Total Warhammer 2 unleashes Norsca horde & new DLC

It’s a big and fighty day for Total War: Warhammer II, with extra factions, units, and lords flooding in from all over. The first Total Warhammer’s Norsca DLC race have become playable in Twarhammer 2’s cross-game Mortal Empires campaign, the new ‘The Queen & The Crone Lords Pack’ paid DLC is out now, new free DLC adds a brooding new High Elf for everyone, various races have received powerful buffs, and elite units from the first game are now in the sequel too. As I said, a big and fighty day, whether you’re buying anything new or not.

Right so! Free things first. Here comes Alith Anar, a new Legendary Lord joining the High Elves, going around telling everyone to call him ‘The Shadow King’ as a cool nickname because he can walk in shadows and summon Morai-Heg to kick people in. Alright Alf, simmer down.

Also free are the 30th Birthday Regiments from the first Total Warhammer, 30 elite units across several races who have now become playable in Mortal Empires, the campaign which slams the two games together. If you’ve not nabbed ’em before, see this.

Then there’s today’s big patch, named ‘The Resurgent Update‘. Along with fixing bugs, tweaking balance, and tuning performance a little, it adds new things. All Elven races can now hunt for (and hopefully claim) the Sword of Khaine, for starters, which surely can’t backfire. The High Elves gain new technologies too.

The update also adds the Norsca DLC race to the Mortal Empires campaign, and gives the the Viking-y lads new technologies and hunts to make them fit better into the sequel. You will need to own the DLC to play them, though do remember it was given free to players who bought Total Warhammer within its first week.

Speaking of, the Dwarves in Mortal Empires have been reworked and expanded a little too. They’re getting the new ability to forge powerful magic items and weapons, a new starting position for Ungrim, new skills for some folks, and the new megamurdering Giant Slayer units.

Onto paid things! Total Warhammer 2’s first DLC ‘legendary lord’ pack, named The Queen & The Crone, is out now. It adds Alarielle The Radiant to the High Elves and Hellebron The Hag-Queen to the Dark Elves, both fielding new units as they fight over whether the world should be pretty or bloody. That’ll cost you £6/$8 on Steam.

In short: vikings, elves, dwarves, and lords galore.


  1. Blastaz says:

    That’s a lot of free content. Probably time to give mortal empires a proper go. Was waiting for the Norse to burst into the scene.

    Wonder what the paid dlc will look like now, there aren’t really many races left to add…

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      What’s left at this point? Ogres? The new fish people from Age of Sigmar? Chaos Dwarves? Albion?

      But yeah, it’s pretty weak. Dunno what the intent is for Total War Warwarwarhammer 3. Unless they’re just going the AoS-conversion end of days route.

      • Blastaz says:

        Official races left after tomb kings are ogres, chaos dwarfs and demon princes.

        Norsca was their first unofficial race. That would open up Amazons and Araby as obvious candidates given the map of II, and maybe a tillea/estalia conquistador race.

        • mrpage says:

          There is older official fluff for “Dogs of War” armies from Tilea (Pikes, cannons and mercenary monsters). Araby actually is (kinda) official because they did do a full range of models for it for a spin-off game called Warmaster, which more than the Norsca ever got.

          Otherwise it’s as you say (Chaos Dwarfs, Ogres, Daemons).

          They may well see Daemons as four separate armies, for the four gods.

          • Blastaz says:

            There’s a Kislev army list for Warmaster too. And Amazon and Norse blood bowl teams, but by then you really are scraping the bottom of an antique barrel! In my day (4/5 ed) dogs of war was a list of supplementary special units rather than a strict Tilean army list although I do vaguely remember there being rules to field an entire army of them.

            Araby are most obviously missing on the map, so would be my bet for a first “creatively interpreted” race. I can’t see them doing Kislev as a dlc for II now given they don’t appear on the main map. But given how they are making dlc for Rome II they might release them as a dlc for I and allow you plug them into mortal empires.

          • mrpage says:

            @Blastaz Doh, Kislev, yes, that should have been on the list.

            Dogs of War in 4th / 5th was a selection of regiments from different races but the core of it was pike blocks and “galloper guns” from Tilea (fantasy Italy).

        • lordcooper says:

          Flings please. And make them properly shit.

      • Archonsod says:

        Separate Chaos powers (rumoured to be the focus of 3 as it happens), Ogres, Chaos Dwarves and three of the VC bloodlines. Araby and Kislev are possibilities (both had army lists in Warmaster which could be adapted). The ‘fish men’ are simply a redoing of the old Fimir (they were part of WFB up until 3rd edition or thereabouts). Given GW has already blown up the Old World I suspect CA have a fairly free hand over it.

    • Splyce says:

      I mean, they just added 2 NPCs for $8. They sure don’t need to add entire races to make paid DLC.

      • Cazier says:

        What NPCs did they add for $8? If you mean “The Queen & The Crone” DLC, both Hellebron & Alarielle are playable legendary lords with unique start positions & mechanics. The DLC also includes new units, hero & lord types, plus regiments of renown.

      • Blastaz says:

        Given the huge amount of free content Mortal Empires represents, a little bit of good will should be a extended!

        • Cederic says:

          Given you have to buy two full priced games to play the Mortal Empires campaign I’m not feeling the love.

          Total Warhammer was ok, Total Warhammer 2 is an excellent game. It’s still ludicrously expensive if you want the all-singing all-dancing version though. Even with the current discounts it’s £98 to play the ‘full’ Mortal Empires campaign.

  2. Chem says:

    Unless I’m mistaken and they’ve changed it the Giant Slayers are ironically worse at killing giants than other options as they have a bunch of armor piercing which is wasted on giants. Still a welcome new unit with other uses.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      That’s because they’re all tooled up for fighting giants in armour.
      “But there isn’t any giants in armour” I hear you cry.
      Ahhh, but that’s because they were so bloody good at killing them, of course!

  3. Vacuity729 says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this update since it was first announced that Norsca’s implementation was delayed. Large chunks of the community accepted the mea culpa with good grace (and large chunks didn’t, of course), but if the game’s still got serious hiccups after this update, the fanbase is likely to kick up a hell of a stink.
    Things work out rather well for me as I have a chunk of free time in June. I’m supposed to be using that free time for boring things like travelling, seeing friends, swimming, and such like, but I believe those druchii in Naggaroth are in need of a good kicking, too.

  4. Vacuity729 says:

    Ha-ha-hilariously, it turns out that Norsca is not playable in the patch CA pushed to Steam earlier today. After eight months of waiting, Norsca is finally… unplayable.

    Cue gnashing of Internet-teeth and rending of Internet-clothes.
    Supposedly, this is already fixed at CA’s end, and they’re waiting for Valve to push the hotfix to customers.

  5. slartibartfast says:

    “The update also adds the Norsca DLC race to the Mortal Empires campaign, and gives the the Viking-y lads new technologies and hunts to make them fit better into the sequel. You will need to own the DLC to play them, though do remember it was given free to players who bought Total Warhammer within its first week.”

    I’m pretty sure it was Chaos Warriors that were given free if you bought it in the first week.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Lo says:

    If she bends over to pick something up, she’s going to gut herself.

    • Horg says:

      If she was ever placed in a position where she had to pick something up, she would gut the slave who dropped the thing she needed, then order another slave to pick up the thing, then gut that slave. This how Druchii roll.

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