Overlordy: Turn 17


Outnumbered and facing fearsome Allied siege engines like the Churchill AVRE and Wasp flamethrower, Caent’s dwindling band of German defenders is beginning to give ground. Or perhaps “relinquish ground” would be more accurate. The behaviour of our forces during the last couple of turns has been anything but acquiescent.

(Overlordy is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord in which German forces are orchestrated by commenters while British units are computer controlled. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here).

As British infantry bundle through the backdoor of the maison at d21, German infantry – still reeling from the effects of an AVRE attack – flee through the front door.


The retreating rifle squad is one of three units heading towards f23 in the early stages of Turn 17. At T+20 seconds, caressing the sands near the western beach exit with its crisp cruciform shadow, the fleetest of this trio, an RAF Typhoon, commences a blink-and-you’d-miss-it South-North bomb run.


By the time the shout of “Jabo!” goes up, H.E. is already on its way down. The first bomb decimates the pretty clifftop bungalow at e13…


The second plunges towards our Hetzer and the bakery but overshoots, erasing the dwelling at f23 instead. Two of the AVRE-attack survivors, their luck reservoirs drained during the previous turn, are struck and killed by flying debris…


Gruber takes advantage of the pandemonium to begin his desperate attack on d21. Within seconds he’s receiving fire from multiple sources.


As he stumbles towards the scant cover of roadside trees at c22, bullets pluck at his smock and glance off his helmet and the deadly apparatus strapped to his sweat-drenched back. Common sense says he can’t succeed – not in the face of that horrendous grenade-laced lead storm – but in Caent there’s no such word as can’t.


The two-storey house with the gaping hole in its south facade is well ablaze by the time British bullets finally fell our fearless firestarter.


As predicted, Stein’s killers see little of Turn 17. Once Teichert’s FJ squad have neutralised the closest infantry threat, they turn on the remnants occupying Larcher’s cottage and deal with them with equal efficiency.


Aware, perhaps, that the Brits behind the hotel are struggling, the Wasp attempts to offer support. Sheaffer, our Panzerschreck pointer, is moving to cover when the Allied arsonist presents itself.


By the time he levels his length of Dunkelgelb-coloured stovepipe, the unnerved Wasp is rolling back the way it came. Has Sheaffer left it too late again?


It seems not.


When the turn ends the battlefield looks like this:


1) The bakery has been under two-inch mortar fire for the past ten seconds or so. The bombs have yet to cause any casualties.

2) & 3) The FJ squads behind the hotel are essentially intact and have ample supplies of ammo.

4) The paratroopers at q21 are ‘cautious’ and down to seven men but appear to be holding their own.

5) Possibly the platoon HQ that led the initial British assault (there’s no sign of it at m20)

6) The AVRE is out of LoS.




  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 18 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 7 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter).

    *Rifle platoon – 2 squads + HQ (e23(3 men), f20, + f21)

    *Hetzer (f/g22, buttoned)

    *Sniper (j27, ammo 2, hiding)

    *Pak crew (f23, 3 men, pistols)

    *PSW crew (s25, 1 man, pistol, low ammo, hiding)

    *Fallschirmjäger platoon – 3 squads, all out of command (j24, k22, q21)

    *Panzerschreck team (n26, ammo 3)

    • latedave says:

      Can we try and move the hetzer down to f/G 23 again in hunt mode or does buttoned just mean it won’t move now?

      • DoomyDoom says:

        Barring other orders to infantry, I’d rather not cluster our forces in lieu of bombing runs.
        Buttoned means a much worse view of the surroundings, so basically bad reaction times. Not that Brenner is known for good reaction to begin with.

      • Tim Stone says:

        The Hetzer would execute that order without difficulty.

      • klops says:

        You can also affect the buttoned up status yourself by ordering the tank to close/open its hatches. So it is not some pinned/shaken/routed meter, but a choice between a good view and a good cover. When a tank is under fire, they automatically button up and won’t come up unless you tell them to.

    • Crimson_Pig says:

      Wodtke (sniper) to move to the western corner of the farm if there is a LOS on the mortar there. Otherwise just come out of hiding and do what you see fit.

    • declan_23 says:

      The FJ squads near the church are ordered to stay alive for at least 3 more minutes. Is it worth sending the squad at q21 to try and occupy the mill?

      • DoomyDoom says:

        About Q21 squad – doubtful:
        – There are 2 squads at m20 that will probably come out and be able to target them.
        k19 looks like it’s about to actively start attacking them.
        – Their previous opponent in q18 is currently uninterested, but that might rapidly change.
        – They are 7, paras are 10+, most likely 14, with unspent grenades and whatnot.

        I’m actually actively worried paras will eventually strike them in the back, but we can’t do much about it.

    • DoomyDoom says:

      PAK crew is to run to the d/e 21/22 corner of d21 building.
      Orient in whatever way is the best to be able to reat to people coming around either corner.
      If it’s possible to be fired at through the building under certain angles, add a hide order at the destination. If an ambush marker towards c22 allows to prioritize that direction without preventing troops from firing in direction of d20, place that.

      If I’m terribly misinterpreting the way hiding behind buildings works in CMBO, attempt to hide inside e21 instead (maybe crawl, rather than walk/run into it).

    • g948ng says:

      EDIT: Disregard. Just saw declan_23´s orders for the FJs.

      • DoomyDoom says:

        Rifle platoon, well, mostly e23 squad could use some better direction (at least where to aim towards)

        • g948ng says:

          Actually I like where they are going. There is no better cover nearby, anyways. They can help surpressing anyone trying to go use the road or provide flanking fire if they advance south of it. The HQ and the other squad can´t go anywhere during the mortar bombardment.

          Orders for Nerbul´s Platoon:
          E23 Squad take cover in F23 ruins and then face SW.
          F20+F21 Squad Hold tight!

          • DoomyDoom says:

            Yea, that’s mostly what I meant. To not have them facing N.

            The only other idea for them I had was to pressure mortar from the edge of e23, hopefully taking it out together with Wodtke. But f23 gives better reaction to SW if needed.

  2. DoomyDoom says:

    First things first – my hat off to Gruber and a, sadly posthumous, promotion to Flammendrachenkommando.

    Now onto my usual ramblings:
    1) Can Wodtke finally see western mortar team? In fact, let’s just make it ‘who can Wodtke target’?

    2) Is the visible contact at l/m 17/18 bocage the PIAT team? If yes, I unfortunately suspect the ‘last contact’ next ot it is the 1-man HQ.

    3) Are my eyes deceiving me, or 1-man PSW crew > 14 paratroopers? Or is it a misleading product of no contact with paras? I’m still not sure how VP flags work.

    4) I’ve read the manual about bombing/strafing runs, but I have no idea how high is the chance of a repeat run and whether bombing the same location is likely to be more accurate on repeat runs. Any insight? Also, is f23 building reduced to rubble or still a building for purposes of cover?

    5) Approximately (or better yet, exactly) when did we lose LOS on AVRE? Looking back, I’m now confused as to why we had LOS at the end of previous turn to begin with, similar to paratrooper situation.

    6) Do the bodies at c20 near rifle squad targeted by our bakers belong to western PIAT team? Can’t find them anywhere else.

    7) Is l25 squad STILL not responding to orders? That’s taking a real long time to recover.

    8) How long do you reckon it will take our rocketmen to get to a)n21 corner of the church and b)i25 corner of j24 house

    • Tim Stone says:

      1. Wodtke can see four Brit units, all rifle squads (2 SW, 1 S, 1 SE)
      2. Crew
      3. I’m confused by this too. Our PSW crewman does indeed seem to be trumping 10+ Screamin Eagles at present.
      4. I can only offer a non-committal “It may return”, I’m afraid. Building at f23 is now rubble (some cover).
      5. Very early in the turn.
      6. They do.
      7. They are routed and may not recover before the end of the battle.
      8. a) Just over a turn, and b) just under a turn, at a guess.

      • DoomyDoom says:

        Any chance Wodtke can get LOS to mortar from west corner of the building he’s currently in (j/i 27, center horizontally)? Screenshot suggests so, but I don’t trust it because of scattered trees.

  3. JohnnyG says:

    This playthrough has been one AI face palm after another lol…this game.

  4. klops says:

    What a turn! Great stuff, great sfuff!

  5. Crimson_Pig says:

    Does the target and hide order work like this: “Stay hidden until a really good shot is available (at any target, not just the one you selected, though preference is given to that one)”

  6. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    in Caent there’s no such word as can’t

    How long were you sitting on that one? 😆

    • klops says:

      My thoughts as well. I love the way and skill things are explained here. It’s been a joy scrolling down to reveal a short piece of writing and seeing the explanatory picture supporting that same text. “What now?” “Ooh!” “What next?” the pacing of writing in Schaeffer comic and Gruber drama… ahh! That 1800 GMT deadline seemed like a good call when we get stuff like this.

  7. Cederic says:

    Pak crew hiding in that building sounds sensible.
    Remaining PSW crew man staying hidden is unlikely but worth a bash.
    Rifle platoon haven’t convinced me all battle, so they can stand and die if it gets us the win.

    So with just three hours of command time available:
    Order – Panzerschreck team to take control of the building at L24, ready to move further SW if that AVRE needs properly spanking.

  8. DoomyDoom says:

    I’m contemplating putting PAK crew at the innermost corner of d21 building (d/e 21/22 intersection), so that they can be in a ‘good for pistol range’ spot to ambush anything that somehow gets around either corner.
    Will be home in an hour or so, comment before that for any objections.

  9. klops says:

    What has killed q21 FSJ troops? The infantry squad south of them? Have they received fire from anywhere else?

  10. g948ng says:

    Heilig scheisse! This was a lucky turn, if I ever saw one. It could have gone wrong, horribly so, at so many points. Gruber spitefully fulfilled his orders before succumbing to the inevitable. The Wasp trying its luck again just the moment Shaeffer turned around. That “upper hull penetration” was an incredible relief.
    And finally the bombing run. Luck of the devil. It not only managed to miss the bakery, with its all-important HQ inside and the only intact rifle squad nearby, but also flattened the F23 cottage 1. too late to hurt the Hetzer and 2. too early to wipe out the retreating riflemen from D21.

  11. AbyssUK says:

    Does the Hetzer have HE shells, the brit HQ looks to be heading for H21.. could the Hetzer bring it down on them ?

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