Euro Truck Simulator 2 revamping Germany now, rest of the map later

As SCS Software continue to add to Europe with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (the next expansion focuses on the Baltics), older parts are starting to look a little scrappy. The latest update added more life to its roads but now SCS are thinking bigger. They’re currently working on revamping Germany for a free update overhauling its autobahns, touching up its cities, replanting its forests, and generally making it a nicer place to chill out. This process will take some time but SCS today shared a few peeks at the impressive improvements. They’ll overhaul more countries later too.

SCS said in today’s blost post that they have “a small but passionate team of map designers” working on refreshing base game’s map “to bring it up to or at least close to our current standard of visual quality”. The oldest regions being the most run-down, they’re starting with dear ol’ Deutschland.

Here, check out this stretch of autobahn as it currently stands:

And how it’ll look post-fancification:

Wunderbar! The blog post has more shots to coo over too.

“As you can see in the screenshots, the touches to the German autobahns are considerable,” SCS say. “Some cities are altered in a major way, some will only get a bit of polish for now with new textures, vegetation, and cleanups of the worst visual sins.”

They are still working on new expansions for both Euro Truck and American Truck, mind, so they’ll need a separate team for this. And it won’t be quick. Germany’s overhaul alone will be split across multiple updates, and with their plan “to eventually revisit the whole of core game map”… quite a while.

I’d guess that the UK might be next in line for a refresh, as it’s another transplant from an even older game. ETS2’s Germany and UK were largely brought over from German Truck Simulator and UK Truck Simulator, see, so they’re the oldest regions of the map.

I’m glad they’re doing this. If sales let them keep updating Europe forever, over and over, hey go wild. They do keep adding and overhauling the gameguts and I’ll take eternal renewal and expansion over buying sequels which would almost inevitably be smaller. Consider how weird it always feels when a new Civilization sequel arrives, feeling slight compared to its heavily-expanded predecessor.


  1. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Nah, it’s time for a new engine.

  2. DanMan says:

    They’re currently working on revamping Germany for a free update overhauling its autobahns, touching up its cities, replanting its forests, and generally making it a nicer place to chill out.

    And in the game.

  3. snv says:

    The wrong entry- and exit-lanes for the Autobahn was so annoying that i stopped playing.
    The other parts of the map are nice, but the almost unavoidable center of the gameworld is just too frustrating.

    • Janichsan says:

      I fully agree. The exits lanes in the German part of the map are one of the biggest bugbears of mine with this game. There are a couple of other incorrectnesses (like the order of the listed cities on the roadsigns), but that is the worst one.

      • RocketTycoon1 says:

        If they could do so to Germany, I’m confident they’ll do UK next. And the rest of Europe (apart from France, Italy and Scandinavian countries) will get the same treatment next.

  4. snv says:

    “Some cities are altered in a major way, some will only get a bit of polish…
    Do we need the Going East Expansion for the latter?

    • RocketTycoon1 says:

      They should, especially since Poland will also need a good revamp, considering as it’ll feature a border of the Baltics, including Russia’s Kaliningrad.

  5. Pogs says:

    Honestly I avoid driving in the UK in ET2 since it just ‘drives’ me mad – the roads are soooo wrong. Its just poor on the devs behalf to leave it so wrong for so long.

    • RocketTycoon1 says:

      I didn’t like how the UK looks either, but when the time is right (if Ireland will be next to be added), they’ll give all of the UK an entire makeover. They could also add Isle of Man, but the map is extremely small and almost hard to even spot, especially because of the size compression as well. But, we’ll see what SCS can bring.

  6. hanshanshans says:

    That’s great to hear. I remember being quite disappointed with ETS2’s Deutschland when I first played. Way too many hills up north, and the Rhine was on the border to Holland and had steep cliffs while Cologne and Düsseldorf were sorely lacking in the river department. Will definitely try that shit out once it’s released.

    • RocketTycoon1 says:

      Same, and yet I still had fun, because I wanted to show SCS that us players still care for their game and openly support it as well.

  7. Cederic says:

    Bewildered that people are complaining that the dev has taken so long to provide free improvements to a five year old game (to which they’ve been providing other free improvements for five years).

    • RocketTycoon1 says:

      Kids can’t ever be satisfied these days. A new engine won’t be too much of a necessity since the game itself holds up very well. Yes, the continents look recycled, but I’m not complaining as I’m just simply having a never-ending fun of it.

      They could go for ProMods, but I myself would rather pay good money to SCS than to take the easy way out by going for modded maps that are often slow to update.

  8. bill says:

    How do these updates co-exist with the original versions?

    I ask because I very recently got ETS2, but haven’t downloaded or played it yet. However my PC is only just over the minimum requirements, so (while I’d like a nice shiny Germany and England) I’m a little worried this’ll pump up the minimum requirements and make it unplayable.

    I know if I have the game downloaded and installed I can turn off updates, but how about downloading/installing later?

    • lionel016 says:

      I think your best bet would be turning down the render distance. Based on the teasers, there are some areas that would be completely overhauled and there are some that would be slightly changed. So you can still play in most areas except for some huge cities and road systems.

  9. racccoon says:

    We need off road into play I want to go down a lane I can’t or won’t fit down I got a bag smokey bacon crisps I got to deliver to guy down that lane.

  10. TotallyUseless says:

    This is good news. I love Germany on EuTS2. NO SPEED LIMITS! =)

    I hope tho that after the Baltic states, SCS does the Iberian Peninsula next. Would love to see Spain and Portugal on EuTS2.

    • RocketTycoon1 says:

      Same here, though since Vive Le France would be a requirement to get access to mainland Spain, this would be a tricky move unless SCS makes Vive Le France a free content in order to get access to Spain.

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