Overlordy: Turn 9


After a slow start the Allied juggernaut is now within spitting distance of Caent. Turn 9 promises to be eventful. Can the Comment Commanders’ thinly spread anti-tank assets blunt the British spear? Can their off-map mortar battery splinter its human shaft? Let’s find out.

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here)


Evidently Unteroffizier Brenner is one of those Rugged Individualists you read about. The Hetzer starts the turn by brazenly ignoring our smoke shell order. Instead of veiling, it slings an AP shell at a tempting trundler that has just entered its field of view.


The shell fails to connect, whipping past the targeted Wasp then disappearing down a rabbit burrow close to the eastern pillbox. Alarmed, the Allied mobile flamethrower begins to back-pedal. It’s almost out of LoS when our TD fires again.


Gott im Himmel! Another miss.


Meanwhile, on the central lane the Churchill presses on, almost colliding with one of its brothers-in-armour in the process. Although heading at pace for the hilltop ruins at q/r19, the inconsiderate Cromwell has time to harass the rifle platoon at l22 with its coaxial MG as it crosses the road.


Halfway through the action phase the disobedient Hetzer decides the Churchill VII is worth denting/deterring after all. The front turret ricochet provokes a predictable response. A British 75mm projectile gouges the TD’s upper hull before tearing off in the direction of the mill. Suddenly – finally – the little Panzerjäger seems to grasp the jam it’s in. Smoke mortars cough. Reverse gear is selected.

Before the LoS line is severed by swirling smoke and stout Norman stonework, Brenner has an opportunity for a second shot. He takes it, but on this occasion there’s no clang and no sparks. For the third time in four attempts, a Hetzer shell strikes something other than steel.


Not far away, in his roost in the hotel, Lt. Imhof is watching gorse bushes disintegrate and Tommies dash for cover.


The crash of the 81mm thunderbolts doesn’t seem to improve the aim of our Pak 38 crew. Spotting the eastern Cromwell heading for the hilltop, they spring into action, but fail to score hits with either of their first two shots.


Their third effort clouts the target on its left flank but fails to penetrate.


A fruitless, frustrating turn ends with the timely arrival of the promised Fallschirmjäger platoon. Showing remarkable foresight, they’ve brought a Panzerschreck team with them.

The situation at the beginning of Turn 10:





  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 10 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 9 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Rifle platoon – 3 squads + 1 HQ (circa bakery and in church, see pic)
    *Pak 38 AT gun (g21, firing at hilltop Cromwell, hit ‘86%’, kill ‘OK’)
    *Flamethrower team (g22, hiding)

    *Hetzer (j24/j25, reversing along AI-selected route)

    *Pioneer platoon – 2 squads + HQ (circa hotel, k21, see pics)
    *Mortar spotter (k21, upstairs, 117/150 rounds left)

    *Sniper (church, m22, busy firing at infantry targets)

    *LMG team (mill, u24, 1 man down)

    *Fallschirmjäger platoon – 3 squads, HQ, Panzerschreck team (p32)

    (As I won’t be around today to answer questions, feel free to issue conditional orders.)

    • latedave says:

      Can the Fallschirmjäger squad be split? It seems worth sending a small group slowly to the corner of s29 so the allied soldiers are caught between them and the squad at the mill?

      • latedave says:

        To clarify for the Fallschirmjäger I meant platoon of course so one squad to s29. If no one has any suggestions for the remainder I guess they could head to the building on j27 which has a pretty good arc of fire?

        • emily riposte says:

          I’d suggest engaging that squad with the whole platoon to take it out quickly, so the whole platoon can move on to the next threat together. Panzerschreck needs to move, out of line of sight, to a place where it can join the anti-armor fun mid-map. it may actually be out best shot against the churchill.

    • declan_23 says:

      The pak is to continue firing upon the cromwell.

      • Askis says:

        If the Churchill keeps going up the road, the Pak might get a side shot on it soon.
        If it does, I’d say switch fire to the Churchill, even if the Cromwell hasn’t been dealt with.

    • g948ng says:

      Orders for the Rifle Platoon.

      Western group stays where it is, watching those woods.
      Reckless squad in O26 moves a bit east, so it can look through the hedge. Engage any americans it can see.

      • Cederic says:

        I think the reckless squad are squatting in the church, and the men in O26 are survivors from one of our two vehicles.

        Suspect the church is a sensible place for them to hang; the Fallschirmjäger platoon should cover that quarter.

  2. klops says:

    There’s no Allied infantry marker any more on the western forest. The way I remember, the markers stay there as until the unit is spotted somewhere else. Are they the same group as j16?

  3. ItAintNecessarilySo says:

    Maybe set the Mortar to fire around j18/j17? It is now very likely to hit some targets before they advance to village center.

  4. khamul says:

    Well, it’s clear Unteroffizier Brenner has plenty of courage.
    Unfortunately, it’s also clear that it’s the kind that comes in a bottle.

    My orders are for him to have several stiff coffees as his Jagdpanzer reverses, and all the brandy he’s looted to be saved for the infantry, should any of them still be in enough pieces to be be able to drink it by the end of the battle.

    • khamul says:

      Just to confirm, this is not an actual order. If anyone has opinions about what our TD should be doing, please shout. I have no idea!

      • ItAintNecessarilySo says:

        Considering what he did last turn I don’t think Brenner needs any orders. His autonomous display will one day be the envy of the Panzercommanders troughout the Reich! And that using only the Little Hetzer that Could. :)

        For real though, why not let him do his own thing for now? Hopefully the allies won’t have a shot until he is just presenting his front armor again (so made the turn at h26)

        • g948ng says:


          >Monocle drop<

        • khamul says:

          Well, my worry is that if either the western Churchill heads north, or if the Churchill at M19 decides to follow the road round in front of the hotel – which it easily might, in order to deal with our troublesome PAK – they will be presented with a perfect shot up our TD’s tailpipe.

          Whereas, if Herr Brenner were to hare round the corner of his house and place himself at j26, I think the bocage would shield his flank from the Cromwell, while giving us a pinhole between the hotel and the house next to it into the side armour of anything bold enough to go exploring the village.

          So that’s what I’m going to order: Hetzer to j26, facing south, bocage blocking LOS to the east of the map, ambush marker a little south of the road at around j20, just where it’s visible between the houses

      • unacom says:

        I think your order would be a complete waste of good coffee. I´d suggest two tried and tested ways of regulating Uffz. Brenner´s caffeine intake:
        First: Ein Marinekaffee.
        One cup of strong, hot coffee. Add a tablespoon of salt. Stir well. Drink. Clear head ensues almost instantly and violently (hopefully not inside the tank).
        Second: Un espresso d´alpini.
        Take one moka-express. Fill with grappa (the vile kind), add ground coffee. Bring to a boil. Pour. Enjoy.
        Second option should be chosen if joint command attributes the missed shots to a lack of Zielwasser.

  5. Askis says:

    Hold up, a Pak38 fails to penetrate the side armor of a Cromwell at under 500m?
    Was it shooting HE rounds?

    • JB says:

      I suspect the angle may have been the problem in this case

      • Askis says:

        At first I thought the Cromwell was standing side on, but looking at the picture again, it does seem to be angled at ~40-45° to the Pak, so fair enough.
        Which means follow-up shots might just bounce as well, unless the Cromwell turns.

        • Tim Stone says:

          As mentioned in the order request, the predictor is showing an 86% chance of a hit and an ‘OK’ chance of a penetration on the Cromwell. It’s ‘hull down’ thanks to the low wall at q19, but I’m reasonably confident the Pak will deal with it early in Turn 10.

  6. Askis says:

    Maybe start moving the Flamethrower team west (towards B20-ish) to smoke out the infantry moving up through the woods?
    No clue what kind of range the flamethrower has, or if it’s a good idea to get them into a direct fight with whatever infantry that might be…

    • Cederic says:

      Darn it to heck, your order must’ve come through while I was typing mine. But you predate me by four minutes, so you have the flamethrowers.

  7. Cederic says:

    Order: Flamethrower unit to keep hiding. I like having them in reserve.

    Have a great Sunday Tim, and thank you for delaying it long enough to give us this update.

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