Clickuorice Allsorts: burnout in the Overwatch League

As Blizzard’s Overwatch League nears the end of its first season, Nicole Carpenter on Dot Esports takes a look at the “blurred line between work and play” and the stresses and strains it has placed upon players. With at least one team working 70-odd hour weeks, some players are experiencing mental and physical exhaustion, burning out before even the first season’s done. Blizzard are experimenting with running their digital sports league like a traditional sport, complete with ‘local’ teams to root for, but there’s still a lot to learn. A good read; do read.


  1. dontnormally says:

    For the yanks, it’s Werther’s Clickriginals

  2. Excors says:

    What makes this seem strange to me is that results don’t appear to be financially important to teams. The difference in prize money between the 12th best team and the 3rd best team is about $250K per year, and teams only get half of that (the rest goes to the players). That’s about the cost of one player’s salary. Unless you’re fighting for the top spot, it doesn’t seem worth working your players so hard for such a small benefit. The lucrative part is meant to be the revenue sharing from sponsorships and merchandise etc, and (once teams are located in their home cities) local sponsors and local fans. Being popular seems more important than being successful, and Dallas Fuel shows you can attract a lot of fans without having any success.

    • Moraven says:

      Just like any sports league. There are many franchises that never have won a title and rarely make the playoffs, but they can still be profitable for the owners (assuming they get the city and taxpayers to pay for most of the stadium costs).

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