Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds extending Sanhok test, getting sniper War mode

Whether you fancy a tropical getaway this weekend or to skulk in a rainy field with a bunch of folks dressed as bushes, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has you covered. To start, the final public beta test of the battle royale shooter’s third map, Sanhok, has been extended once again, this time until Monday. The tropical map been pretty wonky on the test servers, with players stuttering and jerking around particularly at the start of rounds, so developers PUBG Corp want to test it more. As for wet fields, the team deathmatch event mode War is returning tonight, this time arming everyone with sniper rifles and ghillie suits on rainy Erangel.

The Sanhok test, the final one before the map is due to launch towards the end of the month, was originally supposed to end this Monday but was extended until today. Now it’s extended again, this time running until noon on Monday, June 11th (that’s 4am Pacific).

PUBG Corp are keen to test a potential fix for the lag Sanhok suffers in early rounds, which can make spicy drops in particular quite annoying as you jerk around and fail to pick up guns. They say that the problem is down to servers sending “unnecessary” data to players, overloading them. Here comes the science bit – concentrate!

“Currently, the distance in which players are rendered is up to a maximum radius of 1km from your current position. As Sanhok is 1/4th the size of Erangel and Miramar, the number of players within this 1km area is generally much higher.

“Some performance issues have arisen due to this, with the direct result being a reduced server frame speed, which leads to early-game server performance issues, including player teleporting or stuttering. According to our internal data, the kill rate at extremely long distances is very low and therefore we’ve decided to reduce the maximum player render distance specifically on Sanhok, which will increase performance.”

Once they’ve made that change in a patch, they want to see if it actually works, and so testing will continue to Monday.

I’ve enjoyed Sanhok, despite the wonk, so I hope they can resolve this and bring it to the game’s natural (but certainly non-zero) level of wonk. For a few tips to help get you started, check out our Sanhok guide.

If you want something still special but more stable, this weekend’s War Mode event might be interest you. ‘One Shot, One Kill‘ will offer 10v10v10 team deathmatch on a small and rainy section of Erangel (oh, how I’ve missed the rain!).

All players will spawn with a Kar98k sniper rifle, a 4x scope, a ghillie suit, and a handgun, which will fill the land with dryad and ent cosplayers trying to murder each other unseen. The event will also disable knockdowns, meaning if you get shot and go down, you’re straight to dead and into the respawn queue.

No red zone, no crate drops, no loot. And as ever, the War rounds will last 15 minutes at most.

The new War event is starting overnight, at 6am on Friday for us here in the UK (but 10pm on Thursday for our Pacific friends). It’ll then run until 6am on Monday the 11th (10pm Sunday Pacific).

Though if you want a really exotic battle royale experience this weekend, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is still free right now.


  1. jman420 says:

    if only they spent less time on stupid skins and loot box cash grabs and more time with the actual engine and refining. we should have had this map long ago.

  2. Kolbex says:

    I tried playing this last night, but after waiting ten minutes for a match I quit and uninstalled. The player population has dropped to almost half what it was in January, and it’s entirely down to Bluehole being the most garbage dev house whose product I have ever had the misfortune to play. I only wish the giant piles of money they made would disappear along with their players.

    • ZenArcade says:

      it’s entirely down to Bluehole being the most garbage dev house whose product I have ever had the misfortune to play.

      Do you honestly, earnestly believe this, though? In all of gaming, of all the trash on steam, of everything ever released, do you truly believe this?

      I think PUBGcorp have definitely dropped the ball in comparison to Fortnite devs who are killing it with updates. I think there’s lots of reasons for that, which i’m too lazy to detail here, but they’re only bad in relation to other multiplayer devs who have bags of experience. again, not saying PUBGcorp are perfect – they are clearly far behind EPIC in terms of updates, etc.

      But this kind of hyperbole that you and other PUBG community members seem to get off on spewing is the real cancer killing this game, not the slow updates. It’s the same cancer that allows the steam forums to be filled up with the classic xenophobic-but-not “region lock china” stuff – this is what’s really putting people off the game and pushing them towards fortnite – the toxic community. Just food for thought.

      • Kolbex says:

        Yes, I honestly believe that. No, I don’t go anywhere near the huge heaps of garbage clogging up Steam, so I’ve never played those devs’ games. Yes, I believe Bluehole should be able to translate giant bags of money into solid support for their game, which is riddled with ridiculous bugs. No, I don’t believe they’ve even really tried that hard, preferring to cash out on their popularity as quickly as possible. No, I’m not the “cancer” killing this game, that’s absurd, I wouldn’t have this attitude if the devs weren’t killing their own game themselves. No, appending “just food for thought” to your comment doesn’t make calling someone’s opinion “cancer” any more polite. What pushes people toward Fortnite is that PUBG is a buggy mess and likely to stay that way, if the past is any guide. I have never interacted and will never interact with the community because it’s utterly unnecessary to play the game.

        Just food for thought.

        • ZenArcade says:

          I mean, I do agree that the devs don’t stack up when compared to Fortnite but I also don’t think they are, quite literally, the worst. It’s fair to say that the slow updates and various issues have pushed some people away but most people like me, who enjoy games for what they are, who are exhausted after 8-hour work days, are still perfectly happy to put up minor issues because the core game is still good. I think most people who play the game who don’t circle the drains of reddit and Steam don’t even really notice any issues. I certainly don’t and I’ve been playing when it hit last year.

          I just don’t think the devs are that bad, really. Could be better. But not bad.

        • Franky76 says:

          Aw… so far so good, i’ve seen many games abandonned by devs, which is clearly NOT the case of PUBG.
          Money doesn’t solve instantly problems you know. They might have to find and hire new devs, incorporate them in the team, and then put them at work. And still, they have a financial balance to keep while hiring people.
          So no, giant bags of money don’t solve problems like that. That would be denying the game developpement business.

          You also might have forgotten that the game was in EA till last december. You can’t blaim the devs for being successful with their game, raising the expectations of more and more people.
          Rainbow 6 Siege was an AAA title and became playable one year after being published.
          I think people had become so impatient, that is a new gen trait.

          When i look at the past updates, they raised the ticket rate of servers, tried to lower the spawning issues. The result is very tangible, the game is already much more playable; you can check Battle(Non)Sense YT channel, it helps to understand.
          They also keep balancing the weapons in a smart way, improving the maps..
          So at the end, i wonder what is your rant about. The devs are clearly working on it. And it makes sense since the game keeps bringing money in. No one would kill the golden eggs chicken.

          About last night, if you checked the schedule, you could have seen that the servers were down for maintenance.

          To end my answer… i bought Fortnite in EA and let me tell you how unhappy i am with that. I bought a new gen tower defense to end with a BR ? Epic should be put at shame for that.
          They did the same shit H1Z1 devs did to us gamers. And Fortnite BR might have better performance, i just dislike it. Not my style at all. i would never change PUBG for Fortnite at any point.

        • KptRooibaard says:

          Just for the sake of context: How many hours do you have in PUBG?

          In my humble opinion, I am yet to find a game that I can have so much fun with some friends. We have to live with 300ms ping, as we have no local South African servers. Hence, we cannot engage in close confrontations (especially in opening exchanges). Yet, we all have more than 1,500 hours in game. Tried Fornite – uninstalled after less than 5 hours – just did not find it intriguing. I suppose it has to do with personal preference and an acquired sense of entitlement.

    • hungrycookpot says:

      Yeah I mean I guess you could just play other things and live your life without complaining about a game you don’t like, but I guess it’s just as constructive to wish that a game with millions of players who enjoy it fails and for some reason disappears because their experimental server doesn’t work for you.

    • 7EVI says:

      Noob mimimimimi

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