Overlordy: Turn 7


For the last 24 hours nothing has moved on the Overlordy battlefield. Bullets have refused to leave barrels. Flames have refused to writhe. Sweat and blood droplets have hung grimly to nose ends and fingertips. One dab of CMBO’s ‘GO’ button will restart the clockwork… sanction another sixty seconds of savage clamour. Are you ready to re-enter the maelstrom?

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here)


Although the prospect of losing both of their most important AFVs in the space of two turns (the PSW armoured car perished in Turn 6) persuaded the Comment Commanders to contemplate and issue some pretty desperate orders yesterday, the cool-as-a-cucumber Hetzer handler decided to let our testudinate tank destroyer have a shy at the Stuart before turning to face the 28-ton menace to the south.

The Hetzer’s gamble doesn’t save the halftrack.


Nine seconds into the turn, receiving small arms fire from behind as it attempts to reverse, the Sd.Kfz.251 is mortally wounded by the British light tank.


Smoke is still spilling from the Stuart’s gun muzzle when the Hetzer fires.

And misses.


If the gutsy diversions executed by the pioneers in the opening seconds of the action phase hadn’t come off, the Hetzer probably wouldn’t have had the luxury of a second shot. Because the pioneer HQ managed to spook and shutter the western Cromwell with a flurry of SMG and rifle fire early in the round…


…and Mogg’s squad* did the same to the eastern Cromwell** while manoeuvring for their close assault attempt, the German TD gets a second chance and, this time, makes no mistake.

*Splitting them safely proved impossible. The split order placed one team on the ‘hot’ side of the hedge.
**This attack was unintentional.


Scratch one Stuart!


Buttoned by Schmeisser hail and unnerved by the sudden appearance of enemy infantry within Panzerfaust and grenade-bundle range, the Cromwells turn tail and run. By the time Mogg’s men reach the corner and the Hetzer adjusts its alignment, the olive drab bruiser that threatened to bust through the bocage at j18 is nowhere to be seen.

The situation at the close of the turn:


At the mill, the LMG team has set up and is busy swapping lead with the American airborne stragglers to the north.


South of the hotel, Mogg’s men, one down after the brush with the tanks, are taking out their frustration on one of the two unidentified Brit infantry units that appeared on the clifftop west of the central beach exit during the turn.


On the other side of the lane, having put up surprisingly stiff resistance, the pillbox survivors are no more.




  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 8 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 8 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Rifle platoon – 3 squads + 1 HQ (circa bakery, f21, see pics)
    *Pak 38 AT gun (in command, g21)
    *Flamethrower team (g22, hiding)

    *Hetzer (j24)

    *Pioneer platoon – 2 squads + HQ (circa hotel, k21, see pics)
    *Mortar spotter (k21, upstairs, hiding)

    *Sniper (church, m22)

    *LMG team (mill, u24)

  2. latedave says:

    I almost feel like no movement is the best movement at this point! Perhaps the mortar team to open up at the unknown target at r20?

    • AbyssUK says:

      i second this, i guess the tanks have fled to their main infantry. Mortar area R20 ish

    • emily riposte says:

      R20 contact is probably the stuart crew? I’m not sure that’s the best use of our mortar rounds.

    • Cederic says:

      Concur r20 isn’t where the action is.

      The infantry spotted at m14 feels a better option.

      • latedave says:

        Fine I’ll go with N13 but if that Stuart crew goes on the rampage you’ll all be owing me big cold steins of I told you so. (i clearly knew it was them obviously)

        • g948ng says:

          I concur, but encourage you to conserve a bit of ammo for later. Since we are firing at unengaged infantry it will just take cover and weather the barrage. Which is good, as it slows them down, but it won´t kill alot of them, I am afraid.

  3. ItAintNecessarilySo says:

    Holy wow! Can’t tell you how relieved I feel right now :)
    Orders for the Hetzer to remain where it is unless someone can convince me otherwise.
    Think biggest thing right is to move the infantry to better positions but don’t have time right to think about were unfortunately.

    • Premium User Badge

      kororas says:

      I can tell! You must have written that last paragraph in quite a hurry!

    • Cederic says:

      Given the pioneers and pak have the west flank and centre covered, I was wondering if the Hetzer could reverse back a bit and come in around those buildings to point its ugly snout south east ish and cover that part of the map.

      It’s really down to whether those cromwells will just come forward again or whether they’ll try a different route this time. We’ll probably have a better idea once our sniper stops hiding and can see across more of the battlefield for us.

      • g948ng says:

        Wouldn´t that take it away from friendly infantry and way too close to where the rest of the US paratrooper platoon might just pop up soon?
        Also, it´s not ugly, it got character.

    • pack.wolf says:

      I dislike that the Hetzer is exposed to anything that comes through the hedge. I’d like to see it moved between the buildings at J24/25 facing the area between the hotel and church (let the PAK/pioneers deal with what happens west of the hotel), or, if that provides too little visibility/not quite enough cover to be masked from the south, hug the north wall of the building at F23 facing east.

      • ItAintNecessarilySo says:

        I am kinda worried that moving the Hetzer too much before the Cromwells return will have it caught off guard.
        How about moving the Hetzer slowly backwards along the road to get behind the hedge at g25? Would it have full LoS from the hedge gap there?

  4. MajorFordson says:

    Quite a relief how this turn turned out!

    • Cederic says:

      I’m doing the celebration dance that my little pioneer HQ team miraculously achieved the right result AND lived to tell the tale.

      Medals all round chaps.

  5. Cederic says:

    Going to take a risk here (just for a change) and split the rifle platoon. They have support from the flamethrower unit now, so rifle squad in g20 sprint NE to j23, then move steadily to occupy the building at r23. Happy for them to go through or around the churchyard; whichever is quickest.

  6. emily riposte says:

    Southern pioneer squad to run to the north side of the hotel and hide. HQ to hide as well. Let’s hope we can draw the cromwells into the pak fire arc.

  7. g948ng says:

    When I got to the “And misses.” it made me startle everyone present with an audible and heartfelt. “CMON!!!”

    • Stugle says:

      Not that the game by itself isn’t interesting, but it’s really Tim’s careful write-up that brings out the drama in the events. The way he writes things up, the rhythm of sentences and pictures – it’s easy to overlook, since it all flows so well, but there’s real craft on display here.

      In less pretentious words: I really like the writing a lot. :)

      • Tim Stone says:

        Thanks. The early deadlines mean there’s not much time for fussing or beating around the bush. Probably a good thing.

      • Cederic says:

        Oh heck yes. The quality of the AAR write-up is everything here. I’m only participating so that the fight continues and we get more of Tim’s reports.

      • g948ng says:

        While nodding sagely in agreement, I´d like to mention how much I love that screenshot of the pillbox crew. You can almost hear guy, realizing there is no way out of this, shouting expletives at his foes.

  8. Harmodios says:

    Hervorragend! Ausgezeichnet! Du hast diesen verräterisch Tommies einen Schlag versetzt, von dem sie sich nicht schnell erholen werden! Wenn wir mehr Männer wie Sie hätten, wäre diese verdammte Invasion überhaupt nie passiert. Ah, all die guten Männer sind in Russland gestorben.

    Jetzt müssen wir diese Gelegenheit sofort nutzen. Die Alliierten sind schwach und unorganisiert. Dies erfordert eine umfassende strategische Einkreisung und totale Vernichtung der feindlichen Streitkräfte. ALLE KRÄFTE ZUM STRAND AUF EINMAL!

    • khamul says:

      Ja, sicher, sicher.

      Nur eine kurze Frage?
      Wo war dein vorheriger Befehl?

      Das ist nicht zufällig ein Gefrierfleischorden, den du trägst, oder?

  9. Skabooga says:

    Well, I got to the party late, but what a thrilling round that was! About time we had a little bit of luck!

    And just so they don’t feel left out, orders for Flamethrower team:

    Hide in place, flame any enemy who comes too close.

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