Turn Skyrim’s flora colourful with Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern

Skyrim may be a fantasy land–you can tell because people wear furs and have weird American accents–but wouldn’t it be nice if it were a little more fantastic? You can now turn the land’s flora all colourful and doodly with Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern, a wonderfully-named new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. It’s made by Pol Clarissou, who you might know as part of the Klondike collective and for his floral die ’em up Orchids To Dusk.

Pol has replaced Skyrim’s leaves, plants, and other sprite-y flora with his colourful hand-drawn greenery. They’re not meant to be ‘realistic’ replacements, instead seeding the land with a dreamy doodly tone. When a vista comes together, it seems magical.

You can download Dreams Of Hurling Your Entire Face Into A Rose Coloured Plastic Fern for Skyrim Special Edition from Nexus Mods or through Bethesda’s doodad.

Pol notes that he doesn’t know if it works with the regular old edition of Skyrim, and it did not for me when I tried. But I don’t have much experience with modding Skyrim, beyond setting up Schlongs Of Skyrim for Cara that one time, so maybe you’ll know better? I don’t know about Skyrim VR either.

I do also recommend checking out Pol’s dark cities, dark highways, and dark metro tunnels.

Disclosure: I vaguely know Pol? Very vaguely. Vaguely enough that I don’t have any ha-ha-hilarious disclosure statement anecdotes to tell. Sorry.


  1. Mr. Unpleasant says:


  2. brucethemoose says:

    But I don’t have much experience with modding Skyrim.

    That’s a shame. There are free, playable Skyrim mods (besides Beyond Skyrim or Skywind/blivion) who’s scope dwarfs most paid indie games, and the community is still quite active

    I know it’s iffy, as some mods don’t need TOO much publicity, but RPS needs a dedicated modding column IMO.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I do keep half an eye on Skyrim mods for my readme blog (and, like, for RPS too); I just don’t enjoy playing Skyrim so I don’t actually play many Skyrim mods.

      • brucethemoose says:

        Yeah. After days of modding I discovered I didn’t enjoy Skyrim’s base gameplay as much as I remember either.

        I guess that’s the thing with mods? They’re amazing to read about, but you (usually) have to be super-into the base game to even start them.

        If you’re looking for another place to keep your ear to ground, another place to read about mods more than play them, I recommend the Minecraft Forge community. The stuff that comes out of there is crazy, and there’s enough sheer volume to pick out some gems worth writing/posting about.

        • DeezPeanuts says:

          I respectfully disagree with you about liking the base game, essentially, paves the way for liking Skyrim SE modded…I have literally 150+ mods on SE and the base game is so utter trash I can’t recommend the base game to anyone without spending dozens of hours modding. I know I’m not alone on this feeling either….all it takes is for a theme or group of mods to make your willy wet.

      • DeezPeanuts says:

        I love fishing and I had your fishing mod in old Skyrim…. I just randomly found this post of yours and just wanted to thank you for writing it, for existing and for Kiersten existing: link to readmedottxt.tumblr.com

        DVT and PE due to DVT are so scary to me. I spend up to 10 or more hours at my computer too sometimes. I literally last night felt the symptoms you describe of DVT in my right leg after 5 hours nonstop sitting on my shitty, old ,cheap amazon chair. I feel like your post might save my life or someone else’s. Thank you for existing. Sincerely.

      • Person of Interest says:

        Thanks for reminding us about your readme blog. I just watched the Dane Cook Sneezing Arrows mod trailer and couldn’t be happier.

    • April March says:

      I know it’s iffy, as some mods don’t need TOO much publicity, but RPS needs a dedicated modding column IMO.

      I don’t even care much about mods and I agree. What’s more PC gaming than mods?

    • hfm says:

      Enderal is CRAZY GOOD. I finally started playing it within the last week and I’m having a blast. IMO it surpasses the base game in quite a number of ways. At it’s core it’s still very much Skyrim though, so if you didn’t like Skyrim at all you might not like Enderal.

      I find so far the writing is quite good. And the changes to the level up system are interesting. Design of the world is well done. It’s a complete package. It’s like getting a new game almost.

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