Overlordy: Turn 12


Operation Overlord’s rising tide is lapping against the ivied walls of the hotel in the centre of Caent. Though every room is occupied and the sign on the door clearly says “COMPLET” the British seem determined to stay there. Perhaps a blizzard of Maschinenpistole fire laced with the odd Stielhandgranate will persuade them to look elsewhere for accommodation.

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here).


The Axis infantry occupying the hotel and church make their sedentary intentions clear from the outset of Turn 12. Within seconds the four-man platoon HQ leading the Allied advance finds itself locked in an extremely lopsided firefight with three German squads. Against the odds (26:4) the first combatant to slump to the ground clutches an MP 40 and wears Erbsenmuster.


Meanwhile, just to the east of the hotel, the Comment Commanders, CM’s AI, and Fate are working hard to engineer a meeting between the Hetzer and the Wasp flamethrower. With both vehicles heading in the direction of the village centre, an encounter seems inevitable.

As FJ squads push up…


…two PIAT teams, one on each side of the Allied thrust, come under withering fire…

…and the Hetzer and Wasp edge ever closer.


Something – a glimpse of Jagdpanzer 38 ahead or a Panzerfaust protruding from the hotel or church – spooks the Wasp at T+39 seconds and the diminutive fire-breather commences a smart reversing manoeuvre.


At T+45 the hard-fighting British HQ at k19 sustains its first casualty and a smoke round or grenade begins spewing LoS poison at l21.


Screened by the smoke and with its exhaust blackening bocage foliage behind it, the British dragon lets rip. For a few seconds Wasp and church are joined by an incandescent arc. The torrent of flame cascades through roof holes and shattered stained glass. Wodtke jumps for a bell rope as, below him, the fire swiftly takes hold.

The situation at the end of turn 12:


There’s still an incredible amount of lead crossing j, k, and l20.


The charmed British platoon HQ has just been joined by an eight-man rifle squad who appear to be on the verge of charging the hotel.


His field of view hampered by smoke Brenner being Brenner has decided to customise his orders. The self-willed Hetzer has added a few extra sections to its hunt order.

Although thus far only Wodtke has chosen to quit the burning church, if left to their own devices, I suspect the rest of the congregation will quickly follow suit.


A development that will doubtless please the three Allied squads approaching Caent from the SE (o17).


On the eastern and western map edges, things are quiet. At T+3 the FJ squad by the stream eliminated the American stragglers. Nerbul’s men near the bakery spent the turn observing a lone (?) British squad picking its way through the pine trees circa a19.




  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 13 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 9 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Rifle platoon – 3 squads + HQ (d21, g21, m22 + f21)

    *Flamethrower team (b22, hiding)

    *Hetzer (k/l26, ‘hunting’ along AI-plotted route)

    *Pioneer platoon – 2 squads + HQ (k21, k21 + j21)

    *Mortar spotter (k21, 84/150 rounds left, barrage expected in 29 secs)

    *Sniper (m22, ammo 3)

    *LMG team (u24, 1 man down, low ammo)

    *Fallschirmjäger platoon – 3 squads + HQ (j21, m22, s29 + k21)

    *Panzerschreck team (o28, tired)

    (Sorry, you’re on your own today. Hopefully, readers with CMx1 experience will field any queries.)

    • Crimson_Pig says:

      Sniper (Wodtke) to fall back and protect the farm. Take up a defensive position on the upper floor facing south.

      Feel free to tell me if you have any adjustments to this order.

    • latedave says:

      Rifle platoon at m22 to exit the burning building and run to the small building next to the hetzer at l24. Possibly gesturing vigorously at its driver on the way…

    • Cederic says:

      order: hetzer to abandon current order and instead move to between the two buildings at K/L24 and no further south. Keep the ugly snout (sorry, but it is!) pointing towards the beach.

    • g948ng says:

      Orders for the Fallschirmjagers:

      Church Squad from M22 may kiss their loved ones goodbye. Then they leave through the west (->L22) and charge the Wasp through the smoke. I want them in Stielgrenade range of the nasty thing. Preferably from M20, but if it´s neccessary then from M19. Survival is optional, success is not.
      River squad aims to get into the house at R23.
      The rest continue with their respective firefights.

      Comment: You´ll have some convincing to do to make me reconsider. But since I know this is, *ahem*, controversial, I´ll check in later to see if there are other ideas what to do about the Wasp.

    • ItAintNecessarilySo says:

      Tired or not, let’s at least give the PanzerSchrekkies LoS on the road. Orders to move them to m26 (no running in case that’s a thing here) and then remain hidden.

    • Skabooga says:

      Edit: Whoops! ItAintNecessarily so beat me to the punch by 8 minutes, but I’m glad to see my orders weren’t too far off. Great minds think alike! Or as the Germans say, “Two dummies, same idea!”

  2. Antongranis says:

    Can we order one of the squads attacking the HQ elements to charge the brittish-held building, try to kill their leadership before they get help?

    • Cederic says:

      We can, but since the help has already arrived and Tim suspects they’re about to charge us, wouldn’t this just result in a knife fight in the street?

  3. Louis Mayall says:

    Oh no I have a query! Can the currently anti-clerical Wasp do any serious damage to the Hetzer?

  4. Cederic says:

    No orders in this post, just some thoughts.

    Sadly the flamethrower team is too far from the main enemy thrust to influence it. Wonder if they can hold that flank by themselves, freeing the rifle platoon to turn their attention to the east and support the centre.

    The lackadaisical LMG team might have used up all their ammo but at least plenty of it ended up inside Americans. I’m not sure now though whether they’re better off using whatever they can scrounge from the mess they’ve made on the floor to harass and slow the enemy advance in the centre, or just staying hidden to keep the victory point in our hands.

    I’d worry about the Hetzer advancing too close to the Piat toting Tommies but is it even worth trying to give an order to Brenner?

    I concede I should’ve been more worried about the Wasp. Still, it’s not often you get to yell, “Abandon Church!” I notice that despite the orders to keep his head down Wotke’s fired another shot.

    Getting the Fallschirmjägers into position feels sensible. The panzerschreck team would’ve been useful against the Wasp if they weren’t so blinking unfit. Lazy sods.

    Still, I’ve been in worse positions. Usually when playing CM by myself…

    • Copperbottom says:

      There is still an American squad circa w27, I think the LMG team should sit where they are and deter a river crossing. They wouldn’t contribute much to the centre now anyway…

  5. Copperbottom says:

    With the Church burning, no LoS to the Wasp and the hotel about to be stormed and/or immolated, is it time for a tactical retreat? I know the Fallschirmjäger just arrived, but discretion might be the better part of valour here…

    • Sin Vega says:

      Aye, those last few turns gave cause for optimism, but I fear with that devil sat in the village under good protection, the jig may be up. Our only real chance was hunkering down in buildings, and since we’ve no way to stop them removing the buildings I don’t fancy the odds that we’ll even get much of a fight going in between running, rolling on the floor, and shouting “schnell”.

    • g948ng says:

      Tactical retreat? No way. The Wasp will pick us off in our hiding holes one by one.
      Every attack is a flight forwards. If you guys don´t stop me I´ll tell the church squad to run into the smoke and handgrenade the Wasp.

      • Sin Vega says:

        I’d be inclined to agree with this, honestly. Any time we spend moving something closer to the flamer is time it has to torch our new home out from under us, and half our armour eaters are already winded. Right now a lunatic charge from the people right in the thick of it might be a worthy sacrifice.

        I’m going for it: Can the fallschainglers at M22 throw whatever anti-tank gear they have at the wasp before fleeing? ta

        • Sin Vega says:

          Ran out of edit time: That’ll probably mean a suicidal charge through smoke into waiting infantry, but if they have half a chance of bombing the firebugger I will personally make a note to inform their families of their heroic sacrifice, then later put a book on top of the note and forget about it for several months.

      • klops says:

        A burning building is a burning building for the Allies as well. They’ll have hard time trying to take the a church (or k21) on fire with that limited armoured support. Their men should be lying in the open. We have a Hetzer, mortar support and defensive positions.

        Then again, the idea is cool.

    • Dinger says:

      Aye, the Wasp has to be dealt with, and quickly. The two PIAT teams are currently suppressed. In 30 seconds, the shells will be dropping on the elements of the British platoon that haven’t charged yet. If something can at least spook the wasp enough to keep it from setting other things ablaze, then it would be a good moment to commit the reserve and go after the British HQ.

  6. Chaz says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading these so far, although I’ll have to admit that I’ve been cheering on the plucky allies. “Come on lads! Show Fritz what for!”

  7. Harmodios says:

    Nein, Nein, Nein!

    Kein Rückzug, keine Kapitulation. Kämpf weiter, du Feiglingen. Ich werde dich alle für deinen Verrat an der deutschen Volch erschießen lassen.

    Ah, wenn die Verstärkungen kommen, werden wir sie noch einkreisen.

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