EVE Online’s new expansion warps to Abyssal Deadspace

Spacejerk MMO EVE Online today launches its latest free expansion, named Into The Abyss, with a focus on PvE action. Capsuleers will get to venture into Abyssal Deadspace, a new form of spacedungeon, to fight a new faction of NPC enemies. As well as duffing up the mysterious Triglavian Collective, spacefolks will get to make and use their spaceships and new type of spacegun too.

Abyssal Deadspace is very much intended for solo play, which is a bit weird for the murderous MMO – as Matt Kamen got into when he talked to developers CCP about it.

So! Abyssal Deadspace offers short solo dungeons, lasting 20 minutes tops (you’ll die if you run over). Players who find or buy a ‘filament’ can use it to warp through wormholes into a chain of three bubbles within the Abyss, strange and doomy places where even the spaceweather can be against you. They’re partially procedurally-generated, so they’ll offer variety. And Abyssal Deadspace is home to the Triglavian Collective, a mysterious faction who seem to at least be human… ish.

Blueprints for three Triglavian ships can be found in the dungeons, ranging from a frigate to a Battleship and all looking like replacement heads for Blade Wolf in Metal Gear Rising. The spooky spacemen also offer the chance to get Entropic Disintegrators, a new beam weapon type which charge up and do more damage over time (a long time – 80-ish seconds for a frigate one to reach full charge, up to 140 seconds for a battleship). They’re also home to Mutaplasmid Colonies which can improve ship modules.

Read CCP’s broader overview of the update over here, and the patch notes this-a-way.

EVE is free-to-play-ish these days, having introduced ‘Alpha Clone’-level accounts which can fly the first few tiers of ships and learn basic skills. Alpha Clone players won’t get to play with the fanciest toys but EVE is an MMO where low-level players can contribute meaningfully even to wars. Swing by EVE’s site or Steam to blast off.

I’ve reinstalled EVE since CCP launched Alpha Clones, though my old accounts have been lost to the ravages of inaccessible inboxes. I log in to queue skill training every now and then but my heart’s not in it; everyone I knew in space has left and EVE’s PvE isn’t great. I’ll have to see if Abyssal Deadspace is as neat as its name sounds.


  1. Slazia says:

    Interested, but as someone who played for a few years, I can’t use my ships as I am not willing to pay for an account any more. Let me fly my ships and I might come back.

    • Evan_ says:

      One can fly more than adequate ships as an alpha for multitudes of tasks. But if you spent such a significant time in EvE, you’d know that whatever can be terribly abused will be. And and unlimited number of free accounts with just a -very- few currently locked skills could have an apocalyptic effect in some hands.

      Otherwise, free alpha clones are in no way limited socially, so one could work or scam for the ISK that buys Omega accounts. :]

      • Hunchback says:

        I am an old time player, quit EVE some 8 years ago but there’s always that itch that wakes up every time i read about it. However, me too, can’t pay a subscription anymore.

        Question is – Just how hard/boring is it to farm ISKs to buy omega?

        • lordcooper says:

          The unhelpful but only true answer is that this is entirely dependent on your game knowledge, character’s skills and available assets, your own social skills, the area of space, your preferred activities, and luck.

          It takes somewhere between half an hour and 40 hours per month. About three hours of moderate tedium or 2-10 hours of having great fun in my case.

  2. SamSimpson88 says:

    I started playing again last week, wanted to try the expansion.

    I used this
    link to eveonline-recruitafriend.uk
    gave me extra skill points and over half a billion ISK when I signed up for Omega.

  3. Vincku says:

    As a science fiction fan, I really wanted to like Eve Online, I paid a subscription a while back, and tried hard. Now, with the Alpha clone, I can’t fly the ship I used to have, so this is even worst and many bitter feeling. And to be honest, I was often falling asleep on my keyboard while playing it. I did not get to see all the actions they promise in their video promo. And this idea of “pay to play, don’t pay, loose everything”. They are too greedy. No Thanks. Even with a new update.

  4. racccoon says:

    It must of been a cold winter in ice landic land, also there’s seems to be a new word in eve language..procedurally-generated, have they been peek’in at No Mans Sky’s code. :)

  5. Kollega says:

    Oh, look here – a faction using Eastern European-sounding names and titling itself as a “collective” are the nefarious PvE baddies… in EVE Online, of all games. How very surprising and not at all fitting for me to draw accusatory conclusions from.

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