Video: 10 State of Decay 2 tips to stay alive

With these tips, you too could be using a giant zombie as a climbing frame.

If the zombies don’t get you in State of Decay 2, then the boastful barista will. Sure, he brews a mean cup of joe, but his self-confidence is beginning to grate and the community’s morale is sinking. This might be the first survival game to be derailed by a braggart with coffee breath. As such it can feel like the world is conspiring against you, so what better time to watch a video of tips and tricks to help even the odds. Not to boast myself (RPS has a high morale community), but it’ll make your life easier.

State of Decay 2 doesn’t introduce itself very well. Okay, a zombie apocalypse is one of those ‘no time to explain’-type scenarios, but it’s impressive how many quality of life improvements slip through the cracks. If you watched Brendy and me tackling the co-op mode you’ll recall us bemoaning the busywork of transporting goods between the car and the storeroom. Turns out there’s a fix for that, it’s just never made clear. You can also pause the game, which is useful for when you want to get a snack without becoming one. I wish I learned it earlier. As does Laura the gardener. RIP Laura, your potato mastery will be missed.

Some of this wisdom is a matter of opinion – how you choose to develop your base will greatly alter the way you play the game. I opt for a relatively conservative food/meds/bombs setup, but I’m keen to hear of more outlandish base designs and strategies. I’ve also not pushed out into the other two maps yet (the whole game can be played on one if you want), so let me know how your move is going. Based on an earlier play session, I recommend the baseball field. Please do share thoughts in the comments – you could even comment on the video if you wanted to see your tactics rated with anonymous thumb reviews.

Elsewhere in the video I explain how to use outposts to efficiently spread your reach across the region and the quickest way to purge plague hearts from the map. And if you’re looking to up your looting game or take down infestations with ease, I’ve got those covered too. Just don’t expect any easy answers about what to do with your less impressive community members. Is a bit of shameless self-promotion really worth a bullet in the head? YouTube would be a quieter place if so.

Speaking of which: subscribe to the RPS YouTube channel for more of this kind of thing.


  1. macallen says:

    I’m crushingly disappointed in this game. I wanted to love it, I really did. My son and I played the head start in co-op PC and the bugs/crashes/latency/lag are simply overwhelming. Quests break regularly, PC co-op is almost completely unplayable, we stay connected (on my 10g switched LAN) for 15-20 min before he can no longer see zombies in my game, can’t see NPCs, rubber bands, vanishes completely, etc.

    I was foolish to pre-order the game, I should have given it a year of patches and gotten it on a discount sale.

    • TormDK says:

      If you want to try it for free, just sign up for an Xbox Gamepass, as this is a Play Anywhere title, so once it released on the Gamepass (tomorrow?) it will be available for download on PC.

      • Matthew Castle says:

        Ha, I was going to make this the 11th tip, but wondered if it was worth keeping that free trial for something more exciting, like Crackdown 3, later in the year.

    • Matthew Castle says:

      I’ve only played the little bit I filmed with Brendan in co-op, have otherwise been playing this solo where it’s been a bit better behaved. It’s still pretty janky, but it sounds like you’re having a hellish time. I’ll admit that these tips are only useful if the world doesn’t keep vanishing from around you.

      • macallen says:

        I wasn’t criticizing your article at all, apologies if I came across that way. Just warning folks. I did some single player stuff and it’s OK, but it gets repetitive quickly, plus the limits on the bases got annoying fast. My son and I started on Thurs night and by Fri night we were in the “best” base with 10 followers and that was it. Going to the “next” area is just starting over on one of the other 2 maps. I’m sure there will be DLCs and more story, and patches to fix the issues, but I definitely recommend getting this free or very cheap on sale and not paying full price for it because the game isn’t done.

        Also, they don’t have support forums. At all. There’s no place to report bugs. So it’s clear they know it’s garbage and don’t want to hear about it, which is annoying.

    • Avus says:

      I never understand the need to preorder games (especial digital copy) in 2018. You deserve to be paid beta tester. It is a worse “financial move” than early access.

  2. Stromko says:

    The smoother character switching seems useful, and the co-op would be great if it wasn’t buggy and plagued with several terrible design choices. Overall, SoD2 doesn’t seem like an upgrade over the original game. It may actually be an inferior game at this time.

    Hopefully it has the same long tail development that the first game benefited from and a lot of the jank and weird limitations can be eliminated. I also hope it comes to some other distribution platforms, as I’d rather not let the MS Store infect my machine any deeper than it already has to, nor do I want to buy in to a game that intentionally prevents user tweaks or mods due to MS’ policies.

    Also why the jabs at Queen’s greatest hits in the vid? That group put out some real bangers, and having just looked up the tracks that appear on that album there’s a lot of really good ones.

  3. necurbanapauperem says:

    And the last domino falls into place with someone above mentioning limits on the bases. This is what stopped me playing the first. Fallout 4 showed us the way so why are we so limited in this respect still?

    • macallen says:

      And with mods like Sim Settlements, FO4 lets the sky be the limit. I’d *LOVE* a huge base in SOD2 and a dozen followers, it’d be fun, but instead they not only limited base size/configs, they also limited resources. I have the 9-person cement plant with max upgraded storage, and I’ve plenty of mats, plus 5 vans filled with ruck sacks…and that’s it. There’s not a single resource anywhere else on the map, scoured it clean, which means my playtime is finite, a time will come where my people will run out of meds, ammo, building materials, etc and there’s nothing I can do about it, no play options available.

      Really poorly designed.

  4. Catweasel says:

    I’m still on 7 so it’s a nonstarter for me. My tip for devs is to not let MS bully them into getting locked to the windows store for PC players.

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