Strange Brigade sizes up E3 in a stiff-upper-lipped trailer

Strange Brigade

Mummies! They’re like zombies, but easier to clean up once you’re finished with them, at least according to Strange Brigade‘s new gameplay trailer. The cooperative 1930s-set shooter isn’t far off now – due out at the end of August – but Rebellion have apparently got one last PR blitz in them before E3 swallows all and everything blurs into one nightmare gaming haze. Within, a very pulp serial trailer, featuring one of the most cheerfully bombastic narrators around.

I got to play a brief chunk of Strange Brigade at Rezzed previously, and while I didn’t have the chance to play the whole demo due to needing to catch the literal last train home, I did enjoy my brief time with it. It feels like a logical expansion of the formula Rebellion started with their Zombie Army Trilogy games (themselves a spinoff from Sniper Elite 3), with its familiar mix of slow moving swarms of undead punctuated with faster or more powerful enemies with more supernatural attacks.

Strange Brigade is bringing a few tricks of its own to the table, including puzzles used to protect valuable bonus treasures. While some can be solved at a glance, some require team coordination, like ancient combination-locks that require one player to relay the answer to the person spinning the tumblers. Each character also has access to supernatural smartbomb-like powers, and the map is littered with traps that are far deadlier to slow-moving undead than agile and wary adventurers. It’s good solid fun, although I worry that won’t be enough to stand out from the E3 crowd.

If you’re looking to hire the Strange Brigade, maybe you can find them on Steam and Humble. They don’t work cheap, though, with the regular edition of the game priced at £40/$50, and a fancy edition with extra guns and a season pass will set you back £65/$80. They’re also not available for work until August 28th.


  1. Astaa says:

    I loved the sniper games but as an achievement hunter it really bothers me that they gated many achievements behind co-op play.

  2. April March says:

    What the hell. I was absolutely certain this game had already came out, had been deemed pretty crap, and had been abandoned by the devs before it came out of Early Access. True Mandela Effect moment here.

    Anyway, not holding my breath to see if the game is better than the imaginary game I imagined. That trailer doesn’t give me much confidence. For starters, it can’t decide if its tone is going for the twenties or the nineties.

  3. FredSaberhagen says:

    The concept looks fun but the execution looks crappy from the trailer. Definitely see sniper elite in the guts here

    • c-Row says:

      Indeed, yet I can’t quite put my finger on what the problem is. It looks a bit too… un-frantic maybe?

    • LexW1 says:

      If I’ve learned one thing from thirty years of gaming, it’s that games with concepts this fun are almost never good – or if they’re looking good, they don’t come out.

      It’s incredibly irritating. Also just to make it worse there are rare exceptions where something has an amazing concept and is amazing, but that’s just enough to keep you on the hook, keep you hoping.

      And that’s what I’m doing here – hoping it adds up to a good game, in practice. But…

  4. Stevostin says:

    It would be really useful to have “TPS” sticker so I know I can skip that broken by design game entirely.”I’d love to shoot stuff on my left, but there’s my own ass hiding it and my gun is all pew pew in a game about guns”.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      You’re a bit late to the party, then. Most third-person shooters over the past five or so years have had a Switch Camera Side button.

  5. mac4 says:

    The black woman character though. Goodness grief.

  6. ObiDamnKenobi says:

    efficiency; I’ve already had enough of that game from watching the trailer. Bored by the end of it, so don’t need to waste time playing it. Good.

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