Far Cry 5 trades up cults for the Viet Cong this June 5th

Far Cry 5

While visually and mechanically impressive, it’s not hard to argue that Far Cry 5 lost the plot a bit regarding, well, plot. A confused mass of nondescript, non-denominational cults with no clear ideology, and a stinker of an ending soured many on the otherwise-solid open world shooter.

With the upcoming DLC – each one a self-contained story in a new setting – Ubisoft have a chance at turning that perception around, although given how unflinchingly bleak the trailer within for the Vietnam war-themed Hours of Darkness looks, there may be a bit of a wait yet.

Sometime before Far Cry 5 launched, Ubisoft announced a trio of self-contained DLC stories. Rather than go the usual route and have addons bolt stuff arbitrarily onto the main story, each of these packs is a mini-spinoff in the vein of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon, although likely a bit shorter. While the next two packs planned (set in a zombie apocalypse and on Mars in the far future, respectively) look a little more tongue-in-cheek, it seems they’re playing it straight with Hours of Darkness here.

I must admit that I’m a little wary. There’s a surprising amount of room for tone-deafness in depictions of the Vietnam war, and considering how tonally wooly the base game was, I don’t entirely trust the current Far Cry development team to deliver anything more than a vague imitation of things they’ve seen in the likes of Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon. That said, I’ll be very glad to be proven wrong – that’s the great thing about being a pessimist; When you’re wrong it’s reason to celebrate.

In an interesting divergence from the original game, completing Hours of Darkness will unlock two additional playmodes. Survivor mode gives the player a very limited loadout, primarily expecting them to scavenge for equipment as they go, while Action Movie mode will kit the player out with plenty of Things That Go Boom. Again, perhaps a little thematically troublesome, but I’ll withhold judgement until I’ve seen it in action.

One thing that is worth celebrating for sure, though, is that each of these DLCs will be adding their assets to the Far Cry Arcade level editor, so you’ll have a new set of weapons, enemies and props to use in your custom levels. Now that folks have had some time to get to grips with the toolkit, some genuinely impressive levels are being produced, including a few that look like nothing seen in the base game.

Hours of Darkness will be be available either to buy individually when released on June 5th, or as part of the £26/$30 season pass for Far Cry 5.


  1. yabonn says:

    I must admit that I’m a little wary. There’s a surprising amount of room for tone-deafness

    Ahhrm… Yes. Let’s put it that way.

    • Durgendorf says:

      This. My eyes instinctively narrowed upon seeing that comic art at the header. And that’s before hearing it was titled “Hours of Darkness”.

      But I imagine this will sell very, very well.

  2. sion12 says:

    FC5 is the worst FC game with the worst story(if you can call it that). The whole game its literally the same thing cloned 3 time to pad out the game. I hope this is better

  3. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    So what, it’s going to be a literal Rambo (post-First Blood) simulator now?

    • Archonsod says:


    • MrEvilGuy says:

      I didn’t realize 80s macho-USA culture was back in fashion. Pretty disgusting for them to use the Vietnam war as a setting for a farcry game.

      • fray_bentos says:

        I have more bad news for you; Donald Trump is president of the USA and Russia has become the NeoUSSR.

      • mlcarter815 says:

        80s macho USA was the whole point behind Blood Dragon. I think it’s a fun aesthetic.

        • keysersoze says:

          Yeah but the fake 80s future never happened and the real United States Army killed 2 million Vietnamese like not that long ago in a shadow war against the USSR that accomplished nothing. Not really comparable.

      • Raoul Duke says:

        “I didn’t realize 80s macho-USA culture was back in fashion”

        Have you been living in a bunker for the last 2-3 years?

      • Ham Solo says:

        I hope nobody told him about all the wolfenstein games.

      • MrEvilGuy says:

        I meant not in fashion within the realm of video games.

        Trump supporters tend to flock to the rpg codex, not AAA games.

        Wolfenstein is trying to move in the opposite direction of 80s America.

        • Ham Solo says:

          “Trump supporters…” okay, I’mma stop you right there spouting your gibberish and tell you to take your political shit elsewhere.

  4. Turkey says:

    Joseph Ubisoft’s Hours of Darkness

  5. woodsey says:

    I don’t get it with this series. Far Cry 2 already did Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now, and really well at that.

    I know each game has been a shitty remix ever since, but why now do a literal Apocalypse Now DLC?

  6. Babymech says:

    finally they have a chance to right this troubled ship of biggest massive huge success

  7. TimePointFive says:

    Everyone stinking on the mediocre plot is missing out on one of the most fun and free mp shooters out right now. I’m reminded most of old cs 1.6 in the early 2000s with all of the custom maps and modes. It’s no wonder the most popular maps are ones like de-rats.

  8. Zenicetus says:

    I liked the basic mechanics in FC5 — the shooting and companions — more than the stupid plot and repetitive enemies. I bailed out after clearing the first area. I’m also of the right age to be a little touchy about a ‘Nam setting, but if they just do the Rambo thing and don’t take it too seriously, I could get into this. Although what I’m really curious about is that Mars DLC later on.

  9. Dandadandan says:

    “I’ll be very glad to be proven wrong – that’s the great thing about being a pessimist; When you’re wrong it’s reason to celebrate.”

    What an excellent way to look at things.

    • unacom says:

      As an idealist human being, I like to congratulate you on your comment. It IS INDEED an excellent way to look at things.
      However, as an accomplished pessimist, I have found that reality will usually oneup the direst assumptions, thereby confirming that there really is no bottom to the well…

  10. biggergun says:

    Actually, FC5 plot is a rather subtle take on Revelation. Too bad general public doesn’t read books any more.

    That said, I’m all for Vietnam stuff. Anyone else remembers 2003 Vietcong? That game was great.

    • Bull0 says:

      I liked FC5 a lot but I’m intrigued to know which parts of it were “subtle” to you.

      I’m quite excited for all these DLCs, tone deaf or not – expectations about narrative depth need to be at the right level, that’s all

      • biggergun says:

        link to reddit.com

        Mostly this (plus the fact that as a player you basically enact a self-fulfilling prophecy AND can refuse to do it, but miss all the fun). Don’t get me wrong, this is hardly the epitome of narrative depth, but still shows how the gaming press is unable to understand any metaphor more complex than “uuuh, literally Hitler”.

        • MauvePeopleEater says:

          No offense, but the linked analysis is on par with those inane YouTube videos titled something like “X EXPLAINED!!” where people strain to ascribe a discrete symbolic meaning to everything in a game/film/book as if it were a magic eye picture. I’d welcome more literary analysis of games but puzzling together some Kabbalah-ass reading based on a weird imagining of authorial intent really isn’t it.

  11. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    So, possibly worth waiting for the complete edition, which will probably be on sale by about christmas then?

  12. Talahar says:

    I’m sad the DLCs aren’t going the way of expandalone like blood dragon did. I’d welcome any excuse not to have to buy far cry 5 proper.

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