Overlordy: Turn 16


Combat Mission’s WEGO turn structure (Battles are delivered in sixty-second bursts with leisurely order sessions in between the intervention-free ‘action phases’) might have been designed with play-by-comment one-turn-per-day play sessions in mind, but that’s not why I rely on the series for these mob-handed martial marathons. I keep coming backing to CM, and the CMx1 titles in particular, because I don’t know of any other wargames that produce plausible WW2 drama so consistently and industriously.

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here).


T+5 seconds. Guarding our right flank as ferociously as any fantasy firedrake guards its hoard, Gruber terrorises trespassers in West Wood with another gout of napalm.


T+6 seconds. Teichert’s FJ squad might be pinned and out-of-command but they’re sufficiently composed to deal with the Brits’ Universal Carrier.


A Panzerfaust 60 projectile, its sprung fins barely deployed, slams into the port side of the Allied war wagon as it passes the i23 junction.


T+7 seconds. Mein Gott. There’s an 18kg demolition bomb heading towards the two-storey house at d21!


T+9 seconds. Though the 290mm Petard Mortar round seems to take an age to arrive, most of the ordered-to-withdraw troops at d21 are still gathering equipment and firing at units in West Wood when munition meets masonry. Amazingly, five of the nine-man rifle squad survive an explosion audible in Ventnor.


T+12 seconds. The muzzle of the mill MG 42 suddenly pivots skywards. Meyer is done for.

T+13 seconds. And left-in-the-lurch Larcher’s days may be numbered too. Targeted by at least four Allied units, our ammo-short pioneer HQ is now down to two men.


T +14 seconds. Uh-oh. Here comes the Wasp.


T+22 seconds. Thanks to a Mills Bomb blast, Osf. Larcher is now the sole German presence in j21.

T+23 seconds. Their ears ringing and their faces white with dust, the AVRE victims attempt to withdraw.


T+24 seconds.  Gruber’s Flammenwerfer 41 turns a21 into a raging inferno.


T+30 seconds. R.I.P. Larcher.


T+31 seconds. Manoeuvring Hetzer spots speeding Wasp, but the LoS line parts before a shot can be fired.

T+36 seconds. British rifle fire buttons our reversing TD.


T+45 seconds. There’s a fascinating multi-directional skirmish unfolding behind the hotel.


T+47 seconds. The advancing Wasp enters the sighting aperture of Sheaffer’s Panzerschreck…


T+52 seconds. …realises the peril it’s in and begins to reverse. Our Schreckist tweaks his trigger a split-second too late and the HEAT rocket ends up removing a chunk of ecclesiastical stonework rather than vanquishing the fire-spitter.


T+53 seconds. British infantry emerging from West Wood suppress and reduce our flamethrower team.


T+58 seconds. What’s left of Stein’s pioneer squad succumbs to a pair of Sten wielders who will, surely, be lucky to survive the next turn given the position they’re in.

T+60 seconds. The AVRE is on the move and seems to be heading for the green lane.

The battlefield at the start of Turn 17:






  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 17 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 7 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Rifle platoon – 2 squads + HQ (d21, g21, + f21)

    *Flamethrower team (b22, 1 man, ammo 1)

    *Hetzer (f/g23, buttoned)

    *Sniper (j27, ammo 2, hiding)

    *Pak crew (f20, 3 men, pistols)

    *Fallschirmjäger platoon – 3 squads, all out of command (j24, k22, q21)

    *Panzerschreck team (n25, ammo 4)

    • latedave says:

      Hetzer to advance after the WASP, we re taking a lot of casualties now. F/G 22 should give plenty of LOS options. What’s the range of the piat team tho, I would imagine pretty short? Someone definitely called that Churchill correctly as being a major threat!

      • klops says:

        Effective firing range 115 yd (105 m)
        Maximum firing range 350 yd (320 m)

      • DoomyDoom says:

        Western PIAT team is busy hitting the ground under fire at b20. Plus, d21 is blocking all of their view towards f/g22 and b21 is on fire.

        Central PIAT team has been stuck in bocage at l/m 17/18 for 2 turns. It’s likely going to emerge on the road circa m18 sometime next turn.

    • ItAintNecessarilySo says:

      Pak Crew to run towards the building at f23. There they might at least provide a distraction to the advancing Tommies.
      Brenner’s move might also provide some cover for this.

    • klops says:

      Didn’t want to command the same squad twice in a row, but since there are no commands and I’d like the line to hold:
      Rifle platoon, pretty much like Doomy said:
      -D21 runs to F23 as much covered as possible
      -G21 to F20 if you can move the AT-crew away from the way. If that is not possible, G21 to F21 in HQ’s position and HQ to north side of the building. No one moves upstairs please! Let’s try to keep AVRE uninterested.
      -HQ stays where it is unless G21 cannot move to F20.
      -L25 (yeah, but just in case) to L24.

      I’d love have G21 cover east, but the platoon is coming at them from the west. Is there big opposition? Please say soon. I’ll check in an hour if many insist on changes.

      Please make some orders as well!

    • DoomyDoom says:

      Herr Gruber is to say his goodbyes, take his Flammenwerfer 41, exit the building, and top speed using c22’s trees as cover to set d21 on fire. [Unlikely] retreat path – back to b22 and then further to a23.

    • g948ng says:

      Assuming direct control of the Fallschirmbuddies:

      J24 Squad and K22 Squad continue their firefight.

      Q21 Squad conditional order:
      If you can safely split a squad that is already engaged then please do so. Half of the squad continues to keep the hostile infantry at Q19 at bay. The other half shimmies to the northern corner of their building and targets the knot of enemy units at L/M 20.
      If this move would make them more vulnerable just let them continue with what they do.

  2. fuggles says:

    So… Is this going well?

  3. klops says:

    AVRE did less damage than I feared. The building is still there. Another silver lining is that that monster takes forever to load. It could be that that was the last flying dustbin we saw during this match, depending how the game simulates the reloading.

    • DoomyDoom says:

      I didn’t find any definitive reference, but it seems that 20 seconds is the lowest reloading time (and that is what was referenced on CM forums). Seems to align with the fact that it has spent roughly half a turn to fire this time (counting from “middle of the turn” 15 up to T+7 of turn 16). I reckon we’ll certainly see more of that should the opportunity present itself.

      • klops says:

        Oh? Then they really have put some speed to the reloading time in this game. If I remember correctly, it needs to be reloaded partly outside in real life.

        I don’t think the long time to shoot had anything to do with reloading time. AVRE has had the monster shell in its horrorspigot the whole time.

        • g948ng says:

          You reload it from within the tank, but the loaders´ hands have to reach outside and are briefly visible. I would expect it to be ready to fire in a minute or two.

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  4. DoomyDoom says:

    Well then *wakes up and grabs ‘worst case’ checklist*:
    ✔ Churchill fires between 5 and 10 seconds before infantry can run

    ✔ 3 forest squads pop out and suppress the flammenwerfer

    ✔ j21 makes the final stand

    ✔ Meyer does not survive even half a turn

    ✔ l25 squad still does not listen to orders

    ✖ Our defense isn’t crumbling


    Other thoughts:
    1) Apparently we had a Panzerfaust. Do any other FJ squads carry one?

    2) Judging from top-down view, d21 is headed towards c23, not f23 as ordered. It also looks like an automatic (red) waypoint from the screenshot. Are they panicking, or is it red because it’s a “leftover” from last turn’s manual order? They didn’t get to go anywhere, and we did have a messy conversation thread, but the final order was f23, which I imagine is now even more relevant (c23 = death from 3 squads).

    3) There seems to be a (20mm?) mortar squad in the forest (a20). Woohoo.

    4) Wodtke should have LOS to WASP now.

    5) I’m considering sneaking PSW crew towards the Mill. Maybe we can grab a VP if paras happily make it past and towards center.

    • Tim Stone says:

      1) The only Panzerfausts now available are with the j24 FJ squad (2) and the g21 rifle squad (1).

      2) The AVRE victims are ‘shaken’ so still commandable.

      3) Probably a two-inch platoon mortar: link to en.wikipedia.org.

      4) Wodtke can’t see the Wasp. He has SE LoS to l23 and k22.

      • DoomyDoom says:

        4) Guh, k24 fire… What about south then (PIAT/mortar)? I guess it’s a bit too far away and/or deep in the forest.

        And a couple extras:
        6) Why can we still see paras at w24? Who’s keeping tabs on them? q21 FJ’s?

        7) Is enemy HQ still presumably at k19 (top right corner marker?)? ‘RIP Larcher’ screenshot suggests so.

        8) Do we have the man count for squad at j21? (just looking for possible sniper targets)

        • Tim Stone says:

          4) Wodtke can see the West Wood PIAT and two rifle squads there, but not the mortar.

          6) US para squad is out-of-LoS. Not sure why it’s not showing as a roundel.

          7) Yes, it appears to have survived.

          8) 1 man. Wodtke can’t quite see him.

  5. klops says:

    -Would the flamethrower’s range be enough to set D21 in flames?
    -Are the riflemen in D21 panicking or can you command them?

    • DoomyDoom says:

      > -Would the flamethrower’s range be enough to set D21 in flames?
      Historical range seems to be 32m, so I think it’s about 1.5 squares. The squad that hosed it seems to have lost interest and switched to fighting riflemen+HQ, so werfer might just be able to exit the building and light up d21.

      I do believe the idea has merit, although I’m not sure how to best cross the open gap. Center is holding as well as it is largely because we’ve lost hotel to fire rather than infantry assault, forcing the assault into narrow streets. Similarly, if that mortar shells e21/f20 and brits get on top of 2f in d21, we’re basically done for. If we keep that 5-man squad in d21, they’ll probably get suppressed too fast, and they’re probably not in the best shape morale-wise after losing half of their men.

    • Tim Stone says:

      The flamethrower would need to exit the building and move roughly 10m eastward to target d21 with the dregs of his napalm tank. He’s currently ‘taking cover’ so may be slow to move. Once outside I doubt he’d last long.

  6. g948ng says:

    Oh! Oh, lordy!
    Oh, overlordy!

    I am pretty sure the english also took some serious casaulties this round, but RIP Meyer, RIP Larcher, RIP Stein…
    Technically speaking our defense didn´t so much as crumble, but just ceased to exist.

    • klops says:

      FSJ squads are doing great (well, they don’t have HQ, but…) in very good defensive positions and our situation in the centre is good.
      Our rifle platoon is doing relatively well. There’s only one rifle platoon coming from west. Fortunately the extra British units were support. Backtracking D21 near the HQ and repositioning G21 to defend east should keep a relatively strong defense line. G21 also has a Panzerfaust and there is the Churchill with full side profile in open.

      Of course the situation is dire and especially the Wasp worries me, but our compared to the enemy forces our defence is far from being nonexistant. There’s also a veteran Panzerschreck team covering the centre. I’d rather be us than the British.

      • g948ng says:

        I fully agree with your rifle platoon movement. I also planned to make them resist the western thrust, even if that means weakening the center. I was considering splitting the G21 squad to occupy the bakery and the building south of it.
        As far as the Wasp is concerned I am starting to hope it runs out of ammunition.

  7. Tim Stone says:

    As I’m struggling to run turns /and/ write them up in the morning, from here on I plan to execute turns at 1800 hrs GMT. That leaves about ten hours for musing and debating – hopefully sufficient time.

    • DoomyDoom says:

      So we have about 3-3.5 hours today? Ugh, I sadly need to disappear for just about that time, so here is a bunch of possible orders I might’ve given with more info/conversation. Please consider these in priority order as listed. If/when any commenters take control of these units, use their orders instead. If there are neither orders, nor comments on some of the units by deadline, I leave it up to you what to do with remaining ones (assume ‘no CCM order’, I guess). If it appears I’ve missed something in a hurry and there’s opposition from CCMs (including people who’ve already given orders), please take their critique into account.

      1) Rifle platoon: fix d21’s orders to e22->f23, other squads keep doing what they were doing.

      2) Amend PSW team’s pathing to hide at s25 (current path is ok, just cut it short).

      3) Panzershreck team to move from open ground slightly back into scattered trees (corner of m/n 25/26).

      I’m afraid there are going to be at least 2 british squads advancing along that road next turn, and I don’t want the repeat of Meyer’s fate (unlucky early bullet to the face)

      4) Flammenwerfer to attempt to exit the building and use c22’s trees as cover to light up d21. If still alive, run for any cover (i.e. c23).

      To fellow CCMs:
      Please make sure to override anything you don’t agree with or use any of these as your own. I was mostly leaning towards #2, but had to list #1 because current pathing to c23 looks like last turn’s communication mistake.

      • klops says:

        These are not commands.
        1. is what I thought as well (surprise, since that’s what I said during the last turn), except G21. It is in the open. The western line don’t hold with just the HQ and shaken half-squad. Q21 could already cover the south of the burning hotel. It’s good to cover lines like HK20 but there’s a rifle platoon approaching.
        How do others feel with G21?
        4. The flamethrower wouldn’t make it.

        How do you bolden text?

        • ItAintNecessarilySo says:

          Look under the comment field for text make-up. use “b” and “/b” between > and < (wrote them in reverse order otherwise it will use/ hide anything in between). Just experiment!

          As for the situation and orders. Most squads which should have order have been given them by now. Please do not order the flamethrower out of the building btw. Moving heavy equipment at this time should only be left to the Brenner moving his Hetzer around :P

          • klops says:

            Sniper is hiding.
            Flamethrower. At the moment I suppose it’s committing a suicide in the open.
            FSJ (is eg. q21’s target the priority target it should engage?)

            Ah! I’ve never paid any attention to this. Thanks!

          • DoomyDoom says:

            Hopefully I’m back in time. Wooosh.

            When I said “priority” I meant fall-through kind (i.e. someone takes order in place of #1, so my order is the next, #2). So my current standing order would be #2, not #4. But I’m back so anyway.

            My flamethrower reasons:
            – I am very very sure he won’t survive covering in the house for 60 seconds vs 3 squads;
            – he has 1 ammo left, and burning d21 is imo the best way to use it. Everything relevant around his current position is already burning, cutting off an entire avenue of advance. And like I said before, occupied 2f d21 = disaster;
            – all squads have momentarily lost interest in targeting werfer and are engaging something else: 2 rifle squads are focusing d21 survivors, one more squad is prone and running, presumably recovering from damage it took from d21. The 3rd squad is either unidentified or HQ, and I’m leaning towards the second possibility as it’s not attacking d21 like others. When d21 squad runs away, guess who will surely take fire (see this turn’s events)?

            I will default to #3 (slightly cover shrekkies) if you are that strongly opposed.

          • klops says:

            Suicide mission, but you had good points: The ammo is so low and the outcome would be so important that I’d say it’s worth a try.

            Use the force Gruber.

          • DoomyDoom says:

            For what it’s worth, I strongly suspect Gruber will be pinned before leaving the building, because he will be delayed by “taking cover” at the start of the turn. At which point he will either fall, or burn a squad that comes too close.

        • klops says:

          BTW: “these are not commands” was meant for my comments, not Doomy’s.

  8. Sin Vega says:

    Christ. Sorry, I mean, kreist, that was some drama. I’m not convinced we’ve battered enough of their dudesquads to cause a general rout/stalemate, but that looks like it might be our only hope as their numbers are going to show soon.

    Damned costly victory for them even if they get it, though.

    • klops says:

      I expect a draw with bit more points to us. We have a very good chance of keeping at least 2 victory locations. 3 would be possible if everything goes really well and the game really ends after turn 20. If I remember correctly, sometimes the end round is not exactly the one set, but can vary +/- few turns (?).

      I’ve spend way too much time on this during the busiest weekend of the year :D

  9. Tarfman says:

    Knights crosses all round I think. With plenty of leaves!

  10. Boronian says:

    I am not participating in CM this time but I just wanted to say what a battle!

  11. albedophillip says:

    Once a year I log in to RPS to remark that this feature is the best writing on the site. Congrats, Tim – it’s so well done.

  12. Rituro says:

    Mein Gott, I go away for barely one week of vacation and the place falls to pieces. Dark days for the defenders…

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