Far Cry 5’s Vietnam War story DLC is should be out now

The Vietnam War is the unlikely setting for Far Cry 5‘s first DLC, released today, through far stranger is yet to come. The ‘Hours Of Darkness’ stars Wendell Redler, the fella in the main game who sends us on a thrilling fetch quest seeking a dozen cigarette lighters, as we revisit a terrible time in his ‘Nam days. Given the sensitivity and insight with which Far Cry 5 explored the allure and dangers of cults, it’s thrilling to contemplate how they might interrogate myths of the- naw, I’m just joshin’ you.

The DLC is supposed to be out now but seems to have hit a snag.

So there Wendell is, imprisoned behind enemy lines in ‘Nam. At least he’s got new murdering perks on his side. Can you help him escape and rescue his squadmates? I hope so, or you’ll be undercutting the vital lore of that lighter-collecting mission.

Hours Of Darkness costs £10/€12/$12 on its tod on Steam. Or it comes as part of the DLC season pass, which costs £26/€30/$30 and includes the two future expansions as well as Far Cry 3 because reasons. It’s on Ubisoft’s Uplay store too but that’s so ha-ha-hilariously region-locked that any link I included would throw up errors for most of you.

Speaking of errors, Steam players are finding that though Hours Of Darkness seemingly downloads, they can’t play it. Ubisoft say they’re aware of the issue and are investigating, but they don’t know when it might be fixed. Uplayers are having problems too, though Ubisoft do a potential fix to suggest there.

Those other two expansions, Dead Living Zombies and Lost On Mars, will be a bit weirder – B movies of another sort. One will bring a wave survival mode fighting against zombies, and t’other will fight alien arachnids on Mars.


You can see the Hours of Darkness launch trailer and, later, a lump of gameplay in this archive of Ubisoft’s launch livestream today:


  1. battles_atlas says:

    What a remarkable amount of awful to squeeze into one DLC.

  2. fearandloathing says:

    A game where you infiltrate behind the enemy lines, where you use your knowledge of the environment to take out outposts of enemies, who are in many ways superior but lack awareness of their surroundings, enemies who are invaders in an alien land, that would be the game I’d play. So basically, a game where you play the Viet Cong. Not this bullshit.

  3. kaliper says:

    Yeah to be honest reading Nick Turse’s book “Kill Anything That Moves”, about the enormous number of horrific war crimes perpetrated by American soldiers in Vietnam, has pretty much soured me on most media set in the Vietnam War from the American point of view.

    • ZenArcade says:

      Bao Ninh’s book ‘The Sorrow of War’ is a great read, too. Really sours the notion of the Vietnam War being an American Tragedy. In reality, it was unmitigated slaughter for the Vietnamese and a post-traumatic bomb waiting to go off for the Americans. Nasty Business.

      I’ve no faith that any video game will really ever capture that, least of all the tone deaf but fun far cry 5.

    • Schmouddle says:

      Speaking of horrible war crimes, ever cared to check what North did in South? Like Tet ’68? There were numerous occasions of atrocities of scale and degree only comparable to what Einsatzkomanndos have been doing on eastern front.

      • ZenArcade says:

        Even if that’s true (not saying it isn’t, by the way) that doesn’t change mine or the OP’s thoughts on the matter.

        And if you get to the point where you’re comparing atrocities against each other you’re really ignoring the real point that war is a relentless hell for all involved. Everyone is both a victim and a perpetrator. Not sure what you’re trying to say, otherwise.

        • battles_atlas says:

          Also the US flew across an ocean to participate in these atrocities, and then spent the follow decades creating stories it told to the world about how awful it all was for Americans. The equivalency you’re suggesting is missing some context.

          • ZenArcade says:

            hmm, not really considering that mine and OP’s comments were in response to the apparently devoid-of-any-real-meaning Far Cry 5 DLC which seems to be painting (yet again) that the Americans were the only victims, which i then backed up by offering up an alternative perspective on the conflict in Bao Ninh’s book.

            And I only suggested equivalency in terms of there being evidence of atrocities and unforgiving nastiness on both sides of the conflict. I never actually suggested that they were both exactly the same – only that war brings out the worst in everyone, regardless of flag, creed or morality.

            There isn’t enough time in this brief comment section to detail every single minute detail of the vietnam war. Nor was I trying to do so.

      • TraquilloGato says:

        I get what you’re saying with the “both sides committed atrocities” but it doesn’t change the fact that the North Vietnamese had been subjected to decades of violent colonialism by the French, then the French with support from the US, and then finally the US itself. It’s remarkably tone deaf for a French owned corporation to make a pulpy adventure story out of their cartoonish murder and mayhem simulator that appropriates imagery from what should be a national shame of both France and the US. Edit: Actually, I think its despicable.

        • Chalibard says:

          Exploitation of French indochina IS considered nationnal shame in France but the elite responsible died a long time ago (first colony in 1887), indochina war is not glorified and veterans still alive today don’t even talk about it, both sides acted despicable using torture and genocide. France had huge investments at stakes and a French population living there for 3 generations.
          The American Vietnâm war was another scale with napalm, agent Orange, films like Rambo and war “heroes” like Colin Powell getting successful political career. It seems the bigest shame the US get from nâm is simply loosing a war.
          So no I don’t see why Ubisoft should get remorse for using US own propaganda to sell them a product.

  4. racccoon says:

    Do not waste your money.
    Not a good idea for a dlc.
    I hate dlc’s, as they should of been released with the package in first place instead of with holding them for silly dlc’s buy this package we made it in sixty seconds.
    I also do not see why bringing back old wars is good today.
    They should of made a bigger map and created a better use of it without that story interruption would of a start. not that i would of bought it. Even mars…lol
    but, dlc’s still suck.

  5. foszae says:

    Ubi’s bloody region-locking just drives me spare. Not because of price, but because it is so insistent on serving me in the wrong official language. Regardless of settings or browser or machine, it just cannot accept that i live in the other half of the country, geo IP or not. It just seems like such a rookie programmer error that has persisted far too long for even a mid-size company.

    • basszje says:

      Second that. I’m surprised they don’t understand not everybody speaks the same language in X country.

      I can only buy their games in Russian ( I don’t live in Russia – mind ) and I don’t speak that. So I can’t buy any of their games. It’s of such arrogance. Wonder what would happen if they only sold the French version in all of western Europe and the support desk going ‘this is what we support, you should speak that language’.

  6. TheSplund says:

    Will buy, but only when it is part of a GOTY package that retails at <£30 (ideally less) – £75 for a complete game is console territory

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      AssCreed:Oranges is down to £25 this week if you fancy yourself some Ubi but not their prices. (No dlc with that though).
      Picked it up last night, fun in a you-know-exactly-what-you’re-getting kind of a way.

  7. Bull0 says:

    I remember when I picked up that lighter quest. I had a quick look, saw they were scattered miles apart, laughed derisively and abandoned it. No thanks.

    Looking forward to this DLC though, these far cry mini campaigns are usually good fun

  8. TheBeret says:

    So steam doesn’t allow me to get this without having Far Cry 5 on Steam. If I get this on Uplay, can I play it without having to own FC5? I’ve no interest in FC5, but I like the look of this.

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