What are we all playing this weekend?

Has E3 started? Maybe E3 has started. The games industry’s marketing megablast unofficially begins earlier and runs longer every year, and if the announcement of Rage 2 in mid-May wasn’t the start, Ubisoft confirming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey after word of the game leaked via some promo tat surely was. Expect more leaks, teasers, rumours, and daftness as we lead up to the official start of the unofficial start with publishers’ press conferences next weekend. It’s a hectic time of year for me but ah, I do half-enjoy seeing what my brain does when it breaks over a seemingly endless week of ludicrous hours. Full of surprises, that skullful of slop.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alec: I’ll be playing Vampyr, because Vampyr apparently lasts longer than six different realities’ Lord of The Rings special editions, and somehow I have to write, by Monday, a review of a game that doesn’t seem interested in ending until sometime next century. A little behind-the-scenes insight into THE CONSTANT STATE OF PANIC that is playing videogames for a living, there.
Alice: Now that The Defect is properly in Slay The Spire, I’ll be zapping and ripping monsters with this lovely little murderwizbot. I’ll also be showing my new Lada around GTA Online, a car so scrappy that even the most murderous of players pauses to stare and honk before shooting my face off. Oh, and you’ll find me lobbing apples at strangers’ faces on Sanhok.
Brendan: I’m not playing ANY videogames. They’re AWFUL and I hate them. What kind of a sick medium would let you accrue thousands upon thousands of human souls, only to introduce you to a large man with two swords who wants to feed you to his pet dogs? It’s a sick industry and I’m tired of it. I’m quitting. Right after I beat this Capra Demon.
Graham: I still need to put more time in to Yoku’s Island Express so I can review it, so I will probably spend the weekend either playing that or feeling bad for not playing that. The rest of the time will be spent also in Game Maker, because I’ve got to make a prototype of a game. Some people even gave me money to do so – uh oh.
John: I’m really stuck on Moonlighter, so I imagine a bit more of that. Plus playing some more Raft with the boy. And then, if there’s a spare moment, I want to get closer to the end of God Of War.
Katharine: Having finally struggled through to the end of Frostpunk this week, I’m in desperate need of a gaming pick-me-up that doesn’t involve anyone freezing to death or dying from starvation. My prime candidate? The bright and cherry world of Grow Up, the sequel to Ubisoft Reflections’ delightful Grow Home which I played earlier in the year after finishing the excellent but almost equally harrowing Zero Time Dilemma. If lovely little BUD can’t warm my heart, nothing will.
Matt: I’ve got cults to simulate, Valkyries to slay, bunkers to punk and a time-bending murder mystery to solve that I never got round to starting.

Will I actually find time to play Cultist Simulator, finish God of War, get past the first few levels of Bunker Punks and actually begin Omensight? Almost certainly not, especially if I end up going to the UK Games Expo.

Matthew: I’ve just picked up The Silver Case (on sale now, folks!) so I’ll probably give that a go. I used to be big into Suda51’s games; they’re not always mechanically satisfying, but at least there’s something there to react to. He’s been in decline since No More Heroes – settling for a role of zany studio figurehead over hands-on director – so I’m looking forward to dipping into one of this earlier works. I’ve got a real soft spot for Flower, Sun and Rain, the sort-of sequel to The Silver Case, but never understood it; I’m hoping this brings much needed clarity.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. elmintrude says:

    I was pleasantly surprise by the opening few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda last weekend so I’m going to delve back into that. No doubt with a few trips to Murder Island to try and gets me a chicken dinner. Had a 2nd last night, I damn near soiled my Armour.

    • elsparko says:

      It’s not a bad game per se. You just need to come to terms with the nonsensical story line. Some missions were even outright entertaining. It is still a sad departure from the “details first” approach of ME1.

      Oh and I personally disliked that the player character felt like a teenager. This could have been a suggestion that I might already be out of the target age group.

      • brucethemoose says:

        Shepard is “only” 29 in Mass Effect 1 IIRC. Looking back, Shep feels even older than that to me, especially compared to really-young adult Ryder and the longer human lifespan of the ME universe.

        Anyway, Andromeda’s story is pretty sensible as far as actiony AAA games go. Which is, needless to say, a low bar.

      • Zenicetus says:

        That was my main complaint with the game — not just that the main character was so young, but that the plot and especially the dialog felt like I was reading a bad Young Adult novel. Cheesy dialog throughout. And an obnoxious colonialist angle with one of the main alien races. It was a sad failure to take advantage of what should have been an amazing new setting for the series.

        That said, the combat was good enough that I did manage to finish the game, when I felt like wasting time shooting aliens in the face.

        • AbbieDuffy says:

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      • April March says:

        “A good game that unfortunately doesn’t follow on ME1’s footsteps” is basically the franchise’s motto.

  2. ninjadeath says:

    As it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago I have a bit of a back log so I think some Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Splatoon on the Switch and Moonlighter and Laser League on the One True Format. I also started another game of Don’t Starve the other day for some stupid reason (like I haven’t got enough to play) and it’s got it’s hooks into me again.

  3. elsparko says:

    Dark Souls Remastered sucked me right in. I had postponed continuing on to Blight Town from the Gaping Dragon on the “Prepare to Die Edition” earlier this year to await the remastered release. Yesterday not only did I defeat Capra Demon and Gaping Dragon on the first try, I also ventured deeper into Blight Town then ever before. Now I’m afraid to go back into the game. I fail to map the place in my head and it feels like stumbling around on that dreaded scaffold and the obligatory poisonous swamp without going anywhere (pleasant).

    • Daymare says:

      Last I played DS was in 2012, never made past Moonlight Butt, but I got the Remaster when it came out and am playing it between studying for my diploma exam next week. Having a blast.

      I ran through most of Blighttown and sorta chanced upon the bonfire there. Running thru stuff is generally what I do a lot in this game. I run and climb until stuff stops coming after me. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      Otherwise I’m using online help whenever I need it, e.g. couldn’t find the path to Gaping Dragon after about an hour of running around, or what to do against that silly curse that you get down in The Depths. This allows me to actually steadily progress, made it past the Iron Golem recently, thanks to someone telling me where to fight it. (ed. removed spoilers)

      I’m sure there’s peeps who manage it on a blind playthrough, but fuck me have I not the patience or mental capacity for that.

      I’m running around with a straightforward STR/VIT/END build and a +10 longsword and I quite like it, tho I’ thinking about switching over to a diff weapon when I get enough titanite to upgrade again.

  4. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    At some point, I’ll be trying to catch up on some small VR things and will likely play a little Elite:Dangerous VR with some buddies, plus something new and shiny and non-VR like Mirror Drop, and maybe something middle-aged and shiny like Thumper.

    Otherwise, I’ll mostly be tending to enormously exciting garden and house stuff, and bumbling around in UE4 and Blender and various command lines with some other folks.

  5. Plok says:

    Stag weekend in Brighton, so I guess I’m stuck with PoGo in between being forced to drink through some industrial hosing and getting my bottom out – standard hetero hardcore activity…or something….I don’t know…I just want to play DS remastered! Save me!

  6. celticdr says:

    This weekend I’m going to be starting my own cult, perhaps it will be a Cthulhu type deal, haven’t really decided yet… Oh and if I find the time I’ll give Cultist Simulator a go (as that sounds like fun) too.

  7. Imbecile says:

    Rayman legends. It’s good, though not my sort of game really. I have battle tech but need a new pc to play it. Sad face

  8. Telkir says:

    Wow, no-one at all spending time on Overload? That’s my jam for this weekend (and more). Gotta blast them robots… explosions so pretttyyy…

    • elsparko says:

      I did the first few missions already and it is definitely a true successor to Descent. I got a little bit annoyed by having to hunt down upgrade points and closed doors that could both be secrets but also scripted enemy “spawners”.

    • Galahad Threepwood says:

      It’s on my wishlist for sure! There are just SO many goid games out right now…

  9. Thulsa Hex says:

    Didn’t plan on it, but I found myself starting Pokémon Moon today. That’s half the weekend taken care of.

  10. Hoot says:

    Finishing Cosmic Star Heroine then gonna get pwned in Quake Champions for a bit. If you haven’t played Quake but are old school and like me are sick of “modern military shooters” and mechanically skill-less battle royale guff then Quake is your antidote :)

    After that I’ll relax with some Moonlighter.

  11. obscured says:

    overload, it’s amazing it’s like it’s 1996 again

  12. Vacuity729 says:

    Total Warhammer II for me! Got to play, play, play, play, play!

  13. juan_h says:

    Crusader Kings II. The French and Aquitanians just will not stop getting conquered by the Badishah of Hispania. I don’t even want France or Aquitaine, but I’d rather not have a giant hostile blob with the Holy War casus belli sitting on my western border. It seems I must conquer them myself in order to save them.

    Life’s hard for a Holy Roman Emperor.

  14. SpinyNorman says:

    Battlefield 1, got a few months to warm up for V. On the other hand, Warframe…

  15. Faldrath says:

    There’s Dark Souls, there’s Cultist Simulator (very good!), there’s Persona 5 and GT Sport on the PS4…

    … but there’s a new league in Path of Exile, and this time it’s pretty good. Oh my. Oh my.

  16. jerseyBastion says:

    Path of Exile, where I’ll be tempted to roll an Incursion character but will almost certainly stick with my ex-Bestiary guy, because I’ve sunk loads of time into him. Also Polytopia on my iThing, I keep playing one more turn…

  17. Someoldguy says:

    I’ve had my fill of stompy robots for the time being, so I’ve retired the Highlander and headed off into PoE2. It’s better polished than PoE1 but it’s not quite gripping me. Call me unreasonable, but I have a problem with games that set you up at the outset with a choice, then end the game if you pick one of them. I was quite interested in the idea of being a Watcher that hadn’t been involved in the events of PoE1 so whenever that plot came up I could say “you’re talking to the wrong guy, I’m not him” but Obsidian offer that as a choice one minute then cut it off with a Game Over in the next.

    To be fair, they could say it’s a great homage to the classic introduction to Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion, Throne of Bhaal. There the choice was give up a piece of your soul or remain stuck in limbo. Obstinate bastard that I am, I refused to choose option one and kept desultorily poking around the prison plane for alternatives for six real life months. I really hate games that dangle a choice in front of you then won’t let you take it.

    Having got on with the game, it feels like being stuck in a Greek Myth. The gods are going to make my life impossibly miserable unless I get on and do what they want me to do, at which point other gods are going to make my life miserable in other ways. It’s not making me feel particularly adventurous or heroic and I’m chafing against the pared back character advancement too. Perhaps I need to set it aside and come back when I’m in a more receptive frame of mind.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      That would piss me off no end too. Sounds like i should give PoE2 a pass then as false choices (like false doors) are one of my bug bears in game design

      • malkav11 says:

        I mean, it’s one decision in the opening ten minutes of the game, not an indicator of how the rest of the game (which is absolutely rife with multiple paths and variant ways to solve problems) plays. You are of course free to hate false choices to the point that offering the choice to entirely reject the premise of the game and not then letting you play the game is enough to no-sell you on the game entirely, but that strikes me as a trifle unreasonable.

        • Vilos Cohaagen says:

          I dunno, I have so many other excellent games to play that sometimes it is easier to move on.

          Like the OP said it depends on my mood, and sometimes I’ll come back later. Bit of a roll of the dice though. It’s not a hard rule but that kind of thing in the opening minutes can sour me on a game even though I can accept others will love it.

          The opening threat of execution put me off Skyrim as it is something I can’t handle in games (for many real world reasons) but I accept and encourage others who enjoy to continue doing so.

          I’m really only speaking for myself here :)

          • malkav11 says:

            Well, that’s certainly true. PoE2 is an excellent game so far and I’d cheerfully recommend it, but there are enough excellent games out there these days that one can afford to be picky.

            (For example, I’d love to play Horizon: Zero Dawn or a couple of the other PS4 exclusives, but with literally thousands of other games waiting for me on PC I can’t see it being worth buying a PS4 to do so.)

          • Someoldguy says:

            Had I never picked that option expecting to be a new Watcher, I’d have been fine with it. Having done so and been let down, it just feels like being bait and switched. Unfortunate, but it’s hard to shake off the unpleasant taste it has left in the mouth.

            My other reservation with the otherwise very flexible PoE2 is the limiting of enchantments to specific upgrades to gold items only. It starts to feel like there are right and wrong character designs because some will be supported with great items and others won’t. At least in PoE1 you could make any item into one tailored to your character rather than having to gamble that the devs ideas match your own.

          • malkav11 says:

            Whereas I love that because in PoE 1 magic items felt very generic and unexciting. Basically everything except soulbound gear was just a stack of the same enchantments you could put in whatever. But in 2, every item has its own specific personality and your enchantment options intensify that personality.

  18. Morcane says:

    Dark Souls Remastered. That game is a timeless gem – still so captivating.

    Of course, Path of Exile: Incursion – much better than the previous Bestiary League.

  19. H. Vetinari says:

    about to finish my first play-through of Tyranny. Gotta say I find it better than POE1, and that’s not just because it’s shorter, but I really like the story and the setting better, it feels “tighter” than POE1. i can see myself replaying it sometime in the future.

  20. gabrielonuris says:

    Just installed Heroes of Might And Magic V, and I’m playing it for the first time ever. Although it doesn’t play in widescreen (besides stretching everything like a skin map), I’m loving this thing.

    The only game in the franchise I ever played was Dark Messiah, and since I read the Might and Magic lore to understand who actually was Sareth, I promised myself to at least try and play HoMM V & VI because the Dark Messiah was mentioned in them by prophets. That’s how I really loved Dark Messiah.

    By the way, I don’t remember the last time games in completely distict genres was tied to one another by lore, sharing the universe like this. I really dig this kind of thing, it not only shows a lot of attention put in the lore, but actually makes me try other games I never played.

  21. ziffel says:

    Planescape Torment EE, and finishing up Dying Light and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    • Evan_ says:

      Torment has the best story and writing in the history of gaming.

      I like to state that, for I wanna’ provoke gamers to suggest me awesome titles while debating, but apparently no one wants to debate who played it.

      • Hoot says:

        That’s because it’s hard to debate something that is a hard truth. PST has the best story and writing in gaming.

        However, other great stories exist. From small adventure gems like Technobabylon and Gemini Rue to things like NieR: Automata that is just bonkers but extremely well put together and has surprising emotional heft if you persist through endings A to E. They’re called “endings” but they’re more like phases as the story continues after each.

        • malkav11 says:

          Strictly speaking, only endings A through C represent one continuous story – D and E are variants on how C ends. But they’re all worth getting.

  22. Ben King says:

    Beta testing a space trading/combat game Innes McKendrick recommended on twitter a few weeks back, and maybe I will finally install The Witness on my sony box. I’m constantly flip flopping between it and the PC depending on graphics needs and availability. Also hoping to check out one of the brutalist architecture museum walking sims by Moshe Linke on itch- one of the devs behind The Tower at Tortenna.

    • Ben King says:

      check out the developer gameplay of “Objects in Space” regarding the Beta… I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. They’ve got some really good writing and some neato ship maintenance mechanics.

  23. GepardenK says:

    Overload. I’m amazed by the campaign so far. Best sp experience for me in a long long time

  24. Ultrazero says:

    I discovered Dead by Daylight during the spring cleaning event. I had it in my library, but for some reason – as with many of my games – I just never got around to play it. Due to the progression a lot of players are stronger than me, but it’s still very fun.

    Next to that, I’ll probably continue in expanding my realm in CK2, now that I have succesfully united the many tribes of Ireland (or, Eire) and my son is the son-in-law of the king of scotland, who has only his one daughter -of which I’m the lord- as heir. I’m going to make sure internal strifes within Eire are dealt with while simultaneously trying to get the king of Scotland to meet an… Unfortunate demise.

    And some FF14 somewhere inbetween ofc.

  25. Galahad Threepwood says:

    SWAT 4! Read about it here last week, found it on GOG, and have been stumbling through levels ever since. You do NOT want me as your SWAT team leader. The game is absolutely magnificent though.

    On breaks from that, Metro: Last Light beckons, as well as Rayman: Origins and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

    There are too many good games out right now.

  26. Vandelay says:

    Ah, the Capra Demon! Many a lost souls had with him. I’ve always put it down to one of the few moments of shitty design in Dark Souls, where they have crammed a big enemy in a tiny alleyway with two dogs that can very easily stagger you. Then again, a friend of mine claims to have never had any trouble with him and he was one of the easiest bosses for him, so what do I know.

    Some tips for Brendan and anyone else experiencing the game for the first time with the Remaster; run to the stairs avoiding him and the dogs, making sure you kill the dogs as soon as possible after you have managed to get some breathing room. Once they are down, it is fairly simple fight, particularly if you have a shield that can block 100% physical damage. The main issue that you can encounter with doing this is the ridiculous jumping controls in Dark Souls. You will probably need to roll out of the way of the dogs when you first enter, but if you are running this will normally make you jump. However, putting your guard up (left bumper on a pad) while running will stop you from jumping and actually perform a roll. Good luck!

    As for what I will be playing, I picked up Torment: Tides of Numenera the other week when it had the free weekend. Despite it having mixed reviews, I’m really enjoying it. I never particularly got into the original game (only played it much later and the interface put me off quite a bit, as well as realising that I had gone past an opportunity to become a magic user that I was hoping to be), but I’m loving exploring this crazy world. I’ve played it for about 11 hours now and I’m still plodding around the opening few areas encountering new things.

    Combat is just okay, but it is clear that this really isn’t the focus of the game and only occurs occasionally. I have had maybe about 3 fights and I could have easily avoided them (one of those was even a result of the previous one).

    Also picked up Unforeseen Incidents, following John’s enthusiasm last week. It is joy to find such a great old school point and click game. I’ve only played the first chapter, but it is bringing back so many memories of playing games like Monkey Island for the first time. After being quite disappointed by Thimbleweed Park, it is good to see that it wasn’t just nostalgia goggles that made me reminisce about this genre.

    Might be able to squeeze in some Overload in VR too. Only played a couple of missions, but it is a lot of fun so far.

    • Horg says:

      Bonus tip for Capra Demon; if you stand on the bridge before the fog door so you are just behind the bridge apex, you can throw a fire bomb over the wall (aiming to just miss the left wall) and kill one dog before the fight begins. It can take a little practice to get the positioning right but it makes the fight considerably easier.

    • elsparko says:

      Do the quests in Nu-Torment start to untangle at some point in the game? I played the first few hours and I was quickly overwhelmed by various NPCs demanding I do absolutely important stuff for them. The questlog quickly read like a bunch of deadlines to meet. I never found out whether the quests where truly timed though…

      • Vandelay says:

        There is a tool tip on the loading screen mentioning about some quests being effected by taking too long, but I’ve not encountered any quests being time based. There is a murder investigation in which a second person is murdered if you go to sleep, but I’m not aware of there being a greater impact than that (perhaps that NPC gives you a quest or something if they survive, but it hasn’t made that obvious in anyway).

        Personally, I’m just rolling with what happens, be it a balls up or not. As another tool tip mentions, sometimes failing can be more interesting than succeeding.

        edit: and yes, it can be quite overwhelming at first, particular as you are still learning how this world actually works. So much is only really discovered through experimenting, which is fun, but certainly daunting.

    • Seyda Neen says:

      You also can rebind the jump button (apparently you couldn’t do this in original Dark Souls) to the left stick click (apparently what it is in Dark Souls 2/3) so that B is always roll.

      /boss mechanic spoilers/ I managed to take the Capra Demon out pretty easy by luring him up the stairs over and over again and having him jump off after me. He has a really long recovery animation when he lands, leaving plenty of room to take out chunks of his health at a time.

  27. Clipz says:

    Managed to kick my Total Warhammer addiction not long ago but after buying Rise of the Tomb Kings and just starting a mortal empires campaign with them, seems I’ve relapsed.

    Hopefully should get round to finishing Divinty 2 as well (possible spoilers ahead), landed in Arx, killed Alexander and now on my way to kill that Shadow, Black Ring guy. I’ve lost interest in the main story but Lohse’s quest line has quickly become my main focus. Is just me or does the writing deteriorate massively the further into the game you go? Seems to be devoid of almost any in Arx…

  28. Chaoslord AJ says:

    I’m in the Dauntless Beta, lots of fun.

  29. lglethal says:

    Xcom 2 War of the Chosen. I cant get it enough of it. All other games have taken a back seat. Those bastard chosen need a good old fasioned kicking!

    When not Xcoming then maybe a spot of Twathammer. Maybe time to try my blood soaked hands on the dark elves… ;)

  30. geldonyetich says:

    In light of Fallout 76’s announcement, I’ve come back to playing Fallout 4, this time heavily saturated with most of the recommended mods. This may be my last chance to see the Sole Survivor to the end of his journey.

    Still popping in to visit Conan Exiles, or else my half-completed pyramid will decay. While it’s greatly improved from its initial early access release, Funcom needs to patch this game. Purges don’t work, the thralls keep getting lost, and the netcode is too poorly optimized.

  31. kiank37 says:

    I will be playing some Overwatch hopefully and continuing to get as many loot boxes I can get in the Anniversary event. If there is some Mei Snowball, I will be playing that for the whole day. I will also be playing some Oxenfree which has been very good thus far. I’m going to play some Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign and hopefully finally defeat John Snow and become leader of the Night’s Watch. Lastly I will play some Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle along with some Stardew Valley on the Switch.

  32. Zenicetus says:

    Stellaris with the Niven patch and Distant Stars DLC, although I’m reaching the mid-game point in the current campaign where I usually bail out. Might start another game in Endless Space 2 at that point. I think I’ve had my “check out the latest patch/DLC” Stellaris fix for now.

    • EvilMonkeyPL says:

      Mmhm, started a new game, opened an L-gate a good 50 years too soon, and to avoid too much spoilers, that run ended pretty soon after.

  33. tsff22 says:

    Picked up War for the Overworld from Chrono.gg’s TB memorial sale, and I also hope to pick up Cultist Simulator, Smoke and Sacrifice, and Moonlighters soon.

    Other than that, I’ll probably be plugging away at ESO and maybe go back to Nioh to try and finally defeat FUCKING Tachibana!

  34. SaintAn says:

    TW Warhammer 2 Mortal Empire. Playing as Alith Anar.

    I allied with nearly all the Asur to purge the Druchii out of Ulthuan and the south west of the New World. Morathi narrowly escaped far to the south being chased by a united fleet of Asur across the ocean once I took her final stronghold. She managed to escape them and took over a city down there. She’s no doubt plotting her return.

    The Everqueen unfortunately took up the Sword of Khaine to defend Ulthuan in its time of need as the tragic Aenarion did so long ago, and she went mad with power causing another Asur civil war on par with the Sundering. So the Asur are fractured with in fighting while Morathi plots from the south and Malekith and Hellebron no doubt are planning an invasion from our north. Even worse is I’ve got reports about Chaos stirring in the Chaos Wastes as well.

    What is Morathi plotting?
    Will the fallen Everqueen be stopped?
    Can Goku stop Frieza?
    Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

    So far I’m loving the new update. The Sword of Khaine capture the flag mechanic is very cool. And they handled my favorite character in Warhammer, Alith Anar, really well.

    Might also play a bit of FFXIV on my alt character named Alith Anar on Balmung since I’m in the mood. Been trying to decide if I want to take Ninja or Samurai to max level with him.

    • SaintAn says:

      And I have Pokemon fever. So I might emulate Pokemon DX later and try some of the Pokemon games I never played, like the Ranger ones, Dungeon ones, and that one about the Sengoku era. Pretty danged excited to return to the first game remade with current gen 3D graphics.

  35. fish99 says:

    Dark Souls Remastered, done with the base game barring Gwyn and about to start the DLC. Unfortunately Tuesdays patch introduced a big stutter every minute or so and broke player messages, so good job with the QA there.

    I feel like I have a higher opinion of these games when I’m not actively playing one and having to deal with the troll level/enemy design and dodgy mechanics.

    • bacon seeker says:

      Yeah, I like Dark Souls but Bed of Chaos almost made me drop it. On my second playthrough I just cheated by backing up a save file in front of the boss room, because I couldn’t justify wasting any more of my life trudging for minutes from the bonfire only to be instantly slaughtered.

  36. Blowfeld81 says:

    Prismata has sucked me right in. This is hands down the best stratigic-no p2w-card game I have played in a looong while.

    Can not wait for it to release to a broader audience end of summer @ steam! :)

  37. Det. Bullock says:

    Finishing up Arkham Knight, boy are there a LOT of Riddler trophies. And I have yet to figure out how to get back to some areas (well, one) to get them all.

    Also having fun with Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon, it’s just an appetizer for the future release of Bloodstained proper but it’s a nice diversion, also it’s nice to have a version of an old NES linear Castlevania that doesn’t devolve in complete bullshit difficulty at about half-way point.

  38. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    I’ll be stomping around in the woods taking pictures of Hellboy action figures, but once I’m done with that I’ll be playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. I’m liking it quite a bit so far – it’s not nearly as narratively ambitious as The New Order or the New Colossus, but it’s a good pulpy FPS, and BJ is a good character to spend time with. Maybe I’m misremembering The New Order, but it seems to me like there are more opportunities for stealth here. The sneaking is relatively simple, but it’s quite satisfying nonetheless.
    I’m very excited to read Alec’s Vampyr review on Monday, I hope it’s a good game.

  39. April March says:


    It’s much worse than Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great on its own merits.

    And it’s got a lot of truly shameful female characters that look like porn parodies of themselves, but once they decide to design a truly crazy character they go all the way. Axe-wielding tree man? Pirate turtle man? Tactical assault fairy? RABBIT RIDING A TWO-HEADED TURTLE THAT TURNS ENEMIES INTO PET BISCUITS? It’s great.

  40. SBLux says:

    I’m playing the early access title Novus Inceptio. It’s a(nother) survivial sandbox game but original enough to have me hooked so far. It has a really in-depth crafting system and a fascinating hand crafted world to explore. It is post-apocaplytpic but is set so far after the apocalypse (4041) that nature has had time to fully recover and reclaim the environment so you are exploring a lush green slightly alien world scattered with advanced technologies instead of a brown dust bowl like in many post-apocalyptic games.

    It requires a slow thoughtful approach and combat can be avoided if that’s your thing. I would currently call it an explorers/survivalists dream with huge potential that will hopefully be fulfilled.

    The graphics are superb for an indie title that is currently in alpha.

  41. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I’ll be TWarhamming about this weekend as the Empire of Man.

  42. Boardwalker says:

    Star Traders: Frontiers. This turn-based, space-adventure sandbox has really sucked me in.

  43. NailBombed says:

    Well, I know what I’m gonna be playing for the next n years… picked up Beamdog’s Enhanced Ed’s of Baldur’s Gate 1/2, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment plus everything for 22 euro. Good deal, I felt. Having never played these back in the day, looking forward to getting stuck in.

  44. gorte says:

    I was thinking about trying Path of Exile again, but instead I spent most of saturday playing Diablo 3 instead and I had a good time.

  45. TehK says:

    Actually… don’t laugh… Destiny 2.
    I got the game in the latest Humble Monthly and after week, I’m already at power level 330+ and having a blast getting there. Great shooting, cool classes, very nice visuals… I’m just having a great old time at the moment :)

  46. kud13 says:

    Friday night I pushed onwards with my playthrough of the (un-remastered) Brood War. Finished off the last Protoss mission, and I did the first 3 Terran.

    Then on Saturday I had to clear my desk and pack up the PC, because Monday morning workers are coming to install new windows in the house, and the desk has to be moved to give them access.

    So unless I decide to reinstall StarCraft II on my laptop, my gaming weekend ended early.

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