Plans for Plunkbat include planning for more plans


This morning, the PUBG dev team put out an elaborate letter to update the community about coming changes, priorities, plans for what comes next for the game, and how they plan to make their plans better known. You know, plans for planning plans. Some of this is probably related to recent server crashes, but there’s also an extensive list of upcoming changes for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that need to be taken into account and I’ll try to break down everything of note. We’ve already covered Ghillie Crossing and Sanhok previously. Oh, and those real world arrests for cheating.

The devs start by acknowledging they’ve been rightly called out by the community for not communicating as well as they should have, so look for more letters like this one to come.

The top priorities are performance and server-side optimization, starting with how vehicles interact with the landscape and some issues they’ve found there. Future optimizations for the game will be sent to servers immediately instead of waiting for new patches. Some character movement animations, including sky diving and vaulting, will be drastically improved. Frame drops, far away objects, unseen enemies and vehicles, and even entire maps will see some restructuring to improve loading.

Sanhok map should go live by the end of June and includes a new vehicle. The world building team used Sanhok to get into nitty gritty details while also making the map feel like a place where people once lived. The test servers for this map have also been the source of most of the team’s testing in recent months. And that work will be the basis for all the forthcoming changes to the game as a whole.

You can read the in-depth version of everything in the post on Steam. The comments are all about as helpful as you might imagine.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 1.17.57 PM

Y’all can grab the game at Steam if you so choose.


  1. Premium User Badge

    keithzg says:

    All that I want them to do is fix the fact that small foliage isn’t rendered at a distance. Yes, sure, that’s an optimization, and things probably either be uglier or slower if they corrected that. But in a semi-realistic 100-player last-man-standing, the fact that the tall grass or field of grain that you’re carefully crawling through to hide yourself means that you can’t see anything around you but everyone 100+ meters away can see you clearly worming along a flat bit of geometry, being the most obvious target imaginable . . .

    It’s not only an annoying and perverse asymmetry, it actively subverts some of the cooler aspects of the fantasy of trying to survive when literally every other human in the area wants you dead, since it makes running like an obvious idiot a better survival technique than carefully observing your surroundings and trying to stay in cover while you move.

  2. Don Reba says:

    You can’t spell Plunkbat without “p”, “l”, “a”, “n”.

  3. Ham Solo says:

    Considering there was that infamous incident of 1 million chinese players being banned in february for cheating, it’s entirely understandable. Also the current performance is still for the butt.

  4. scope2008 says:

    I found the need to register and post simply because I am sick of seeing the game referred to as PLUNKBAT in every rock, paper, shotgun article as if they are trying to set an unwanted trend, its embarassing.

    It isn’t catching on, its a ridiculous name that only kids who say “FAM”, “BARE” and “BRUV” in every sentence would dare try and use.

    So I will translate my message into that edgy, pre-pubescent language the kids use nowadays…


    PUB-GEE or Playerunknowns Battlegrounds will do.

    • Donjo says:

      It’s hilarious that people get worked up about this – I feel terrible for spoiling the joke but ‘plunkbat’ is entirely the opposite of how you’re interpreting it. Everyone knows it sounds utterly stupid and that’s the point.

    • ZenArcade says:

      You are an utter fool if you think it’s done for any other reason than ridiculous japes.

      It is self-consciously silly. Also, people who like to use those colloquial terms are perfectly fine to do so. Thanks.

  5. kushum123 says:

    it’s not called plunkbat

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