Lords Of The Fallen 2 finds a developer

Three years after City Interactive first muttered about a sequel to Lords Of The Fallen, 2014’s Souls-tinged action-RPG, they’re finally going ahead with it. Today they announced they’ve drafted Defiant Studios, a new studio co-founded by the director of Just Cause 3, to make Lords Of The Fallen 2. Lords creators Deck13 parted ways with CI after the first game, see, going on to continue their ideas in The Surge (read our Brendy’s review for more on that). CI don’t say much of anything about the sequel, so it’s clearly still early days, but hey, it’s officially on. Okay then.

Defiant was founded in 2016 by folks including Roland Lesterlin, the director of Just Cause 3, and David Grijns, the former general manager of JC3 devs Avalanche Studios New York. They’ve not released any games as their own studio yet. CI said in today’s announcement that they fielded pitches from a number of studios, and settled on Defiant “because we were impressed with their game concept, production expertise, and the pedigree of their developers.”

And that’s about it, really. CI say they are “dedicated to delivering a quality second title for fans of the IP” but have nothing to show of the game. Early days. I have heard vaguer announcements during E3 season, though.

The first game was so-so, and its story and world bland, but I suppose the name is somewhat known? Rich Stanton wrote in our Lords Of The Fallen review:

“It all adds up to a combat system that’s great in theory but in reality feels terribly average. This superficiality extends across LotF. While the visuals are impressive technically, for example, it would be remiss of me not to point out that the aesthetic stinks. This is generic fantasy with a heavy dash of Diablo III, all smoking red eyes and ridiculous shoulderpads, and its pus-monsters and demon-knights and fat fire-throwers just lack any subtlety in their design.”

Not the best.

Lords Of The Fallen 2 was once been slated for 2017. And now? It’s a secret.

As for the studio who created Lords Of The Fallen in the first place, Deck13, they’re currently working on The Surge 2. They expect to launch it in 2019.


  1. DantronLesotho says:

    I hope it’s good when it comes out. I love that new people are trying the souls formula, and I think more voices in the discussion is an improvement.

  2. gabrielonuris says:

    I actually found its gameplay better than Dark Souls itself.

    No, I’m not joking. The plot and world building is still subpar, none of the souls-like games can beat Dark Souls in that (not even DS 2 & 3 could beat Dark Souls in that respect).

    Lords of The Fallen managed to keep weight in armors and weapons, with that peculiar metal/chain sound that the souls series lost after the first.

    • Gbsod says:

      Yeah me too. I thought I was an ‘odd man out’, nice to see there were a few of us. Really enjoyed it overall, but mostly the heft like feel of the hammer combat.

    • Lawlcopt0r says:

      I feel like it was really only the horrible plot/voice acting that was actually bad about the game. I’m pretty sure it would have received a lot of praise if it had been better in that department, because everything else really was pretty good.

    • Crafter says:

      I will probably get some hate-filled replies but I really liked the world building of Hollow Knight.
      It definitely takes a lot of inspiration from DS though.

  3. bacon seeker says:

    Lords of the Fallen was ok, but yeah, the Blizzard-style art direction put me off somewhat. However, I thought The Surge was excellent! Best level design since Dark Souls 1.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Both The Surge and Lords of the Fallen are considered so(ul)-so(ul) games, but I think they might be better than the general consensus. Thanks for proving evidence that at least some people like them.

    • Splyce says:

      I really, really enjoyed The Surge, if not only because it tried some new things, and the ways in which the factory interconnected was surprising at times. The amusement park DLC area that you visit at multiple stages along the game was a treat. I was glad it wasn’t just late-game only, like more DLC levels. The only thing lacking was variety in the weapons and armor, I recall using the first boss weapon for mostly the entire game.

  4. pookie191 says:

    Hmm according to Steam I have 25 minutes in the first game. I think I will skip the sequel

    • Menthalion says:

      Seeing since the whole article is about the sequel being developed by a completely different studio, such a conclusion doesn’t make much sense

  5. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    I mostly remember the hype around the first game being “secured by Denuvo, the world’s most unbreakable DRM”. Eventually when I tried it out it felt like a cheap attempt at Demon’s Souls fired through a Manowar album cover. Can’t say I’m too excited for a sequel unless they’ve got some crazy new gimmick up their sleeve.

  6. Lawlcopt0r says:

    I have to say that I loved the artstyle. Dark yet colorful is exactly my style. They don’t all need to look super bleak like Dark Souls.

  7. MikoSquiz says:

    I could have sworn Lords of the Fallen 2 came out like last year.

  8. Monggerel says:

    That main character, Harkin, was… pretty horrible. I don’t mind playing some dude who’s already part of the world (Geralt) but this dude, just… generic Space Marine #2163452 with the number plates filed off. And I hate Space Marines.

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