got a few hundred hours between the two games. Maybe it’s a regional thing? I’m EU.

      • Kirudub says:

        No problems with the community here either (US, Eastern). Only one younger muppet (I’m 47) thought it was funny to say “Wanna find the tomes?” over and over in a grating adolescent voice in various bad accents. I kept asking him in chat to quiet down so we could hear the environmental cues. He called me a ni**er. Fun times… I couldn’t find a “Mute player” button in the heat of the slicing and dicing.

        Otherwise, in my time of playing daily Veteran runs (until D2 Warmind came out), I’ve never had an issue with jerks. The higher difficulty levels might have more “tryhards”, though.

    • gi_ty says:

      Interesting question. I play on veteran with one or two other people mostly so we always have a bot or two. They aren’t amazing at tacking down hordes, but they have rescued us from the brink more than a few times. They are also really good at taking down specials to me. I only had one AI bug where they got stuck on the log bridge on that fort level. Also I thought it was a nice touch that it picks the best characters from your stable and your co-op partners to use as the bot. Makes it more fun to level multiple charcters.

  4. nimbulan says:

    I wish the community weren’t so quick to jump on Fatshark for a few poorly thought-out changes (that will apparently be fixed tomorrow) and ignore the myriad of bug fixes and improvements we get in each patch.

    • haldolium says:

      Yeah I think the negativity is way too loud for a game that still is very fun to play and usually gets vast improvements with each patch.

      Not to mention no patch can fix the public brickhead players.

  5. battles_atlas says:

    See no mention of the bug which means in game VOIP doesnt work, even though they acknowledge it ages ago. Mainly play with randoms, not having even the change of mic comms killed the enjoyment I was having. Not played since.

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