Wreckfest smashing out of early access after 1611 days

Smash-happy racer Wreckfest will finally leave early access after 1611 days and launch in full this month, publishers THQ Nordic announced today. It’s been a long journey for developers Bugbear Entertainment (who also created FlatOut) and the game they once called Next Car Game, from a failed crowdfunding campaign in 2013, through early access, picking up a publisher, and being delayed so many times. It’s been productive, mind, adding loads of new stuff and making those titular wrecks even fancier. These wrecks have certainly earned a festival.

Wreckfest will officially launch on Steam on June 14th – smack bang in the middle of E3. Nice to have something to actually play, rather than just watch, that week. Of course you can also buy Wreckfest in its near-final state for £25/€35/$40. A few finishing touches are still to come.

“The challenge mode with all new unusual vehicles – like a crop harvester – guarantees crazy races, you’ve never seen before,” today’s announcement says. “Also players can now customise their cars with quirky items. Why would anyone have a car without a shark fin?”

Because the shark fin might clang against the height-limit bar chained above a car park entrance and everyone will stare and tut like you’re a chuffing fool.

I know that our Graham is a fan of Wreckfest but I’ve not played it myself since ooh that 2013 demo maybe? Have the years been kind, gang?


  1. foszae says:

    Not all the intervening years were kind. But at some point it turned into such a spectacular replacing-all-other-racers game that i’m actually sad to hear that Early Access is coming to an end.

    • Eikenberry says:

      Didn’t they outright replace the physics engine multiple times?

      • foszae says:

        Perhaps not repeatedly outright replaced, but the physics model certainly did get swung back and forth a few times. Nothing too extreme for an alpha, and the end result hit the sweet spot better than practically any other game with cars in it.

        Oh and the competitor AI wasn’t always great, but at this point it’s so challenging that multiplayer with humans is an easier race than single-player

  2. Eikenberry says:

    I actually like it. The physics are absolutely beautiful to behold. The career mode is a little threadbare and multiplayer is/was a bit quirky to get into, but smashing another racers car sideways on a figure 8 track is always good fun.

    It had a weird reputation of never bring updated for years and years even though they released what I could tell was almost every other month.i don’t think it deserves all the negative word of mouth it’s gotten.

    Fair warning, you will need a fairly beefy rig to handle all the fancy car crashes.

  3. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    I’d honestly forgotten this game existed. I remember it popped up around the earliest days of Early Access with promo stuff about “From the Creators of Flatout”, then it seemed to go radio silent for about 4-5 years. Maybe I’ll look into it on a seasonal sale.

  4. popej says:

    Looks interesting. Hopefully a bit like Destruction Derby on the original PlayStation (was it PC too? Might have been). I miss Psygnosis…

  5. Ham Solo says:

    It went through some tough times but getting a “real” publisher helped alot, the game is great.

  6. Menthalion says:

    Can we now have THQ Nordic announce an Interstate 76 remake / reimagining with this engine and assets ?

  7. Thankmar says:

    The Flatouts are currently on sale at gog.com, if anyone wants to try out the predecessors.

  8. rockman29 says:

    Absolutely fantastic game saw big changes and additions in last year and a half and now has a strong amount of content

    The visuals are a lot nicer and the physics and gameplay now mesh very nicely and very fun to race against online or ai

    Highly recommend for any destruction derby fan to me it’s met my expectations even though it took a while to get there

  9. MortRimbley says:

    I remember playing this a few years ago and it became my favorite online game. Wild racing, great physics and the only game that made me belt out laughing from the chaos of the crashes. Then they changed the engine, the online community left and the racing was way less fun. I checked in a few months ago and I’m happy to say that with the years of tweaking the engine, it’s now back to being a lot of fun again and worth checking out.

  10. Peksisarvinen says:

    Man, JUST had a LAN party with some buddies like a week ago, where we played FlatOut 2, and amidst all the shouting and laughing, wondered what had happened to Wreckfest. Figure it must’ve been stuck in development hell, so this really came out of nowhere.

    I have not played Wreckfest, but I HAVE played TONS of FlatOut 1, 2 & Ultimate Carnage, on LAN, online and single player. If Wreckfest manages to do the same thing FlatOut did, I can safely recommend it to everyone with even a passing interest in racing games. FlatOut on LAN provides the kind of ridiculously fun entertainment that no other racing game has ever capture (and I’ve played a lot of them).

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