Battlefield V is coming October 19th, see first trailer here

Battlefield V

Update: We’ve now got an article with more information from today’s press-only reveal event, including insight into the game’s new modes, character progression, and Fortnite-like building.

Alright kids, settle down. There’s a new Battlefield game coming, and that’s kind of a big deal. While Call of Duty may have fallen from grace somewhat on PC, older Battlefield games still remain decently populated. You’ll never have trouble finding people to play Battlefield 3 with, and that came out in 2011. At 8pm GMT (30 minutes from now, at the time of writing), EA will be unveiling Battlefield V live via the YouTube stream that we’ve handily embedded for you within. Come watch with us. I’ll put the kettle on.

Post-stream update: It was a bit cheeky for them to open the show with a montage of all the previous Battlefield games, including the ones that EA have shut down and you can’t play anymore no matter how much you’d like to. Within, some thoughts on the stream, plus a bombastic debut trailer.

It seemed likely ever since their recent teaser, but the stream confirms that Battlefield V is headed back to World War 2. While the format of Battlefield 1 is being largely mirrored, right down to splitting the campaign up into discrete War Stories, co-op is coming back as a new mode called Combined Arms, a separate story campaign putting a team of four players in the boots of a squad of paratroopers. Operations are returning as ‘Grand Operations’ and now include multiple game-modes and objectives shifting depending on which team won and when during each four-mission storyline, which is something I was personally hoping for.

Among the solo War Stories is one where you play as a young woman fighting against the German forces as part of the Norwegian resistance movement. You can also guess just how lovely YouTube’s stream chat became the moment they announced this. In fact, it was still unreadable ten minutes later, and flared up to fever pitch when the trailer began with a hook-handed lady doing warshoots, too. Plus another one of those terrible ladyfolk in the box-art at the trailer’s end. See it in action below.

According to the developers on the live-stream, the sliding, lying prone and getting knocked around by explosions stuff in the trailer above is all present and correct in gameplay. You can get knocked flat on your arse by a nearby bomb, but still keep shooting without having to get up. It’s interesting to see how this’ll alter the flow of gameplay, but it’s definitely nice to look at. Doubt it’ll flow nearly as smoothly as in the trailer, though.

One big new gameplay feature mentioned coming for the Support class is building fortifications, and repairing broken buildings. Dig foxholes, install mounted machineguns, patch holes in bunkers and so on. House Flipper: WW2 confirmed. They’re also dressing up the unlock system with a little more thematic neatness – they’re calling it The Company this time – and for each faction you get to build a set of personal cosmetic upgrades, as well as equipment sets, and define how you want each class to look and play.

One major announcement: No more Season Pass. As with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, all the new maps, vehicles and weapons post-launch will be completely free as regular updates to the game. No ‘Premium’ status either to get you XP boosts or skip server queues, which is a major step in the right direction. They promise that you’ll be able to unlock the cosmetic goodies through regular play, although if it’s anything like Battlefront 2, there will be a way to directly buy the costumes, although no gameplay advantages or unlocks you can buy.

Battlefield V is out on October 19th, with early beta access available for those who pre-order.


  1. Zigsaz says:

    The time on the YouTube submission is wrong. It actually doesn’t start for another hour :)
    link to

  2. grimdanfango says:

    Hahaha… so that was 30 minutes until the 1-hour-to-go countdown clock started.

    This is clearly going to be a perfect and amazing launch :-P

  3. Dominic Tarason says:

    Turns out that I’d forgotten that BST (British Summer Time) is a thing. Yes, it’s technically starting at 8pm GMT. But here in the UK it’s also 9pm in a future timezone because our clocks are magical.

    My bad.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Well, their own youtube feed had a countdown to 8pm BST… after which they started broadcasting… a 1-hour countdown clock.

      I think you can be excused the confusion :-P

  4. Joriath says:

    At the time of writing (30 minutes before start) it’s flying past at approximately a thousand miles an hour, about half of that being random profanity and swastikas.

    The internet being its usual encouraging self

    • MiniMatt says:

      I realise this is not a problem unique to Dice/EA, and is as much YouTube’s problem, but if your game encourages or does nothing to discourage this sort of following then your game is not one I’m remotely interested in buying.

      If the announcement livestream is a sea of swastikas then what are we to expect the multiplayer chat to be like?

      Toxic communities are not the internet’s default state and they’re frankly bad for business.

      • DeezPeanuts says:

        I mean….it’s an EA game dude….they’ve pissed many, many entitled little pricks and legitimately disgruntled veterans off just the same. Fully expected this in 2018, yet another title I will be avoiding.

    • Turkey says:

      At least they’re not asking for Skate 4.

  5. RosalietheDog says:

    Customization of the looks of soldiers is a lazy design choice, I think.

  6. Ham Solo says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll be choosing “Post Scriptum”.

  7. zauberkraut says:

    World Star Wars 2

  8. Dominic Tarason says:

    Ladies doing warshoots. The peanut gallery is enraged. I’m happy to have twice the variety of people to shoot at.

  9. Zealuu says:

    Ignoring the obviously fake gameplay (you just put a UI overlay on top of a video, we see you), my main takeaway is that this game is tonally all over the place and can’t decide if it wants to be serious or goofy. I’m sure one of the guys said that they want to give you a sense of historical accuracy and authenticity, yet the character designs in particular look like Fornite characters in WW2 costumes.

    The trailer actually gave me a Bad Company kind of vibe, and I like the Bad Company sub-series, and technically wouldn’t be opposed to one set during WW2. But this isn’t billed as one. Uhh. Anyway. Yeah. I guess we’ll see.

  10. Clavus says:

    Honestly wasn’t feeling it during the reveal trailer. There’s this focus on almost cartoonish chaos and characters that didn’t mesh with my expectations of a major Battlefield game. Just compare it with previous BF trailers.

  11. Seafoam says:

    I wish that they would someday actually show “something new, never seen before sides of the war” like they always keep promising.

    I haven’t seen one game about the Finnish Winter War (except for some strategy games). You know everybody is always raving about modest Finns beating the mighty Soviets, Simo Häyhä the white death, so and so on.
    So why not have a mission set there?
    Although on the other hand I know american devs will mess it all up anyway. So I’m sorta glad.

  12. zulnam says:

    At this point EA are trying hard to keep me uninterested in their titles.

    And i appreciate that.

    Also RPS please PLEASE fix your login system for mobile. “Remember me” has the memory of a sheet of paper and once i login i get redirected to the user profile page, seriously? Pay some good web devs.

  13. Spinkick says:

    cartoon world war 2? Sweet. :(

    Where is the grit? Looks like fortnite

    • DThor says:

      Yeah, the absurdly mad violent kineticism, cutesy banter, everyone being a Marvel superhero…and WTF is that articulated metal hand? It literally holds zero appeal for me. It’s revisionist WW2. I’m sure the brah’s will love it.

  14. DeezPeanuts says:

    I think I’m tiring of the endless digital killing fields…. is that all we are as humans? Playing out dark and misanthropic fantasies on endless killing fields? Gross and stupid. Pass.

    • djvecchitto says:

      I have the same thought a lot—when you make a video game, you can make literally anything, so why are 75% of games about “people shooting other people with rifles?” I guess it’s just what the market wants…

      • Raoul Duke says:

        I want more variety too, but the answer is pretty obviously that games about shooting other people present something easy to simulate without needing to put heaps of effort and thought into actual content. Basically killing, sport, cars and planes are all things that you can ‘simulate’ pretty easily, and all things that allow you to set up a world with rules and then let players go nuts. Whereas games about other stuff require actual good writing and loads of bespoke content to make them interesting and good.

        Not defending it, but I think it is a reason.

  15. Cederic says:

    Who’s the blue guy on the right of the top screenshot?

    I think reception to the Norwegian resistance fighter would’ve been much more positive had she looked like a member of the resistance and not been relying on a prosthetic arm. A key characteristic of resistance fighters (and the SOE members that joined and frequently led them) was their ability to blend into the civilian population and avoid unwanted attention. A one-armed leather-clad trouser wearing woman just does not fit the description.

  16. Jungle Rhino says:

    Good grief – that banner image of the 4 ‘soldiers?’ represents everything that is wrong with the world. Starting from the left we have slightly ethnic man wearing Beats by Dr Dre. Next up it is immaculately groomed prosthetic arm woman wearing blue eyeshadow/warpaint? with custom sleeveless jacket to make it extra obvious she has a prosthetic arm that does not prevent her from doing acrobatics or hinder her shooty-banging. Next it is Millennial beard man – seriously have these people ever seen what actual people looked like during WW2?? Finally there is token diversity man, despite the fact that the vast majority of military units in WW2 were still racially segregated – wearing blue war paint again? Is it meant to be woad? Did they just raid a German paint factory? WTF!!?

    As a massive fan of the original BF1942 title I actually didn’t mind the goofyness – we all loved riding on airplane wings and doing cunning stunts in the jeeps (bless that physics engine). The blatant modernity of it is just grating and this does not resemble WW2 in any way shape or form beyond the weapons everybody is carrying.

    0/10 EA – must try harder.

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