The Farm 51 declare World War 3


Such is the state of the political climate that when the words “World War 3 Coming to Steam in 2018” appeared in my inbox this week, my immediate reaction was “Well, I’ve heard dafter threats of nuclear armageddon.” But nah, rather than bombs dropping in response to a Steam review bomb, it’s just a new multiplayer first-person shooter from The Farm 51. This time, the Polish studio behind Necrovision and Get Even are stepping back from demons and spookings to focus on plain ol’ warmen with their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns. Have a peek in the trailer:

The Farm 51 say that’s built upon a metagame of fighting over a world map, with one side attacking and the other defending in each match. It’s not a PlanetSide-style persistent open-world war, mind, more a layer that adds a dash of consequence to fights. “Every destroyed vehicle, every kill, every bullet fired, every achievement affects the big picture presented on a constantly evolving, interactive war map eventually covering the entire planet,” they add. Big talk, but I wouldn’t be wholly surprised if it’s just something like For Honor’s Faction War.

They also gab about the importance of teamplay, “the most authentic bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date”, maps in real-world places like Warsaw and Berlin, and oodles of customisation options for weapons, outfits, and vehicles. War stuff, y’know. See the game’s site for more.

We’ve not seen anything concrete of the game yet, though with E3 less than a fortnight away maybe we’ll see actual action soon.

World War 3 is coming to Steam Early Access this autumn. They then plan to launch it fully after 12-15 months of adding, testing, and tweaking things.

The Farm 51 are also currently working on Chernobylite, a horror set in Chernobyl.


  1. Imadoctornotadoctor says:

    with their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns

    Well, at least it’s not another zombie shooter, amirite?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Gabriele Svelto says:

    They seem to have taken great care in how they depict military hardware, it all looks very realistic. At the very beginning of the trailer there’s even a vehicle with slat armor that’s eerily similar to some that have been seen used during the Syrian civil war.

    • Cinek says:

      Well… Russians somehow made it to Berlin without glassing everything all the way there. There goes your realism… Also: T-90s killing Leopard 2A5 through frontal turret penetration? Yea… no.

  3. DEspresso says:

    I have to say I’m more surprised that name wasn’t taken than anything else.

  4. HumpX says:

    erm, their pedigree goes back to “Painkiller”. 3 of them anyway (working for “People Can Fly”). Their games have been a tad rough but quite entertaining nonetheless. they’re worth keeping an eye on.

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