Rocket League rocks up to the beach with Salty Shores


I had a theory about Rocket League, back when it came out and everyone I knew was enamoured with it. I figured that as players got more experienced, the actual field would become irrelevant as entrepreneuring rocketeers learnt how to boost themselves through the air. I envisioned matches being entirely resolved in the skies, the ball forever hoisted out of my reach. I predicted two classes forming along Wellsian lines, with a skyriding elite that would come to sneer at the pathetic groundlings beneath them. I’ve no idea if any of that happened, because I haven’t launched the game since my friend Dan got much better at it than me and it became too frustrating to play with him.

Oh yeah, the news: the Salty Shores update is out. Competitive season 8 has begun, and people who are annoyingly good at Rocket League can now lord it over beach goers in a new arena.

Here’s a peek at the new map. The last permanent arena was added back in September, so this should be a sight for shore eyes.

That arena is clearly the main dealio, but you’ll find a few more bits and bobs in the patch notes. The rewards for competitive season 7 have been dished out, there’s a new music track, some more cosmetics have been added and a bunch of bugs have been squished.

The beach-based fun doesn’t stop there. Rocket League’s summer event is just around the corner, and will run from June 11th to July 2nd. It’s called Beach Blast, and I’m going to make a bold prediction and categorically state that it’ll include a volleyball mode. There’s been no official mention of that, but this mod has already proved the idea works.

Before I go, I can’t resist ambushing any Rocket Leaguers reading this with a quick mention of Laser League. My review should go up today or tomorrow, and while its name feels like an attempt to crib off of RL’s popularity, that doesn’t seem to be working. Which is a shame, because it’s a similarly fantastic 2v2 or 3v3 competitive multiplayer game that doesn’t deserve to flop. If dodging lasers and cajoling your opponents into them sounds like an interesting break from rocket cars, maybe give it a punt?


  1. Cederic says:

    Laser League : 6 minutes; uninstalled.
    Rocket League : 362 hours, still trying to master hitting the ball with a jump off the wall.

    But yeah, there are those that can fly, and the rest of us. It’s a marvel to behold when you unexpectedly find yourself in a match with one.

    • Slazia says:

      I actually kinda enjoy Laser League vs. AI. I just wish I could play multiplayer vs. AI and get the rewards rather than have to wait 5 minutes for matchmaking to find no opponents then let me play.

    • Bozs says:

      2000 hours before i could hit airials from anywhere on the map, 2500 and i am learning air dribbles. i am nearly 40, rocket league is the only place where kids can make me cry.

  2. Retroblique says:

    Rocket League’s player base is big enough, and the range of skills broad enough, that the matchmaking system has no trouble matching you up with players of a similar skill level. I see a lot of people out there a little intimidated by the game, assuming there’s no point jumping in three years after its release because surely everyone is a turbo-boosting sky god. Yes, there are sky gods, but they exist in their own little elite sphere of the game away from everyone else. You’ll find a few salty people who believe themselves to be god’s gift to RL but are in fact that as mediocre as everyone else, but otherwise you’ll find the casual playlists to be full of people around your skill level who just want to have a fun kickabout. Don’t be scared to give it a go or come back if you’ve been away for a while.

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