Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed into spring 2019

Bad news: the launch of Total War: Three Kingdoms will come in spring 2019, pushed back from autumn 2018.

Good news: a new trailer has a selection of moving shapes, colours, and sounds that you might find comforting.

The Creative Assembly’s first foray into Chinese history for their strategy series needs a little more time to finish up properly, see. Better a better game later than a wonky one sooner, right?

The official company line, as Eurogamer report, is that “As the next major Total War title, we’re giving it the time it needs to reach the highest levels of quality.” Righto!

In the meantime, moving pictures and accompanying sounds:

That’s “in-engine”, they say, which of course isn’t quite the same as in-game.

It is interesting to here that The Creative Assembly are leaning into the “romanticised” view of the Three Kingdoms period, but not unwelcome. I find Total War most interesting when it does deviate from history – the games are hardly realistic in the first place, so why not? Though, sadly, I’m sure they won’t go as over-the-top as the Dynasty Warriors interpretation of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.

Game director Janos Gaspar explained the sitch in a blog post yesterday:

“The popular modern view of these events is formed around Asian media, which largely draws on Luo Guanzhong’s 14th century epic. Although based on history, the events of the period in the Romance are pitched in vivid narrative detail and packed with drama, flavour, and explosive deeds of an almost superhuman nature. For a more realistic view of the period, we look to Chen Shou’s 3rd century text, Records of the Three Kingdoms, which offers a much more down-to-earth account of the period with lists of army compositions, tax levies and such.

“As a western studio retelling stories of such cultural importance in much of Asia, we have to be sensitive when handling the source material in Total War: Three Kingdoms. In many respects, we have to hold ourselves to as high a standard for cultural authenticity as we do for historical accuracy.”

But he makes clear that the game will have “a Classic Mode option before you start a campaign that makes the experience closer in execution to past Total War historical titles” for folks who want down-to-earth warfights.

Spring 2019 it is.


  1. Alien426 says:

    You forgot to add the link to the blog entry:
    link to

  2. Auldman says:

    I think Rome 2 was a wake up call for CA. I’d rather see a company push a release back to have more time to work on a project and squash bugs than a hasty release where the buyers end up testing for the company!

  3. BaronKreight says:

    I keep my eye on this. I don’t hold my breath though. They have their own marketing shenanigans going on behind the scenes but one of the reasons for this delay was likely the fiasco of their latest Britannia.

  4. SaintAn says:

    I like that they’re doing realistic and fiction game modes. They should go back and add a fictional mode for Shogun 2 as DLC too now that they are adding DLC to old games. Need hero unit Benkei!

    After Warhammer I wasn’t very interested in history based games from them anymore. I didn’t even find Thrones of Britannia interesting even though I should love it because it has Celts vs vikings. But this sounds interesting.

  5. Moose_Knuckle says:

    Probably for the best, looking foward to this so I want it to be as good as it can. I think the “fiasco” with Britannis is a bit overblown to be fair the game is great and has likely done well enough from a financial standpoint considering its a niche type of game and not a fully fledged entry anyway. I’m having a lot of fun with it anyway and found a good deal of the criticism was fairly unjust.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      If I understand correctly, a lot of TW veterans were upset because Thrones seemed dumbed down?

      • Moose_Knuckle says:

        I think the its subjective weather you think its dumbed down. I would say streamlined is a more realistic angle as some of the features they took out only hindered the game anyway in my opinion. The game still has a lot of depth but the main difference is its more focused on battles. Theres pros and cons to the features they have added/taken out

        Its not for everyone I suppose and I do miss being a little more hands on with trade and economy building, also im not a massive fan of the new building system. One major improvement is the recruitment system imo its the best its ever been. The game is in no way perfect but it is a solid total war which had a good launch which is why i’ll try defend it a little.

        CA were actually really open about the direction the game was going and that they were going to experiment with features so I think part of the problem was a lot of people didnt manage their expectations enough. It was never supposed to be a new fully fledged Total war entry more of a focused fall of the samurai style thing.

  6. elvirais says:

    That’s a terrible trailer imho, but I’m very much looking forward to the game.

  7. OmgBiscuitsNomNom says:

    Soo, they need moar time for that zero-day DLC?

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