Horror survival driving game Beware drifts into a demo


You know that feeling of being really excited that a survival game coming out but that also means that you have to play that survival game and now you can taste acid in the back of your throat along with a little bit of the Caesar salad you had for lunch? Well. That’s where we are. And I’m certainly thrilled about the whole ordeal, because Beware — the indie survival horror driving experience — is something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. Now, with our small glimpses of development in the rear-view, I can finally accelerate(? eh.) into a full demo. So park yourself– you know what, I’m not going to do this. You don’t want it, I don’t want it. Let’s reverse.

Beware is currently in early development, and just changed its name from Driving Survival. At its base, it’s an open-world driving simulation where the player embarks on a long journey of information-gathering through exploration. There’s a mix of 70s spy films and stealth gameplay, but more importantly the other vehicles in the game provide a unique challenge. Rather than flood the world with a bunch of cars out to get you, Ondřej Švadlena built a world with a few, terrifyingly brilliant opponent AIs.

Back in January, Alice wrote up this piece which collects a lot of early tech demos for the game, which remain the only tech demos I’ve ever seen which left me straight-up upset. The game has come a long way from its earliest versions and now there’s a full demo that you can “enjoy” as much as I did. Or, you can spoil a bit of the experience by checking out this video.

You can download the demo right now. See if you can brake the game. (I’m sorry that’s the last one.)


  1. DeadlyAccurate says:

    Interesting premise, though the narrow FOV in first person would make me too sick to play it. I wish them luck, however.

  2. Turkey says:

    For a second I thought the title of the game was: Beware – it Drifts.

  3. zeep says:

    Just turn around and go the other way.

  4. Kolyin says:

    When something like this gets localized, is it particularly difficult or annoying to play if you’re used to driving on the other side of the road?

  5. Faxanadu says:

    Would be neat to see this on VR.

    Also, I had a funny thought. Imagine if all the white skinheads would be black guys instead. :D

  6. Lupa says:

    So I never get motion sickness for games. Not ever. Never watching other people playing. But that video made me so sick within a few minutes.. It might be the FOV, or just the bouncyness. But they really need to chance something with it for it to be viable for me.

    • hanshanshans says:

      Me too. I got super queasy from the video. Good excuse for a daytime nap and a fistful of licorice, though.

    • UncleLou says:

      I find watching someone play something usually a lot worse than playing it myself. If you play yourself, you know which camera turns and twists to expect.

    • Alien says:

      Me too… I think it’s the bouncyness. Most simulators do it right: the cockpit moves and shakes but the environment itself has no “bouncyness”.

    • Jernau Gurgeh says:

      That’s actually my experience of driving in real life. I find that I only get motion sickness in a car if I’m a passenger. When I’m the one behind the wheel I’m fine, no matter how recklessly I burn that rubber.

  7. seroto9 says:

    Great stuff. Glad it’s sunny outside.
    Can’t wait until it gets controller support.

  8. Kollega says:

    I am not normally a fan of horror games… but at least, I’ve got to commend this one for an original premise, and for actually seeming plausibly nightmarish (i.e. like an actual nightmare one could have), instead of being your typical “genre horror” with zombies or aliens overrunning a given location. It seems like this game actually digs deeper than hackneyed genre tropes, and that is always pleasing to see.

  9. Troubletcat says:

    This looks great. I hope they do something about the tiny FOV or I’ll find it basically unplayable.

    Also some of the like stuff is a little janky right now. Like, the game looks amazing and is totally evocative and immersive and then the faceless dudes made of like 50 polygons teleport out of the car and I’m pulled out of it completely.

    It’s not finished yet so I’m hopeful. So much of it looks brilliant, it’s just some small things that need improvement.

  10. klops says:

    An angry Lada!

  11. davebo says:

    The car physics don’t look so great, but that might be a result of the camera. Very interested to see if I can play this with my Thrustmaster.

    • davebo says:

      Follow-up: Could not get my racing wheel working. Even my controller wouldn’t map the analog controls, just full on or full off, which sucks when you’re trying to feather the gas to get out of the mud, or just not skid out in the first place. I like the premise but it’s got a long way to go before being a viable , purchasable game.

  12. DatonKallandor says:

    Am I crazy or was the car less bouncy in the old videos? Specifically the up-down axis is just going wild – it seems to handle as though the car only had 2 wheels in the center and was just oscillating back and forth from the slightest bumps.

  13. Raoul Duke says:

    Really, really like the way they handle lighting and fog in this.

  14. hughie522 says:

    I like the demo, though I think ‘Beware’ is a bit too generic a name.

    I feel like it needs a proper B-Movie name like, ‘Last Exit’ or ‘Dead End’ or ‘Wrong Way: Go Back’ XD.

    • Jernau Gurgeh says:

      Last Exit would be an entirely excellent name for this game. I just did a cursory search and there’s no other game called that – plenty of maps and levels with the moniker, but that’s it. Pitch it to them, hughie522!

    • Big Murray says:

      ‘The Fast and the Murderous’.

  15. tgc777 says:

    Not bad and would love to try it out! I personally enjoyed playing FnaF and other Scott Games

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