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Tired of fabricating word ladders, Roman has moved onto word chains. To completely defox today’s you’ll need to provide my Chief Foxer Setter with the sequence of 24 words suggested by the clues below.

A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two or three letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by ‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. And so on.

Complicating things a tad are the six green italicised clues. These have been shuffled. For example “City named after a star of the Peninsula War” probably doesn’t refer to word #8.

1. Two Mediterranean cities bear this name
2. Weapon visible in this pic
3. Sodor resident with unusual wheel arrangement
4. Su-25 armament
5. He designed a notable WW2 Axis bomber
6. Island split by an international border
7. They play their first World Cup match a week from today
8. City named after a star of the Peninsula War
9. Enigma machine descendant
10. In the thick of it on 27-28 May 1905
11. George Harrison was one
12. Ringed in this picture
13. This chap
14. Star Wars cetacean
15. Wearers of this medal fought there
16. Beethoven symphony
17. Board game featuring time travel
18. Bijou bouquet
19. One of Rupert’s rare early war defeats
20. Species of butterfly
21. Burmese flower
22. Weapon in this FPS
23. British Army earthmover
24. Significant operator of Boeing 737s

*       *       *


Last week’s collage theme: African leaders (defoxed by Gothnak)


a. Emmerson Mnangagwa or P.W. Botha (Panzerschwein)
b. Gamal Abdel Nasser (Stugle)
c. Goodluck Jonathan (Gothnak)
d. George Weah (Artiforg, Gothnak)
e. Yoweri Museveni (mrpier, phlebas)
f. P.W. Botha (Rorschach617)
g. Admiral General Aladeen (Artiforg)
h. Jacob Zuma (mrpier, phlebas)
i. Julius Maada Bio
j. Adama Barrow (Rorschach617)
k. Kenneth Kaunda (Panzerschwein, phlebas)
l. Patrice Talon (Stugle)


  1. chuckieegg says:

    3 – Sodor is where Thomas the tank engine and friends live.

    • Rorschach617 says:

      The engine BoCo is bases on the BR Class 28s, they had a wheel arrangement unique to Britain and some Japanese trains.

  2. Gusdownnup says:

    15 – Narvik, or possibly Norway more generally.

  3. Gothnak says:

    7 – Morocco, Iran, Portugal, Spain?

  4. Gothnak says:

    17. KHRONOS
    18. NOSEGAY

  5. Zorgulon says:

    8) Is Wellington, but Lord knows where it fits into the actual order.

  6. Rorschach617 says:

    Aren’t there 2 cities called Tripoli?

  7. Rorschach617 says:

    2) The ship in the pic is a Type 12 Frigate.

    Weapons include Limbo mortars, Oerlikon guns, Sea Cat missiles

  8. Zorgulon says:

    19) Is the Battle of AYLESBURY

  9. AFKAMC says:

    I think 4 is VIKHR, and goes between 15 and 17.

  10. Rorschach617 says:


    1) TRIPOLI
    2) LIMBO
    3) BOCO

  11. phlebas says:

    11. BEATLE

  12. Gothnak says:

    20 RYANAIR from 24?
    21 IRIS

  13. AFKAMC says:

    5. MARCHETTI (designed the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79) ?

  14. phlebas says:

    10. TSUSHIMA? Or some location or participant?
    link to

  15. Matchstick says:

    The game in 22 is Oulaws but the weapons in it are
    None of which seem to fit with 21 as IRIS so does one of the Green ones need to slot in there ?

    • Gothnak says:

      Comment above in case you missed it :)

      IRIS probably wrong, as i assume the weapon on 22 is probably DYNAMITE or GATLING GUN.

      22 DYNAMITE would give:
      23 TERRIER
      24 EROICA – Beethoven Symphony from 16

    • phlebas says:

      Generally the shuffled clues are swapped with each other rather than inserted elsewhere, so I’d guess either IRIS is wrong or possibly one of these has an alternative or more specific name?

  16. Gothnak says:

    12. DURBAN from 8.

  17. Gusdownnup says:

    13 – one Stepan Bandera (link to Google Maps).

  18. phlebas says:

    14. ERAVANA

    A Baleen-class freighter, apparently:
    link to

  19. Gothnak says:

    4. COMMA from 20. Species of butterfly.

  20. Gothnak says:

    Just leaves:

    8. Ringed in this picture* (COBRA?)
    9. Enigma machine descendant

    • phlebas says:

      9 could be RACE, to follow from COBRA:
      link to

      That wouldn’t fit with ASAHI at 10 though.

      • Rorschach617 says:

        I honestly think COBRA is not the answer.

        The missile in the pic has 2 sets of long narrow, near rectangular fins and a blunted nose cone.

        The Cobra missile just had 1 set of wide rectangular fins at the base and a long sharp nose cone
        link to

        • AbyssUK says:

          Could it be a CONDOR ?

          • Rorschach617 says:

            OK, lets look at it a different way.

            Lets say ASAHI is wrong, even though -HI fits well with HINDU for 11.

            Ships that still fit could be the AKASHI, IKAZUCHI, NISSHIN.

            Captain of the Mikasa at Tsushima: Hihajiro IJICHI.

            Lets look for an encoding device that could come before these

          • Rorschach617 says:

            For example,

            ADONIS link to

            can lead onto


          • AbyssUK says:

            8. Copperhead – found it!
            9. Adonis
            10. Nissin

          • Rorschach617 says:

            And AbyssUK saves the day with some masterful lateral thinking there!

            Not a missile, a guided artillery shell, I didn’t think of that!

          • Rorschach617 says:

            And now, we wait. If Roman hasn’t chimed in, in say 30 mins, to tell us we’re wrong, I’m calling this one defoxed :)

          • AbyssUK says:

            Well i noticed that the item had no exhaust trail of any sort but was obviously guided due to the fins… then i assumed a guided bomb would have been more vertical wrt the tank..that only really left artillery shells..

          • Rorschach617 says:

            Hush, a magician should never reveal his secrets! :)

  21. phlebas says:

    20. COMMA
    which fits at 4 between BOCO and MARCHETTI.

  22. Rorschach617 says:


    1) TRIPOLI
    2) LIMBO
    3) BOCO
    4) Might be COMMA link to
    6) TIMOR
    7) MOROCCO
    8) ???
    9) ???
    10) ASAHI
    11) HINDU
    12) DURBAN
    13) BANDERA
    14) ???
    15) NARVIK
    16) VIKHR
    17) KHRONOS
    18) NOSEGAY
    20) RYANAIR
    22) DYNAMITE
    23) TERRIER
    24) EROICA

    That sound right so far?

    • phlebas says:

      1. TRIPOLI
      2. LIMBO
      3. BOCO
      20. COMMA
      5. MARCHETTI
      6. TIMOR
      7. MOROCCO
      12. COPPERHEAD
      9. ADONIS
      10. NISSHIN
      11. HINDU
      8. DURBAN
      13. BANDERA
      14. ERAVANA
      15. NARVIK
      4. VIKHR
      17. KHRONOS
      18. NOSEGAY
      19. AYLESBURY
      24. RYANAIR
      21. IRRAWADDY
      22. DYNAMITE
      23. TERRIER
      16. EROICA

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