Green Hell’s debut footage reminds me why I stay inside

What time is it? Pain o'clock

Upcoming survival sandbox Green Hell is a strong reminder that mother nature has no particular love for humankind, and that dense, verdant rainforests – while scenic – are not a place for the unprepared to wander. If the animals lurking in the night’s long shadows don’t get you, then the bugs will. Or the gangrene. Or just falling off a cliff. Within, a trailer featuring leeches, infected wounds and portentious quotes from Heart of Darkness, followed by twenty minutes of raw and bloody gameplay footage.

At a glance Green Hell looks not entirely unlike The Forest, minus the supernatural elements, clearly banking on the idea that nature is plenty scary enough by itself without adding cannibal mutants and eldritch artifacts to the mix. I’m inclined to agree. On a deeper level, this looks to go much further on the survival sim side of things, which we get a brief glimpse at in this trailer.

In the long-form gameplay walkthrough, we get to see the basic inventory systems and survival mechanics in action, including the option to examine each of your limbs individually for damage. The squeamish need not apply here, as a good chunk of this gameplay revolves around hunting for maggots to help treat an infected wound. Interestingly, the nutritional value of food is a complex thing, with each foodstuff having different levels of hydration, protein, carbohydrates and fat.

It’s pretty grisly, gritty stuff, but even in this very early state there’s clearly some vision and skill behind this one. Green Hell is being developed by Creepy Jar, an independent studio started by some splintered-off talent from Dying Light studio Techland. They plan on launching it via Steam early access sometime this summer, while we’re all half-delirious from the humidity and heat. You can wishlist and track its release here.


  1. JUNOK9 says:

    Oh great, another survival sandbox game. Just what we needed.

    • Rathination says:

      Eh, at least it’s something different from all the battle royale games

    • LucidDreamer says:

      Oh great, another stupid opinion no one cares about. Just what we needed.

    • SBLux says:

      I think this one looks really interesting. I live in Thailand and can appreciate how hellish the jungle is to live in so I have wanted a real jungle survival game for a while.

    • Iskandr says:

      More like… Another early acess game that sounds really promising but i’ll get really bored playing a worse version of it, so that when it comes out full i’ll have no interest in it anymore, so all i do is pay good money for a bad game (that COULD be awesome).

      Yeah, i get the reasons behind early access, but i SO hate this model.

      • April March says:

        What you did is pay good money for a good game while it’s bad, and as I have the patience to wait until it comes out I pay good money for a good game made better by the money you spent! I am completely satified.

    • UnfriendlyDevice says:

      I know I hate being forced to buy and play theses things, what a cruel dystopia we exist in.

  2. iainl says:

    That looks nothing like Germany.

  3. Chaz says:

    In many ways it looks quite similar to Stranded Deep, only by a slightly larger better funded and more experienced team. However I think I still prefer the tropical desert islands of Stranded to these claustrophobic jungles.

    • poliovaccine says:

      I was actually reminded of Miasmata, especially given the apparent high fidelity detail to sickness and infection, and the setting being your biggest enemy. The author here mentions The Forest, and that maybe looks more like this one visually, but as far as the mood and mechanics go, Miasmata is what came strongly to mind. (I don’t know Stranded Deep well enough to understand the comparison, though – all I know about that one is island hopping occurs.)

  4. CowboyCurtis says:

    Looks like Jason Brody is getting a little tired of the Rook Islands…

  5. hfm says:

    Am I alone in that the first thing I thought when I saw this headline was Metallica’s Misfits cover? Then I had to immediately listen to the EP in full…

  6. A_Rude_gesture says:

    Looks really cool! I have been waiting for a true survival-sim (one without supernatural beings, zombies etc.) so this looks right up my alley! One thing (having only watched a couple of minutes into the 20min video) though; Why would you need a stone spear tip to build a harpoon for catching fish? The way I’ve been taught is either to cut “hooks” into the wood itself or possibly attach small stone chips in a groove either side of the harpoon tip. It’s just a small thing though and does not detract significantly from my overall enthusiasm for the game!

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