Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Solo season raids Kessel soon

The Federation launch a surprise assault on a Klingon mining facility.

I like Star Wars: Battlefront 2. I enjoy its big dumb bombastic fights and completely unsubtle everything. For me, it’s an ideal shooter for 15-30 minutes of Star Wars flavoured cooldown in-between more demanding games, especially now it’s escaped from loot-crate hell. As such, more of it is always good, and now that the new one-shot prequel movie is out, there’s some tie-in stuff coming to the game. This June 12th, players get to take a run on Kessel, and dress up as Alden Ehrenreich, a canonically separate character from Han Solo.

Much like Young Indiana Jones, I consider Young Han Solo to be part of some parallel canon where everyone racks up at least three full seasons worth of adventures before they turn 25, and players will get their first chance to shoot pew-pew lasers at each other in this otherverse next week. While I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get the fancy transport rollercoaster-train to fight aboard, Kessel seems an interesting (if rather unpleasantly yellow-tinged) location to fight.

The new map and Soloverse character models join the already-released half of the Solo Season content, which included some actual solo content in the form of a single-player starfighter combat mode, a new tag-team Hero vs Hero PvP mode, and a map set in Jabba’s palace. As with the upcoming Battlefront V, the free maps are balanced out with a bunch of new alternate outfits you can buy for your characters with real money (or through extensive grind), but honestly, who’s even going to notice them in a game this messy?

Despite rumours that the game is dead and buried, EA apparently have further plans for Battlefront 2, and will be announcing them on June 9th at the EA Play press conference. The second half of the Solo update will land next week on June 12th, and you can read  a little bit more about this update on the official site here.


  1. aircool says:

    I don’t understand how anyone likes this game… I’ve tried it so many times. The loot box fiasco managed to divert people’s attention away from how bad a game it actually is. The Class/Super Class/Hero system is so broken and so dependent on upgrades that you score points for dying!

    That’s right. The only way half the players get a chance to use any of the more powerful or instagib heroes is by dying a lot. You score twice as much if a hero instagibs you.

    The loot box, pay to win progression system is the core game mechanic, and even though progression has changed, it doesn’t alter the uninspired gameplay with constant one-sided matches.

    As for the single player campaign… starts off great until (not really much of a) *spoiler*, you join the Rebel Alliance and completely forget that you’re part of the regime that blew up Alderaan and start out protecting the second Death Star from being destroyed.

    The levels after that are like something cobbled together with a level editor.

    Considering the budget, the source material and the experience of the developers, Star Wars: Battlefront II is one of the worst games ever made. The previous Battlefront is far superior in comparison.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      I’ve found the fastest way to get myself into a vehicle or even playing as a hero character is just to kill one of them, which is surprisingly easy as a Heavy with the explosive rounds mod. One shot will tear off half of a Jedi/Sith’s health, and a second shot isn’t too hard to land after the surprise of the first.

      • aircool says:

        But that highlights the worst part of the game; it’s totally designed around play-to-win loot boxes. Even though that’s all in the past, the core mechanic requires you to max out a trooper so you can get enough points to spawn a ‘super trooper’ or vehicle, which again you need to max out etc… etc…

        The fact that a heavy can rip holes in hero’s just goes to show how horrible the game is because it’s even easier to use them to kill standard troops.

        All of my gaming sessions, either with Galactic Assault or Blast have ended up being a win or lose streak of about 10 games. Because I’m not good enough to ninja my way up to a hero within a few minutes, every game feels the same, win or lose it’s just a few hero’s tooling about instagibbing people like me. At least in other online shooters I’m always on a level playing field.

        Perhaps the good players just don’t realise how shit it is for everyone else getting instagibbed by them all the time.

        The fact that you score points for dying just goes to show how fucked up and poorly designed the game is.

    • BaaBaa says:

      Gotta agree wholeheartedly. It’s a horrible game as a proper shooter. As for cooling down for 30 mins between other games? There are .io games out there that are better shooters than Battlefront, and they are FREE!

    • Vandelay says:

      My main issue I’ve had with it is that I don’t think I have managed to play a single game where I haven’t been on a side that is getting absolutely decimated. I struggle to even say whether it is a good game or not, as I’m spending most of time heading towards the objective, realising I’m the only one there (either because everyone else is dead or because they are off… somewhere) and dying shortly after.

      The most fun I have had with it was when I got to spawn in an X-Wing. Had a good couple of minutes or so destroying lots of TIE fighters, although I’m pretty certain all of them were AI controlled, so I might as well have been playing the single player.

      As you say the campaign has some good bits, but is mostly a bit meh. I enjoyed the flying missions, as those felt kind of like an updated Rogue Squadron. The on foot missions mainly suffered from me spending most of the time longing for a true successor to the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, as well as being too regularly interrupted by those annoying slow walk and talk sections that crop up in too many games.

      • aircool says:

        Also, the way the single player chops between ‘heroes’ doesn’t give you enough time to get to grips with that character before the level is finished. Then it’s back to the main character again.

    • Turkey says:

      Ugh. On one hand, EA is clearly mismanaging the license, but to be honest I don’t even know who’d be better suited for it. The whole AAA landscape is such a cannibalized mess right now.

      • MaxMcG says:

        I think the answer to that is – no single publisher. Let the AAA guys do their thing but let some other smaller developers make star wars games too. Realistically, that’s the only way we’ll ever see another X-wing, another Empires at War or at this point, even another proper FPS like Dark Forces.

  2. sosolidshoe says:

    The dislike for this game is vastly overblown, since they binned the grotesque business model I’ve been having a blast with it, and I somehow manage to not get 100% losing matches as some people apparently do *eyebrow*

    That said – hugely disappointed in this update, it’s utterly mind-boggling that they didn’t do a Mimban map for Galactic Assault with AT-DTs and the awesome Imperial Army troopers, just loads of snoreworthy Hero-related guff and a new mode that people will play for five minutes before going to back to GA.

    • Vandelay says:

      Oh, I’m sure I’m crap at the game, but when there are 20 odd other people on the team I doubt I’m the sole contributor to the poor performance.

      It is probably mainly down to fact that you can only join games in progress. Most people leave a game when they are losing, so you are inevitably more likely to join a losing team. I notice a similar thing in Battlefield 1, although it doesn’t seem to suffer anywhere near as much from it (my winrate there is sticking slightly north of 50%).

      I’m sure I could have some fun with it, but after trying about 6 or so games that all went the same way I gave up and uninstalled. I picked up Battlefield 1 at the same time and was regular having a much more enjoyable time with that.

      • sosolidshoe says:

        Maybe I’m just lucky then, but unless I’m playing waaaaaay off-peak(like, AM on a weekday) and have to wait ages for a match to pop, most of the time I end up being put in at the start of a new round. And even if I do get stuck as a “sub” for a losing team where folk have quit, I just stick it out for a round or two and the normal between-match attrition and new matchmaking will usually even things out.

  3. mitrovarr says:

    I keep waiting for this to show up in the Humble Monthly after Destiny 2 did.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Thank you Mr. Tarason for giving me the perfect shorthand for why I hated Solo. ‘Much like Young Indiana Jones’ is just about perfect.

  5. Apologised says:

    I could be wrong, but this is literally the only piece of tie-in (ha!) merchandise for Solo I’ve seen.

    Wait, Forbidden Planet might have had some toys pegwarming, but I think that’s it.
    Man Disney are willing willing to just toss this one under the bus aren’t they? Only 3 months of marketing, the first things most of hear about it are that it’s in trouble vis a vis acting coaches and firing the directors, hell, even FFG aren’t giving us a Solo themed tie-in wave for X-Wing. Even though Wave 14 had a big empty hole clearly meant for the new Falcon.
    Oh well, between this and Marvel’s entire Comics line Disney have a pretty good selection of Tax writeoffs this year.

    You know, if they paid any.

  6. Darth Gangrel says:

    “some actual solo content in the form of a single-player starfighter combat mode” What’s this!? Singleplayer DLC in an AAA multiplayer-focused game? What will they come up with next? Could it be something else that will my decrease my reasons for whining that there’s never anything that appeals to me personally (despite having a huge backlog, because I’m a hypocrite with very selective memory).

    Also: “As with the upcoming Battlefront V…” They’re already talking about the fifth Battlefront when number 2 is less than a year old? Or perhaps you meant Battlefield V? They’re both made by DICE and contains the word “Battle” in the title, so it’s an easy mistake.

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